Poland McKinley Elementary School PTO Math Enrichment Family Resource Book

This book was created by the Poland McKinley Elementary School PTO to support the Math Enrichment Program at McKinley Elementary. It provides math resources for families to use at home. Students are more successful in school when what they learn in school is reinforced at home. Talking about and practicing math outside of school accentuates the importance of learning math and being good at math. This book is filled with ways you can bring mathematics into your home and have fun with math.

Although this book was designed for families of fifth and sixth grade students, most of the resources can be used with younger and older children. Parents, guardians, and caregivers should always review a resource or activity first to decide if it’s age and ability appropriate.

This book contains many links to internet resources. Simply click on a link to open the website. Many of our sponsors have websites; you can click on the web addresses in their ads to visit their sites. Please thank them for their generous support of our math enrichment program.

If you find the book useful, please free to share it with other families. You may link to our website, and you may freely download, duplicate, and distributed any and all of the contents of this book. You may not sell this book or any of its contents in whole or in part.


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