Polaris Ficht Fuel Injected (Direct Injected) Engines

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The FICHT RAM Direct Injection EMM (Engine Management Module) are known to develop several internal faults as they age. Most Ficht watercraft EMM are now about 20 years old and can fail in several different ways, with varying symptoms. 

I recommend Lakeside Tech to provide Ficht EMM diagnostics and internal repair    

DFI Technologies has been around for a long time. Recent years have included some concerning reports of long repair delays, inconsistent customer communications and some returned EMM that were not repaired.  Not currently recommended.  
Update Summer 2020: Numerous reports that DFI is no longer offering repairs
of PWC EMM's, and is referring customers to Lakeside Tech. http://lakesidetech.biz/


How to read Polaris Ficht EMM trouble codes using a simple LED tool, without special software or a computer

When the Check Engine message comes on, the EMM stores special codes into memory.
You can read those codes, and find out what the EMM thinks may be the problem.

Clearing EMM Service Codes using switch or TPS cycling
Note: the EMM may automatically clear old service codes after 15 running hours, if the same code has not re-occurred during that time.

How to make your own Ficht EMM Communications cables (2872454 & PW-45776 equivalent)
Required when using the Polaris Digital Wrench (Windows) and PODIAG (DOS) diagnostic software


How to check injector voltage on a Ficht engine
It is critical that the Ficht fuel injector voltage be above 20 volts during engine cranking. 
Should be very close to 45 volts when engine is running.

Notes regarding Polaris PWC models with fuel injected engines

Checking fuel pressure on Ficht engines

Maintenance, fuel pressure, things to check...

Fuel injected Ficht engines REQUIRE the NGK PZFR6H spark plugs - no substitutes *
* Some owners have reported good results using Champion QC10PEP spark plugs  

Start by checking compression and crank index

LR-503 Start/Stop module controls Start/Stop engine functions on Virage i, Virage TXi and Genesis i models (and how to bypass the LR-503)

How to bypass LR-503 Start/Stop module for 1999-2001 Ficht Virage and Genesis engines (spade terminals)
How to bypass LR-503 Start/Stop module on 2002-2004 Ficht Virage and Genesis engines (plug connector)

You can bypass the Start/Stop module to determine if it is causing a problem. Common symptoms could include not cranking when lanyard is in place, not allowing the engine to start even though it is cranking, not continuing to run after it starts, or not being able to stop the Engine using the Start/Stop button. The safety lanyard should always be able to stop the engine.

Flame arrestor cover cuts into air temperature sensor
Trim plastic web to clear sensor.
Update: Apparently Polaris added a spacer 5812576 for 2003-2004 to move the temp sensor down and away from the plastic cover webs. Adding the spacer seems like a good update if your temp sensor needs replacement anyways or has not yet been damaged. Note that the two sensor bolts need to be longer when using the spacer (7516603).

Still have the original Black start solenoid with metal backing plate?
Update that original solenoid before it fails

Throttle Position Sensor

What it does
How to check your TPS

TPS electrical connector can cause problems, check, clean and tighten the metal pin sockets
TPS failure symptoms

Ficht TPS versions, sources
1999-2001 non-pigtail TPS is not mechanically interchangeable with 2002-2004 pigtail TPS versions.
GM EC1098 TPS alternative to Polaris or BRP/Evinrude non-pigtail TPS

Some Common TPS Failure Reasons

  • Over torque of the TPS, use the torque specs and torque evenly so you don't crack the housing.
  • Salt water internal corrosion, usually due to a broken or cracked housing.
  • The connections at the TPS can develop corrosion, it's important to hang the wires from the TPS so they do not pull or tug at the connector.
  • The early TPS sensors (99-01) without the pig-tails have an average life of 4 years.
  • Two cylinder engines tend to vibrate more then the three cylinder, TPS may fail sooner
  • The style without the pig-tails were the headaches, read above and take the necessary precautions to help preserve your TPS.
  • The newer TPS design with the overmolded plastic body and pig-tail is the better version
Improving the ignition coil grounding on red 800 and 1200 Ficht engines

How to repair a Ficht fuel pump - pressure regulator has fallen inside
(Old link http://greenhulk.net/forums/showthread.php?p=852084#post852084)
Symptoms include very low fuel pressure, rough running above idle, engine surging, and lack of power above idle. 
Eroded depression in piston center (typically PTO piston) or very low compression with hole melted right through the piston center.
Red light and 'Check Engine' message may appear on the display.
Note: The Kawasaki inline regulator fix is no longer recommended as it provides inconsistent fuel pressure and may block fuel flow completely.
Use the NPT-27 threaded hose barb repair instead.

Other Kawasaki parts that can be used on Polaris Ficht engines

How to remove Ficht fuel injectors, and how to replace the fuel line o-rings
Ficht fuel injector to fuel line o-rings
Kawasaki # ------- Polaris #
92055-3759 (inlet) 5411601 O-Ring, DFI Fitting, Large
92055-3758 (outlet) 5411599 O-Ring, DFI Fitting, Small

Connector confusion
The Ficht fuel injectors use the same 2-pin Deutsch connector as the temp sensor on the exhaust pipe. Don't get them confused - check the wire colors to ensure each connector is plugged into the correct injector.

Repairing a failed Ficht electric fuel pump/motor using parts from an Airtex E7029M fuel pump
Useful if the pump core no longer pumps fuel (little/no fuel pressure AND little/no fuel flow) when connected directly to 12 volt power, and you don't have a replacement Polaris fuel pump handy.


The original 4010168 six magnet Ficht flywheels sometimes fail when the magnets become loose

Used from 1999-2004 on the two cylinder and three cylinder (1165cc) red fuel injected engines, the number 5000285 is embossed into the casting on the inside
If any of the six the magnets shifts sideways, the result can be reduced electrical power for the EMM and injectors
If the loose magnets get jammed against the stator, the resulting debris can damage both the stator and the CPS sensor
You can try re-attaching the loose magnets, but it is difficult to get the repair to stay together

Note: If there has been any metal debris inside the flywheel housing, from a damaged Bendix, broken magnets, busted flywheel teeth, then you should remove the stator and visually examine it carefully. It is easy for damage to occur and be hard to see while the stator is still on the engine.

A better replacement flywheel seems to be the newer 4010646 twelve magnet Ficht flywheel, which was stock on the MSX 140 engine

The number 350146 is embossed into the casting on the inside, and a manufacturing date code is painted on the front
Not only does it deliver a stronger electrical output, and the 12 rare earth magnets stay in place better, it also has deeper encoder ribs which may deliver a stronger signal to the CPS sensor. The teeth on the starter ring gear are harder wearing.

Note that the 4010320 Ficht magneto stator was common across all fuel injected engines 1999-2004, two and three cylinders

Ficht fuel injected engines; fuel hose abrasion at injectors, possible fuel leak

How to repair, per Service Bulletin PWC-04-01, repair kit 2202878

Note: The Ficht fuel injectors do not work correctly if they are not mounted into the cylinder head. Without the injector tip being clamped against the cylinder head, the fuel will simply leak out around the shell of the tip. Do not test injectors by removing them from the heads and cranking the engine.
A properly operating Ficht injector will produce several hundred PSI during the injection pulse, even though the fuel pump pressure is under 30PSI.

Replacement circuit breakers (also known as Reset buttons)
Sometimes the body of the Reset button can crack, which not only lets moisture inside, but it also means the whole thing is on its way to failing. A busted Reset Button can leave you dead in the water.
Note: Some Ficht models came with a 5 Amp circuit breaker for the fuel pump. You might want to upgrade it to a 15 Amp breaker, as sometimes the 5 Amp 'Reset Button' weakens with age.
"Digikey part# for the 15 Amp circuit breaker (aka Reset Button) 302-1264-ND. It is $3.31 US plus shipping. The original is an E-T-A Series 1658..."

E-T-A   1658-G21-01-P10-15A
The OEM Polaris flexible plastic dome cover should fit right on, or you can buy a new one from Digikey.

MSX 140 engine - replacement pistons
Note: Do not use 1mm overbore pistons (84mm + 1mm) meant for the Polaris red 1165cc domestic engine, as the MSX pistons have a different dome profile. Using non-MSX pistons will reduce compression and power.
Genuine Polaris OEM MSX 140 pistons work well. An aftermarket alternative is SPI brand (Sports Parts Inc.) pistons made for a Polaris RMK 800 Snowmobile.

How to remove a Ficht fuel injection EMM computer module from the hull

SBT removal and re-installation guide for Polaris domestic three cylinder Ficht fuel injected red engine

How to remove the flywheel and magneto stator

Rope Trick: How to loosen PTO coupler using rope inside the cylinder (works for flywheels too)

Checking engine temperatures using your hand

Exhaust water injection - Check and clean the mesh filter screen and orifice
The location varies with the engine model, but every Polaris PWC engine has exhaust water injection, and it must not be clogged

Checking the exhaust water injection orifice and mesh filter screen

How to delete water injection solenoid 4010768 from Ficht fuel injected Virage i (2 cylinder 2002-2004)

Winterizing a Ficht engine Polaris PWC

How to safely reverse flush a non-running engine

Ficht fuel injector hose fittings

7052229 FITTING-L, FICHT, LARGE (White=Supply)
7052227 FITTING-L, FICHT, SMALL (Black=Return)
7052230 FITTING-T, FICHT, LARGE, BR (White=Supply)
7052228 FITTING-T, FICHT, SMALL, BR (Black=Return)
5411601 O-RING-DFI FITTING, LARGE (Supply)
5411599 O-RING-DFI FITTING, SMALL (Return)

There are two different ride plates for the MSX 140 hull
MSX 03 Rideplate - 5631257-329
MSX 04 Rideplate - 5631598-329

Six degree pump wedge, sources

Theory of operation info
Differences between the 1999 and 2000-2004 Ficht injectors, EMM

Evinrude Ficht DI Fuel System
Video description of how the Ficht fuel injection system works, as used on Evinrude outboard motors

More Ficht background from the OMC outboard perspective.

For more background on Ficht fuel injection, have a look at the Tigershark Ficht service manual

Poor idle, engine surge - check the flame arrestor for clogging

OMC Signs Ficht License With Polaris (16 February 1998)

Fuel injector removal and cleaning