PWC Riding equipment & safety

PWC online safety school

Wind reports and Wind Forecasts

Rough water riding information and expertise

Wetsuit cleaning and care

Phace masks for non-impact face protection while riding

PWC expedition equipment list

Fenix high brightness LED flashlights
I like the Fenix LD series which run on AA batteries.
Made using high brightness white Cree LEDs

VHF Marine radio - protocol and use in Canada
A lot of this information also applies within the US

Waterproof Handheld and Portable Marine VHF radios with DSC (Digital Selective Calling)
Remember that the DSC capability will not work until you apply for, receive, and program into your VHF radio, your MMSI number (Maritime Mobile Service Identity )

Standard Horizon HX850S
- this model floats, while many other 'waterproof' VHF do not