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Repair, Service, Maintain, Update, Fix

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I am thinking of buying a PWC (Polaris, Waverunner, Jetski, Sea-Doo). Any tips?

I just bought a Polaris PWC - what should I do?

What to do to get it running, keep it running, and avoid potential damageGet your Polaris PWC running properly and keep it on the water ==> Click here

Polaris Tech Tips and Info forum (GreenHulk.net)

Polaris Industries parts cross reference guide 

(Parts diagrams, part numbers and supersedes)

Use this resource to confirm your part diagrams, part numbers and supersedes, then go shopping for the parts you need. This resource does not show Update or Repair Kits, nor Accessories.

Polaris PWC Parts Sources

Where to find parts and repair/service shops

Repair Services

Substitute and Alternative parts, Replacements for out-of-stock OEM parts

Polaris PWC Parts & Accessories

Batteries and battery charging

Polaris PWC Electrical

How it works

Multi-Function Display (MFD)

Also MFI and NGI displays (Virage, Genesis, MSX)

Jet Pump Maintenance and Service

What is cavitation, and why should I keep my jet pump in good condition?

Polaris Fuji (blue) engine (1992-1997+)

 (650cc, 750, 780, and Pro 785)

Polaris Domestic (red) engine (1996-2004)

 (700cc, 777/800, 900, 1050, 1165/1192/1200)

Polaris Ficht Fuel Injected Engines (1999-2004)

Virage i, Virage TXi, Genesis i, MSX 140

Polaris MSX 150, MSX 110 (2004)

with Weber 4-stroke turbo engines

Polaris PWC related information

More Polaris PWC related Info

Cooling System operation

In-water towing

What to do BEFORE you get towed

How to check compression on a 2-stroke engine

Upgrades, modifications

Service tips and repair methods

Fire safety

Winterization and Storage

 'Winterization' really means storage for more than a few weeks even if the temperature won't go below freezing

How to check for a sheared flywheel woodruff key (flywheel twisted out of position)

Note: Always use a properly hardened replacement woodruff key, not an inexpensive 'lawnmower grade' key

How to check whether your crank shaft has become twisted-out-of-phase

Degree wheel method for checking if crank shaft is now Out of Index

Crank shaft being twisted out of phase is more common with the Fuji engines than the domestics, but it can happen with either.

How to clean and waterproof your PWC cover

Polaris Salt Water Preventative Maintenance

PWC Team Tip W-01-06-02

Polaris PWC related Magazine articles

Polaris PWC Un-crating Instructions

PWC Riding equipment & safety