Polaris Ficht engined PWC

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I just bought a Fuel injected Virage i or Virage TXi

What should I pay attention to? (Also applies to the Genesis FFI, Genesis i, and MSX 140)

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Diagnostics, preventative maintenance, etc

How to repair Polaris Ficht fuel pump regulator
Symptom is very low fuel pressure, rough running engine above idle, very little power.
The pressure regulator has fallen off inside the fuel pump
in the tank.
On the MSX 140, the pressure regulator can be re-attached without fully removing the fuel pump from the tank.
For more info, see Kawasaki note on Polaris Ficht Fuel Injected Engines

Checking fuel pressure on Ficht engines

2003 MSX 140 performance upgrade options

Evinrude Ficht DI Fuel System
Video description of how the Ficht fuel injection system works, as used on Evinrude outboard motors