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All MSX 140 engines are Ficht fuel injection 2-stroke.
MSX 110 and MSX 150 engines are Weber 4-stroke turbocharged engines.

Note: The sealed MSX through-hull driveshaft bearing complete assembly Polaris PN 1350091 is no longer available new from Polaris
For all non-MSX models both parts and complete through-hull bearing/seal assemblies are still available (as of 2010/2011)

How to check for leaks at the MSX through-hull bearing
Recommended replacement/rebuild of MSX through-hull seals is every 100 hours or 3 years (or sooner, especially in salt water)

Note: MSX models use a unique coupler between engine and drive shaft.

How to remove the MSX drive shaft
How to remove and replace the MSX seals and bearing

Polaris MSX through-hull bearing support carrier rebuild kit is PN 2858113

Generic replacement bearing is 6205.
The inner seal is 25 x 52 x 10 (substituted with generic 25x52x7)

The two outer (rear) seals are 25x35x7 (substituted with generic 25x35x7)

Replace gasket/seal 5812495 when re-installing the MSX through-hull carrier.
Also consider replacing

MSX drive shaft removal tool is Polaris PW-46593
Tip: You may have to telephone your supplier as this part is often not shown online.

The Weber version of this tool is available from Watcon as WB-02

You can hold the round coupler inside the hull with a vice-grip chain wrench while applying torque to the drive shaft end (1/2" socket drive) with the PW-46593 or WB-02 tool.

Or you can use the official Polaris/Weber Drive coupler removal tool.

2003 MSX 140 performance upgrade options

There are two different ride plates for the MSX 140 hull
MSX 03 Rideplate - 5631257-329
MSX 04 Rideplate - 5631598-329

Six degree pump wedge, sources

Check for cracks or voids in the epoxy bonding the hull tunnel to the cast metal support for the bearing carrier assembly
"...if I had a MSX hull I'd be pulling off the intake grate and probing for any gaps in the bonding between the hull and mount..."

Replacement paddle wheel for MSX speedometer sensor (which is mounted in the MSX ride plate)
Polaris does not sell the paddle wheel separately, but Yamaha has a part that will fit GJ1-U835D-00-00 SERVIS KIT (SPEED SENSOR) | YMUS

2003 MSX 140 important updates

2004 MSX 140 hull differences