Welcome to "Polar Bears in a Changing Climate!" Polar bears are amazing animals. Their habitat is being affected by climate change, and the polar bears' existence is threatened.

This exhibit is the second in a series. The focus of "Polar Bears in a Changing Climate" is on the effects of climate change on polar bears and their habitat as well as the topic of climate change, in general. Knowledge gained through the Challenge Based Learning approach utilized in this instructional module will also provide students with a greater understanding of the effects of climate change on other animals, their habitats, and the environment.

Introductory Welcome

"Polar Bears in a Changing Climate"

Lessons and activities correlated with webcasts which were conducted live from the tundra in October and November of 2010
• Pre–webcast and post–webcast activities and assessment rubrics
• Challenge Based Learning framework
• Process for active student-directed learning activities
• A focus on creative, action-oriented solutions to authentic problems
• Resources for utilization by students and educators as they take action to conserve energy (and water), reduce their carbon footprints, and make changes to protect polar bear habitat
• Utilization of 21st century skills and instructional strategies including the integration of relevant technologies
• Publishing of digital media a part of the action-oriented solution to a challenge

As part of this challenge-based approach to taking action for solving a real–world problem, students can utilize technology to educate the global community about the problems facing polar bears. Using technology, public service announcements can be created with digital video, a series of podcasts can be created and published, print publications can be produced and shared, and relevant information can be disseminated in many ways.

This exhibit supplements an earlier exhibit, "Rolling on the Tundra," which is an interdisciplinary unit on polar bears. These two exhibits complement each other,and they can be utilized independently or together.

“Rolling on the Tundra” is:

  • an interdisciplinary study of polar bears
  • a collection of lesson plans and ideas for technology integration in several curricular areas
  • a resource of archived webcasts with information about polar bears and their habitat
  • an educational resource for the study of polar bears
  • a collection of supplemental resources on climate change and ecology

Webcasts from the Tundra – Churchill, Canada

Near the Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada - not far from the town of Churchill, the "Polar Bear Capital of the World" - members of Polar Bears International, scientists, zoologists, educators, and students gather at different times each winter to observe and study polar bears in the wild.

Every year, panels of experts conduct webcasts focused on polar bears and climate change, live from the tundra. We invite you to view these webcasts which are correlated to the educational resources and lessons shared in this exhibit. Archives of these webcasts are available through the Archived Webcast page on this site as well as on the Polar Bears International website. These webcasts included live shots and video clips of bears on the tundra!

Partnerships with Discovery Education, Apple, and Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots 

Polar Bears International has partnered with Discovery Education since 2010! Discovery Education provides engaging digital resources to schools and homes with the goal of making educators more effective, increasing student achievement, and connecting classrooms and families to a world of learning. Discovery’s STEM initiatives in collaboration with their partners like the Siemens Foundation have been extremely successful, educating leaders in science, technology, and math so that they can be empowered to return to their schools and affect change in their schools and communities.

Polar Bears International has collaborated with Apple education through their work on the tundra for several years. Their ongoing support and commitment to education and initiatives to improve our world have been critical to our success. Challenge Based Learning is an educational pedagogy that focused on 21st century skills, and that framework is an effective and successful instructional strategy that empowers students to be self-directed in their learning, address authentic, real–world problems, develop solutions, and take action to make the world a better place. Apple and the New Media Consortium have been instrumental in the research and pedagogy behind this instructional strategy.

Dr. Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots has partnered with "PBI" to raise awareness about the issues surrounding the polar bears and their habitat in an effort to encourage youth to become active leaders in their communities, promoting ecology and environmental stewardship.

Dr. Jane Goodall states that knowledge leads to compassion which then leads to action. She believes that it is today's youth who have the ability to create a better world for the future.

It is with that in mind that we hope this resource will help you and your students take action to implement projects that will make a difference in our world and the world of the polar bear.

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