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Polaris Industries parts cross reference guide
 (Parts diagrams, part numbers and supersedes, PWC model parts cross references)
Use this reference first to confirm your part diagrams, Polaris official part numbers and supersedes, then go shopping for the parts you need.
This Polaris resource does not show Update Kits or Repair Kits, nor Accessories.

Parts quality and customer service
For many things in this world, better quality = higher price. Cheaper price often means poorer quality. Cheap and good are often not found in the same thing or place.
Look for maximum value, not the lowest price. A reasonable price for the required or expected quality. If higher quality is available for a modest increase in price, that is often preferred.

Look for good value, not lowest price. Aim for an optimal balance of cost versus risk of disappointment.
What you don't want is a drastic reduction in quality for a modestly reduced price.

Also think about the customer service, not just the actual parts. Some companies will provide rapid shipping with minimal back orders or delays, or perhaps offer excellent customer service, technical support and information before and after the sale. Experienced advice from a supportive supplier can be worth more to you than the purchase price of the parts.

With PWC parts, a failure caused by low quality or incorrect parts can result in damage that far exceeds the price of the replacement part. For example a carb rebuild using non-genuine parts may cause lean burn piston damage, or an engine that just doesn't run well.

Parts Sources
Note: This list is not exhaustive. There are multiple other sources for parts and service, some of them also very good.
This list is not in any particular order. It is just a list.

Polaris OEM PWC parts

Polaris OEM PWC parts

Bike Bandit
Polaris OEM PWC parts

Claims to be the largest Genuine Parts Dealer in the Country
- Back end parts supplier for some of the other parts sources

John Zigler Rock County Jet Ski and now also Watcon
9am-5pm central time mon-fri
Janesville, WI
Well regarded full service PWC shop plus parts sales of used and new PWC parts.
Excellent source for upgrade triple outlet Fuji fuel pumps & Polaris optimized carburetor rebuild kits (genuine Mikuni, Keihin)

Sharp's Marine Repair
Jay and the Sharps have a long history with Polaris, offering parts, service, repair and performance upgrades
849 Middle Road
Oswego, NY 13126

Randy at WeberPower
A long time Polaris supporter and PWC enthusiast, Randy now sells;
MSX 150 & MSX 110 Weber engine parts (
just Weber parts, no Weber engine technical support or repair/service)
Weber jet pump parts (direct match for OEM Polaris jet pumps)

6487 Seabeck Hwy
NW Bremerton WA 98312
Phone: (360) 692-3492
Fax: (360) 692-2285
Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific time (holidays excluded)
Email: weber@weberpower.com

Atlantic Jet Sports
Gasket kits, carburetor parts, primer kits, Oil Pump block-off kits, etc
Note: Shipping can be slow at times

JK Waterparts
WSM pistons, gasket sets, etc

$ PartsPitStop
Polaris OEM PWC parts

$ St Johns Powersports *
(recent addition to this sources list)
To order directly by Polaris part number, click here
(updated/supersede parts and some accessory parts may require ordering directly by part number)

Electrical parts

Fuse for MFD display (do not substitute a higher Amp rated fuse, use only 1/4 Amp fuse, or 250 milli-Amp fuse)
1/4 Amp MFD fuse is Radio Shack Catalog #: 270-1002
MFD fuse is AGC/3AG type 1/4 Amp, such as Radio Shack Catalog #: 270-1002
0.25A 250V Fast-Acting x ¼" Glass Fuse (4-Pack)

Bilge pump fuse (fits all Polaris models with an electrical box, except 2002-2004 Ficht engines)

Replacement AGW fuses (rated 32 volt 3 Amp) can be tricky to find.
Bilge fuse is a 7/8" long 1/4" diameter AGW type fuse, 3 Amps, 32 volt rating

www.youdoitelectronics.com (781-449-1005)
www.onestopbuy.com (1-877-633-5212)

Spectro Wire and Cable Code: 9765

Spectro Wire and Cable
WeatherPack connectors

Deutsch Connectors
Batts Racing

Digikey (very large industrial electrical/electronics supplier)
"Digikey part# for the 15 Amp circuit breaker (aka Reset Button) 302-1264-ND. It is $3.31 US plus shipping. The original is an E-T-A Series 1658..."
E-T-A   1658-G21-01-P10-15A

Online powersports parts microfiche back end service provider for multiple online parts web sites

Used parts
Tip: When hunting for used parts, do your homework first.
Know what the relevant part numbers are, what other models and years used the same part, and what alternate or substitute parts may also fit.

Click here for the Polaris Industries parts cross reference guide

John Zigler Rock County Jet Ski - Online used parts catalog
9am-5pm central time mon-fri
Janesville, WI
Well regarded full service PWC shop plus parts sales of used and new PWC parts.
Excellent source for upgrade triple outlet Fuji fuel pumps & Polaris optimized carburetor rebuild kits (genuine Mikuni, Keihin)

Best contact method is email

M & M Marine (Mitch was suggested by Ph2ocraft Al)
2050 East Main Street, Suite H, Woodland, CA 95776
Toll Free (888) 802-7828
(530) 661-0074 local and outside US

Beach_Blonde Used PWC parts (can be slow to respond)
Use email to contact Abbie

Polaris Classifieds forum on GreenHulk.net

Buyer and Seller Feedback forum on GreenHulk.net

List of GreenHulk members with multiple complaints against them
The Greenhulk community generally works well, but there are always a few bad apples in any large group

eBay (Personal Watercraft Parts)
Note: eBay sellers can vary widely from responsible and reputable to downright larcenous.

You may know how to bid on eBay auction items, but if you are still using eBay's built-in proxy bidding system, then you need to know about bid sniping. I use BiddingScheduler.com and this is how bid sniping works.
Bidding on eBay ???
Don't wait around for eBay auctions to end!
Find misspelled items on eBay with TypoHound

Magneto stator refurbish/rewinding services

Jet Ski Solutions is in Georgia, USA
RM Stator is in Canada

Other parts

Sparkplugs.com        Speed&Custom Marine (eBay store)

Reasonable online prices for otherwise expensive spark plugs
Note: NGK PZFR6H is required for Polaris Ficht engines (no substitutes)

Use good quality hose clamps on fuel and oil lines
They look good, stay snug, and will not leak over time

Oetiker Stainless Steel hose clamps
Stepless Ear clamps - professional hose clamping

Gap-Free Ear type hose clamps
52545K53 or 52545K51 will clamp 1/4" ID fuel line (12mm OD)

52545k26 or 52545K38 will clamp 1/8" ID oil lines (7mm OD)

Note: Currently we don't have a reliable online source for high quality fuel and oil lines...

East-Penn Deka AGM battery Technical Manual

East-Penn Deka sealed AGM batteries
East-Penn Deka Sea-Mate Marine battery models
(ETX16LM fits Polaris PWC)
Also sold by West Marine under SeaVolt brand

Odyssey sealed AGM batteries
(PC625 fits Polaris PWC)

Adjust-A-Thrust (AAT)
PWC jet pump variable volume tail cone

Pure Polaris Watercraft Clearance, Accessories

Source for Polaris PWC experience and advice
Randy knows his stuff, but can no longer offer his excellent advice for free
eBay sto