Polaris domestic engined PWC (1996-2004)

Polaris PWC wiring colors - what each wire color is used for, Fuji and domestic carburetor models

What wires are for what - How the basic wiring system works (domestic carb models)

Check for water leaks at the through-hull bearing seals

Multi-Function display is not working, or not working correctly

Fuel Sender always shows Low Fuel

Repairing the Polaris electric Quick-Trim system
Trim should only work when engine is running, or the bilge switch is held down
Trim is powered by the Orange wire from LR voltage regulator module (as is the Bilge pump fuse)
Rust inside the gear case
Test and repair the Trim switch

How to repair the broken/cracked seat latch mounting on late model SLX, SLH, or Pro1200

...the seats are no longer available new from Polaris and time is a major killer on these.
Replacement used seats will have the same issues...
Applies to seat latches on the following models;
1998 SLXH (when converted to a 1 piece seat, from the troublesome original 2 piece seat)
1999 SLH, SLX
2000 SLH, SLX, Pro1200
2001 SLH, SLX, Pro1200

Click here for information relating to the red domestic engine itself
Fuel lines, carburetor servicing...