Welcome to the Polar Bear Conservation Page!

                                                                                                             (Source: marylandzoo.org)

The Polar Bear Conservation Page was created to inform and raise awareness of the threats polar bears in the Arctic face as a result of hunting and climate change, and what can be done to help.  The process of creating this site included these crucial methods:

  • Conducted research on hunting regulations to limit recreational hunting of polar bears in order to formulate new ideas on polar bear hunting.

  • Interviewed a Polar Bears International Arctic Ambassador and found out how polar bear research is conducted in the Arctic.

  • Examined a graph detailing the gradual and sudden changes in temperature in the Arctic tundra.

  • Wrote an extensive research paper on the effects of hunting and climate change on polar bear conservation.

  • Presented research via Powerpoint to a high school independent research class and an environmental science class in order to practice for a final presentation.

Anthony Zhao

G/T Independent Research
Atholton High School
Thanks to my advisor, Tanya White,
polar bear keeper at the Maryland Zoo,
for her guidance with my project.