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Trailer maintenance
Neglect the trailer and sooner or later it will cause you grief. Take the time to make sure the entire trailer really is in good condition.

You don't want an old tire, bad wheel bearing, loose bolt or mis-adjusted coupler to ruin your day.

Common reasons why your trailer can end up broken down at the roadside
Under-inflated/soft tire(s) can put you on the shoulder with a tire blow out.
Old trailer tires can fail without warning
Bad wheel bearings
- check them, and replace if there is any doubt
Tip: Monitor wheel bearing and tire temperatures while towing

Make sure you have a jack that will actually lift your trailer.

More trailer and towing tips and good info

Don't forget the extra safety chain or strap at the bow.

Be sure to properly configure the trailer to fit your hull, and position the bow winch strap correctly.

Collection of useful general trailering information

PWC launch ramp and re-load process

Here are some informative PWC video segments from SBT
(Windows Media format WVX)
Note that some of this information may be slightly out of date, and some details may not be directly applicable to Polaris PWC.

Safety Grip tapes - Gator Grip, Tru-Grip

Non-slip surfaces for walking on the trailer

Air Lift Load Support air bags
Improves tow vehicle load carry ability

Triton Elite WC-II (WC-2) is a good trailer, plus upgrades
ST trailer tire speed rating and de-rating, 13 inch ST trailer tire upgrade

Boat trailer hitch extension

Launch 'n Load
Flexible post Flag for guiding boat or PWC onto trailer, and backing up with an empty trailer

Trailer Lighting info and tips

Peterson Trailer Lighting - Regulatory Guide

Peterson FoxTail LED Lights (Piranha)
Be careful when shopping for LED trailer lights. There are a lot of mediocre quality LED lights on the market. Choose a high quality brand from a reputable source. Buy quality and you won't need to replace them again.

Stainless Steel tie down Buckles

Toy Rak alternative to using a trailer
I don't have one, but it looks interesting