About the Program

What is the YMCA Y-Tribes Princess Program?

A father-daughter / mother-daughter* program designed to give parents and daughters an opportunity to spend time together doing fun and meaningful activities, and to get to know other parents and daughters who share your interests. Daughters from K through 3rd (and up!) are welcomed.  Our alumni camp occasionally even has daughters as old as middle school-aged return, because of their love of the program.

What is the Polaris Council?

Sponsored by the YMCA of Central Ohio, the Polaris Council is made up of Princess tribes from all over Northern Columbus with concentrations in Worthington, Westerville, New Albany and Gahanna.

What kinds of things will we be doing?

First you will join a tribe, or small group of parents and daughters from your neighborhood or school. Many of your activities will be in this small group, and others will be with a larger group of 2-3 tribes. Here's a partial list of the fun things we have done:
  • A Fall, Winter and Spring campout (in cabins) each year at a nearby camp facility. Activities include hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, archery, etc.
  • Attend a gathering hosted by a parent/daughter within your tribe.
  • Ice skating
  • Canoe trips
  • Bowling
  • Sporting events
  • Horseback riding
  • ... and more!

How much does it cost?

Each year there is a small fee charged by the YMCA, usually about $15 per person. Additionally, members are encouraged to purchase a vest (about $20 each) to display patches given for participation in activities. Vests are worn at campouts and other activities. Finally, charges are assessed for the activities that you and your daughter(s) attend - the fees charged simply cover the costs of the activity.

Why should we do this?
  • Most parents who join the program tend to continue their participation for several years - and for good reason!
  • You and your daughter(s) will love it!
  • You and your daughter(s) will meet many new friends.
  • It's a great way for parents and their children to develop a closer bond of friendship and share many meaningful activities together.
  • There are several family events throughout the year that allow the whole family to attend and have fun together.
  • It's not a major time commitment - activities are spread out over the year, and you can attend the ones you want.
How can I learn more about Y-Tribes?

If you are ready to join or want to speak to someone about the program, then email us at info@polariscouncil.org.


*Polaris Council welcomes and encourages mother-daughter participation.  However, there is not currently an active mother-daughter tribe.  If you are interested in joining Polaris Council and starting a mother-daughter tribe, please use the email link above to contact us.