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Polarbjorn II standard

  • 220 x 220 cm, height 200 cm
  • Weight 4,6 kg with pole but without pegs.
  • Single pole with telescope-extending and snowguard at bottom. 60 cm parts with shockcord.
  • Outer tent: "Ventile" L34, Carrington rip-stop polyamide.
  • A light-weight tent for people on long skitreks. Either with rucksack, pulka or dog-team.
  • This tent is standard security equipment for "UNIS" (University-cooperation at Spitsbergen) and are part of all field-equipment for scientists during the winter season.
  • Price 14 000,- NOK ex. mva.

(Foto: Jason Roberts, JR Productions, Longyearbyen)

Polarbjorn II Heavy Duty

  • 220 x 220 cm, height 200 cm
  • 9,0 kg with 4 cornerpoles sewn into channels, without pegs.
  • Outertent: "Ventile" L24, PU-covered polyamide from Mosjøen
  • Poles are in 60 cm parts with shockcord, The tent can be dismanteled to a small package, 60 x 45 diameter, but can also be transported with the poles in place for easy erection.
  • Users: Skidoo-people on long travels. Jason Roberts (J.R.Productions) have used this model the last years in Spitsbergen, Greenland and Antarctic.
  • If anyone discover some red pyramide-tents in a James Bond film, it is the basecamp erected by Jason Roberts with his Polarbjorn-tents during the shooting at Spitsbergen March 2002)
  • Price 17 000,- NOK ex. mva.


Polarbjorn II Antarctic

  • 250 x 250 cm, height 225
  • Weight: 12 kg with 4 cornerpoles sewn into channels, without pegs.
  • Outertent: "Ventile" L19, PU covered polyamide from Mosjøen
  • Poles are in two parts. Can be easily separated, or transported with the poles in place.
  • 12 tents delivered to Norwegian Polar Institute for use in Antarctic in seasons 2000-2001 and 2001 - 2002. (A new coupling in the top, to join the four poles have been constructed from year 2002)
  • Price 21 000,- NOK ex. mva.


Polarbjørn II - Jasons Convertible

  • Outer-tent: Ventile L19 or L24, plus coated polyamide snowskirts and lower part of walls.
  • Innertent: White cotton 65 g/kvm, bottom i PU coated polyamid 220 g/kvm.
  • Four alu-poles in channels in each corner. Poles are in two parts, with  inserts in alubolt. Channels are closed in bottom, and the tents can be transported witk the poles in place.
  • Jason Roberts runs his film - productions from Svalbard ( jr-productions ) and his speciality is Arctic and Antarctic. Mostly for BBC Channel four. Jason is already the owner of 4 Polarbjørn II HD og "Antarctic". February 2008 he had two more sent north:
  • Special construction. Most of the entrance-wall can be rolled up, to make it easier to enter the tent with heavy equipment like Zarges-boxes etc. When that job is finished, the wall is rolled down again, and the tent is back to "full blooded polar" model as the other ones..
  • Price 24 000,- NOK ex. mva.



Security first

We know today, that all our tents are used by professionals in both Arctic and Antarctic. With our experience we also know that any tent can serve in good conditions. But it is not our goal to compete with cheap products made in the far East. We know from experience during many years, how bad weather can be. From this knowledge we have made the best selection of raw-materials, and do our best, from all training and wisdom we have, to make the ultimate tent for survival and comfort in the worst possible conditions we can think of. Our products are not cheap. We pick the best materials from all over the world to make the best product possible. We know that life is at stake for our users and costumers.