PWC purchase info

The Personal Watercraft Phenomenon

Basic Introduction to the purchase of a Personal Watercraft
This is not specific to Polaris PWC, and some things may not directly apply.
It is written for PWC with 2-stroke engines.

How to check compression on a 2-stroke engine

Here are some informative PWC video segments from SBT
(Windows Media format WVX)
Note that some of this information may be slightly out of date, and some details may not be directly applicable to Polaris PWC.


Introduction to the common names and terms regarding different personal watercraft

Different sizes and type of PWC on the water

Differences between 2 stroke, and 4 stroke engines

Buying New vs. Used
Interesting point regarding the option to buy a used machine and install a properly rebuilt engine.


Pre-Launch Checklist

Launching - How to do it well

Safe Operation of Your PWC

Clearing a Water Swamped 2-Stroke
Note: Make sure water has been cleared from all cylinders before re-installing any spark plugs.

Post ride Checklist & Storage/Winterizing
Note: Do not run a Polaris for more than two minutes on the garden hose.