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Note: Virage and Genesis models were made with either a carburetor engine or Ficht fuel injected engine. It is important to know which engine you have as parts, diagnostics, and repair procedures are different for the fuel injected engines.

Carburetor engines have the spark plugs sticking straight up from the top of the engine.
Ficht fuel injected engines have the spark plugs at a low angle, and right on top of each cylinder is a fuel injector.

All MSX 140 engines are Ficht fuel injection 2-stroke.
MSX 110 and MSX 150 engines are Weber 4-stroke turbocharged engines.

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Some things to check - Virage

Bypassing the LR-505 Start/Stop module 2002-2004
Possible cause of lanyard out crank, lanyard in no-crank problem
Other possible symptoms; Starts and then stops when Start button is released, or ?

Note: LR-505 is the Start/Stop module for carburetor engines.
Ficht engines (Virage & Genesis) use the very similar LR-503 Start/Stop module.

How to repair a stiff or jammed Reverse lever on Virage, Genesis, MSX
Relieves the binding inside the reverse handle mechanism

Virage or Genesis glovebox lid sticks closed
Polaris replacement seal 5521630 fixes the problem (well, it sticks less)

The Virage SMC hull is prone to cracking of the molded ribs around and forward of the front engine mounts.
If the cracking is severe, it can be repaired using epoxy to reinforce the hull inside

For 1999 and later models with an external start solenoid (4010228, 4010401, 4010858);

Older 4010858 start solenoids with a Black body and metal backing plate tend to fail
Replace with the newer Brown body solenoid 4011043

Even better, replace with the Black all plastic (no metal backing plate) version
Sea-Doo (BRP) part number for the most current version of this start solenoid (relay) is 278002347 
(may have now been updated to 278003012)

Replacement wire harness 2-pin connector for the Start solenoid
If someone has cut off the original wire harness connector for the external start solenoid, you can repair it with an OEM equivalent connector and re-install the proper OEM style solenoid (which should be the newest all-plastic version).

Sources for the Delphi Metri-Pack 150.2 connector, part number 12162193

Or you can use the Polaris DFI Diode Kit 2874369 - originally intended to correct a start-then-immediately-stop problem with older Black body solenoid

Replacement circuit breakers (also known as Reset buttons)
Sometimes the body of the Reset button can crack, which not only lets moisture inside, but it also means the whole thing is on its way to failing. A busted Reset Button can leave you dead in the water.
"Digikey part# for the 15 Amp circuit breaker (aka Reset Button) 302-1264-ND. It is $3.31 US plus shipping. The original is an E-T-A Series 1658..."

E-T-A   1658-G21-01-P10-15A

The OEM Polaris flexible plastic dome cover should fit right on. You can buy a new dome cover from Digikey or Polaris.

Note: See Jet Pump section for more complete info

Note: The Sealed MSX through-hull driveshaft bearing complete assembly Polaris PN 1350091 is no longer available new from Polaris
For all other models both parts and complete through-hull bearing/seal assemblies are still available (as of 2010/2011)

Water is leaking into the hull around or under the drive shaft
Through-hull bearing seals may need replacing
Virage specific through-hull plastic fitting may be loose
Hose on pitot nipple for speedometer may be leaking or fallen off

When a rubber bonded drive shaft coupler goes bad

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