Fuji engined Polaris PWC (1992-1997)

Gas caps and filler necks from the early model years can crack and allow water into the fuel tank
Later generation (1998+) Polaris filler neck and gap cap can be retro-fitted, or a Sea-Doo part can be installed.

The Ski-Doo 513033025 gas cap for the REV snowmobiles also fits the Polaris 1995-1997 PWC filler neck
 (also 1992-1994?)

Part numbers for updated/replacement fuel filler neck and gas cap

Polaris 5433553 fuel filler neck

How much air pressure should be inside the fuel tank?
1-2 PSI positive air pressure (above ambient) is the release pressure spec for the tank venting check valve.
For relieving negative pressure (vacuum) inside the tank, the inlet valve's pressure release level is minimal.
So it is normal to have a modest 'whoosh' as the cap is removed, but never a really strong positive pressure, and only very little vacuum.

MFD Fuel level reads Low Fuel, but the fuel tank is full

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Alternate Replacement Rub Rails for SL and SLX Polaris hulls;
Use rub rails for 1998-2001 Seadoo , which "look better then the stock ones because they use an insert strip to hide the rivets"
1998-2001 Sea-Doo GTX/GTI bumper 291001224 Color Black
1998-2001 Sea-Doo GTX/GTI Bumper trim 291001225
1997 Sea-Doo GTX/GTS/GTI 291001037 Side Bumper (Black)
1997 Sea-Doo GTX/GTS/GTI 291001044 Side Bumper Trim (Black)

Replacement options for broken SLT seat handles (1994-1999)

Custom molded replacement seat handle