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[Pokken Tournament] Lucario and the Mystery of Mew!

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~History of Pokemon~

[Pokken Tournament] - In the world as is known, it's covered with over 350 different types of Pokemon, all branching down to one origin: Mew. People have learned to bond with Pokemon and train them to develop their abilities further, these are called "trainers". One particular trainer, Ash, has traveled four regions and is now working towards winning the Battle Frontier. Along with his friends Brock, May, and Max, Ash has had many adventures, to which the next one he will have will be a far away place.

~A long time ago, in a land far away~

Fog decends over the land of Orudoran, as Lucario jumps from boulder to boulder to a spot overseeing a wide expansive valley. Nobody is there yet, but he senses something, as Ho-oh flies overhead. He closes his eyes, seeing the world's Aura Energy shaping the landscape. He's able to let his sight travel about, going over more rocks and hills until he sees a large formation of a gigantic Pokemon army mixed with human foot soldiers charging towards the middle of the valley, an army wearing green armor. He looks to the other side of the valley, doing the same, and seeing an equally gigantic army, with equally powerful, but different, Pokemon charging to the same destination, the army wearing red armor. After seeing these two, Lucario walks up to a crystal formation on the ground, touching it. He speaks through the crystal to Aaron who is at Orudoran Castle. Aaron stands upon a balcony with Lynn that overlooks the entire land, and he hears Lucario's voice coming from another crystal formation on the balcony. It seems there's little choice but to resort to one last action to bring peace to the two warring sides. Aaron hops a ride on his Pidgeot to the valley. At this rate, the war could endanger the sacred Tree of the World's Beginning.

While Lucario is waiting, three Houndoom from the red army find the unsuspecting Pokemon and attack him. Lucario evades them and runs off, the three canines following. After cornering Lucario, he's left no choice but to fight back. He dodges one lunging Houndoom, throwing an Aura Energy orb at it, easily taking it down. He handles the other two pursuers with ease.

But it also seems that Aaron isn't going to have an easy time getting to Lucario. Skarmory from green army go after Aaron and his Pidgeot. Fortunately for him, the steel birds only manage a few attacks before Aaron swoops down to find Lucario. Aaron tells Lucario that he must go to the Tree of the World's Beginning to save the planet from the ravages of war. Lucario, being loyal to Aaron, wants to come as well, but Aaron throws his scepter, turning Lucario into energy and drawing him into the jewel at the top. Lucario can see from the jewel Aaron going off, leaving Lucario there. Just as Aaron leaves, the two armies meet in the middle of the valley and begin their battle. Ho-oh returns to the Tree of the World's Beginning, revealing itself to be Mew.

From the balcony can see the tree suddenly start to glow green, and soon every crystal formation throughout the land emits a beam of green light. As the light spreads further out, the armies stop their battle, in awe of the event that's happening. The light made them realize what they would do would ultimately prove disasterous, the two armies declare a truce, walking away to never battle each other again. But nobody knows what happened to Aaron, but the scepter that supposedly contains Lucario was found.

And with that, a mother reads on about the story to her daughter. A mere fairy tale it seems in a town that in the present next to the same exact Orudoran Castle.

~Title intro~ 

The scene shows what's inside the jewel of Aaron's scepter, as if looking through things in Lucario's eyes. Images of technological advancements showing that time swiftly passes by show. After displaying the "Gekijyouban Poketto Monsutaa Adobansu Jenaareshon" logo, the scene zooms out to show a galaxy before spinng around faster, turning into the "Mew to Hadou no Yuusha: Lucario" title.

Ash and company walk along a bridge to Orudoran Castle, they're dressed in their regular clothes while the others are in renaissance outfits. Meanwhile, a Taillow overhead lands on a window of the Castle, turning into a Pichu. In another room, Ash and company find a costume closet and decide to dress more appropriately. Ash wants a hero outfit and begins looking for one with the others find what they want. While they look for a costume, Pikachu notices a Pichu who hides behind the window curtains. It transforms into a Treecko and it walks out through the window before anyone can notice. May pops out first in a pink dress with a small pair of Beautifly wings on the back. She askes Pikachu what it thinks, Pikachu happily giving approval. Brock comes out wearing a clerical outfit while Max in a bard outfit. Ash lastly shows up in a hero's outfit, completely with a cape and a hat. They all look at Pikachu with sly grins, and soon dress it up in a cute jester-like clothes. They hurry onto the upcoming tournament that's about to happen. Just as they go out, Jessie, James, and Meowth find their way into the closet, and Jessie finds a outfit really fast.

Before the tournament begins, the queen of the castle, Eileen, along with her maid Jenny and her Pokemon Mime Jr, steps out to the royal box seat to officially begin the tournament. The first match is Ash against a trainer with a Breloom. He uses Pikachu. The battle ends rather quickly as Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, taking the chance while its opponent is stunned to tackle it, finishing it off with Iron Tail. During the tournament, the Treecko finds its way to the royal box seat and changes into a Mime Jr. Then at another point, Jenny sees the two Mime Jr, one of them turning into Aipom. Other battles pursue after that until things whittle away to the finals: Ash versus a trainer covered in a full knight armor. Ash uses Pikachu once more in the match, the trainer sends out a Weavile. At first the Weavile throws a Shadow Ball towards Pikachu, which it stops it by using Thunderbolt. Pikachu continues on to shocking Weavile until the whole battleground goes up in smoke, Pikachu being the victor.

At the end of the match, the Aipom goes off to Pikachu in the battlefield, celebrating its victory. Ash goes up to the trainer to thank for a great battle. The trainer takes off the helmet and to Ash's surprise, as well as May, the trainer is actually a girl! She introduces herself as Kid. May notices Brock and Max are missing, only to find them down there, where Brock tries to flirt with Kid, but Max pulls on his ear to drag him away. At the moment, Eileen announces that there will be a ball and banquent in honor of the "Aura Guardian".

Ash is presented to sit in a throne overlook the ballroom. Eileen presents Ash with Aaron's scepter, a sort of symbol of the Aura Guardian. As the scepter is being presented, Jessie and James sneak around in the crowd. Ash takes a look at the Jewel at the end, and sudden he hears a voice crying "Why?". Ash is a bit confused, he asked if someone else heard it, but nobody did. Shrugging it off, the ball soon goes underway. May finds herself dancing with one of the guests, Freddy. In the corner, Brock nervously asks Kid to dance, she accepts to it, but Brock still finds his nervousness uncontrolable. Max is at the table where the food is, helping himself to some of the delicious food. Aipom and Pikachu also dance about in the corner. Seeing his Pikachu dancing, Ash decides to release his other Pokemon to enjoy themselves to the party, May also does the same.

With the new company, Aipom takes the Pokemon posse about through the castle. Meowth, who's helping himself to some food underneath the table, hears them and decides to follow them. Just as he gets close to a door the Pokemon group goes through, Grovyle slams it shut behind him, sending Meowth to a nearby fireplace pit. Aipom takes the Pokemon too the attic.

Up on the attic, Aipom shows the Pokemon around to a few toys and plays around with them. Squirtle and Corphish look at the upper level of the acttic to find a wooden train set. They stroll down to the first floor, taking Grovyle and Pikachu with them, going around until they hit a shelf full of bouncing rubber balls. The Pokemon find amusement with that as they bounce around on top and roll them about. After a bit, Aipom transforms into Pikachu and begins dancing with Ash's Pikachu.

Kid pauses from dancing with Brock, asking if he could get a drink. Brock goes off to get one immediately, and when he's gone, Kid slips away into the same direction the Pokemon went off to. She quickly slips out of her costume, sporting a pink-purplish wetsuit like outfit. She makes her way outside from the window, Meowth noticing and follows. She climbs up to the rooftop before shooting a grappling rod to a tower across the castle grounds. Getting a good grip, she jumps off from one roof to the next. Meowth only goes so far, before he slips down the sloped rooftop. His tail grabs a hold of a decorative steeple rod, but finds himself swinging down, crashing into a window on the lower floor.

Ash sits upon the throne looking a bit bored. For a while he looks at a huge tapestry of Aaron on the wall next to him, then he looks back down at the ballroom. Ash asks if he could get some food but Jenny keeps him down on the throne, telling him to act like a hero. Jessie and James are trying to blend in by dancing about, but soon they switch partners with May and Freddy. Jessie finds Freddy cute and dances widly (but still in the same fashion as everyone else) with him in excitement. James on the other hand is trying to keep his face away from looking at May directly. Max notices the Pokemon are missing, until Munchlax comes back to nab a plate of fruit and goes back upstairs with it. Max follows Munchlax to the top.

Kid manages to get to a good vantage point on the roof where she can see through the broken glass Meowth made. She see's Mew, putting on a pair of special glasses and begins reporting information. It's relayed from a humvee parked someways away from the Castle, all the way to a satelite orbiting space down to a tall building in the middle of a city. It seems that Kid is connected to a large organization and they seem to want some information about Mew and the Tree of the World's Beginning.

In the attic, the other Pikachu transforms into Mew, looking at Meowth to see if he's alright. Taking this chance, Kid sends out two Weavile, one carrying some sort of device. Both of them jump into the broken window and begin a swift attack at Mew. Mew dodges their assaults easily. In attempt to stop Mew, both of them use Blizzard just as Mew flies towards the door. At the same moment, Munchlax comes into the room and finds itself frozen in a block of ice. The door also freezes at its hinges and cracks. Just when Max gets there, he finds the door hard to open. Mew is soon held down though, and just when one of the Weavile is about to attach the device on Mew, Pikachu fries the cat with a Thunderbolt. Mew escapes to Pikachu, but the Weavile try another Blizzard attack. Both Mew and Pikachu dodge, the attack hitting the other Pokemon, freezing them. Mew then flies over towards Meowth who's at a corner, and transforms into a Meowth. Mew switches itself and Meowth around to confuse the Weavile, but they laugh, both soon throwing a Shadowball at them. Pikachu intervenes by throwing a Thunder at the two balls, ending up in an explosion.

Kid notices this and figures that the plan didn't go so well as expected. The explosion though knocked Pikachu out, leaving both Mew and Meowth on their own. Mew transforms back to its original self. Max finally gets the door open, but only a crack as he watches what goes on. He sees Mew, not believing it at first. But soon Mew teleports before the Weavile can do anything else. The three teleport to one of the tower's steeples, Meowth slipping before Mew transforms into a Pidgeot and flies off, towards the Tree of the World's Beginning. Kid sighs at the slight setback.

Back at the ball, Brock walks to where Kid was with two drinks, but sees that she's not there. May is wondering why her dancing partner James isn't looking at her. But it seemed he was saved from blowing his cover when Eileen announced the next step in the ceromony. Jenny tells Ash to stand up and do the hero's pose. Ash's confused but Jenny points to the painting of Aaron, holding the scepter up above his head. Ash stands up and copies the pose. A certain point in the jewel allows Lucario to see, once again Ash hears a voice crying out "Why?". Again the voice speaks, and soon the jewel glows, releasing Lucario at the other end of the front of the ballroom. Lucario apparently is still seeing things in the form of Aura energy, mistaking Ash's form with Aaron's, who looks strikingly the same. Lucario walks up to Ash, kneeling down, that is until Ash spoke that he was the wrong guy. Lucario, surprised, opened up his eyes to see that it was not Aaron, but Ash he was standing in front of. Lucario becomes confused at what is going on, seeing the many people and a Aaron impersonator. But it was the same castle, and he had to make sure. Lucario soon escapes through the crowd of people, running around through the castle. He see's that it has changed, and memories of him and Aaron soon start replaying in his mind as he walks about.

Lucario stops at a display room, which he remembers it to be a bedroom. Ash, May, Brock, Eileen and Jenny confront Lucario in the room. Eileen says to Lucario that she is the decendant of Lynn, the queen who was reigning at the castle during his time. Lucario thinks about this for a moment, seeing the resemblance. Eileen walks up to Lucario and gives him a reassuring hug.

At the Tree of the World's Beginning, Mew looks after Pikachu, who's resting in a bed of leaves. Meowth seems to understand what Mew is up to, seeing a large pile of toys it's gathered.

They retire to the throne room for now. Ash wonders what other person Lucario could mistaken him for, Eileen explains to Ash and company the story of Aaron and Lucario. Possibly because Ash looks exactly like Aaron in Lucario's special vision. Lucario mentions also that Ash has a similar Aura pattern as Aaron had. Jessie and James overhear from a balcony above, Jessie wanting to capture Lucario. Just then, Max runs into the room, exclaiming he just saw Mew getting attack, and it took Pikachu and Meowth somewhere. Jessie and James also just realize Meowth is missing. Although at first everyone doesn't believe him, Kid comes out of the same door, confirming what Max saw. She also says that she saw Mew transform into a Pidgeot and took them away to the Tree of the World's Beginning. Ash asks what that is, so Eileen takes them out to the balcony overlooking the land. In the middle of the horizon stood a large tree. Eileen explains that the tree possess healing powers beyond imagination. With Mew, it could revive the earth and sooth angry hearts, although it requires Mew, the origin of Pokemon. Ash decides the only way to get Pikachu back is the go over there himself. Lucario also wants to go, not only does he know the area, he wants to know what happened to Aaron.

At that Kid comes out in her outfit, saying that she wants to go too. Brock knows exactly who Kid is now. He takes out his book of women he likes and then he shows them, Kid Samaazu. She's been on a lot of major adventure fronts, including deep sea diving in a sub and space travel. Brock goes crazy about how much he wanted to meet her and how it was an honor (Mime Jr behind him mimics his actions). Kid says that she's here for the adventure, and she has a humvee that'll get them there in no time.

That night Lucario enters the unlit ball room, seeing the two huge tapestries of Aaron. One with him doing the hero's pose, the other with him riding upon his Pidgeot. He senses something and jumps back, hanging upon the wall above the open door for a second before he jumps down upon Ash who entered. Ash fights him off, wondering what's with him. Lucario just feels a bit edgy, upset with the fact that his master Aaron had left him without any reason why.

The next day, Kid takes Ash and company towards the Tree of the World's beginning, Lucario running up ahead. Eileen and Jenny stay behind at Orudoran Castle. Jessie and James hitch a ride in the trunk.

Pikachu wakes up from a falling leaf, seeing that it's with Mew and Meowth. Mew is excited that Pikachu is awake and well, playing around with it for a moment. Meowth tries to relax against a part of the tree, but falls into a hole concealed to be a branch stump. Pikachu goes up to where the hole seemed to be, Mew just simply pokes its head in. Pikachu pokes its head in as well, seeing a long vertical tunnel with green bubbles coming up. Mew hops onto a bubble, followed by Pikachu. They ride the bubbles for a bit, Mew bumping into Pikachu to make its bubble bounce all over the tunnel. Pikachu falls off but soon grasps on to another one. Both Mew and Pikachu bump into Meowth, making him bounce around. At another branch stump up higher, the three Pokemon come out. They walk up to the edge of the land, seeing the landscape below them.

The crew takes a break for lunch. Lucario finds some berries while he sits upon a boulder. The gang sit is about to eat lunch, Brock passing out the plates to everyone one by one. He gets three passed out but when he reaches for the fourth one (for Kid), a Bonsly takes it before he could get to it. Brock's confused for a second before he finds Bonsly below eating away at Kid's lunch. Brock scolds the Pokemon for eating Kid's lunch, but this only makes it cry. May and Max think Brock was too harsh, but the Bonsly runs away with the food. Lucario picks up the plate, offering Bonsly a berry instead. The Bonsly runs off behind a rock, peaking behind it once in a while.

They continue to travel down to the Tree of the World's Beginning, but they stop once more. This time, the road is littered with gysers that are erupting and for a while. May notices something off to the side, a hot spring! They decide to stop until the eruptions subside and take a dip. Ash, Brock, Max, and their Pokemon, except Phanpy, take a swim in the hot spring. When May comes out of the humvee from dressing, Bonsly drops upon her head from the roof. It looks like the little guy took a ride with them, so May decides to take it along. She tries to take Bonsly into the water, but the small Pokemon jumps out and hides behind Phanpy, Max commenting because its a Rock type. Lucario sits upon a rock, remember the time when Aaron took him here. Aaron decided to wade after traveling about. He told Lucario to put his feet in the water since it feels good. Lucario was a bit reluctant but he did so, smiling at how relaxing it was. The memory was interrupted when Ash told Lucario to jump in, but Lucario simply walks off, Ash a bit annoyed by his cold attitude. May notices a strange looking plant upon rocks, Ash says that he'll get it. Brock and Kid watch as Ash climbs up the small cliff. As soon as he grabs it though, he slips and falls off. May catches the plant, which looks like a crystalized pod, while Ash plunges into the water. Seeing how it's possibly a fruit, they decided to plant it. But just before they do, the pod suddenly blooms and the area becomes somewhat holographic as they see a replay of Ash falling off the cliff as he was getting the plant. Kid knows what it is, a Time Flower. She explains that it records events in time in the area it was planted and then it can replay the scene at a later time when activated.

Night falls as they travel, and they stop. They're rather close to the Tree, but it's best if they rest for now. Ash says that tomorrow he'll get Pikachu back. Lucario's a bit confused at why Ash would go this far to get Pikachu back. Perhaps if he's connected to Aaron somehow, he should just leave Pikachu like Aaron did to him. Ash gets angry at him suggesting that and he tackles Lucario down, rolling down a ledge to a pond. The two thrash about in the pond, the others coming to try and stop the two from frighting. Lucario finally throws Ash out to the shore, jumping off to the top of the lege. He storms off thinking that people are just cruel. It appears that Lucario is very upset with Aaron. Ash felt that he might've gone too far seeing Lucario walk away. Lucario finds a tree to lean upon, recalling another memory.

Aaron was demonstrating the ability to see Aura Energies, the "Hadou", even while his eyes were covered. He dodged several logs as they swung back and forth towards him with ease. Lucario was learning this ability, and it would be his turn to do it. Lucario was nervous as he began dodging the logs, few missing by a hairpin, but he managed to pass the test. Just then, Max comes up and shows Lucario a bar of chocolate. He explains that it's a sweet snack and it's really good, breaking off a piece to give to Lucario. Lucario sniffs it and is a bit hesistant, but he sees Max eat and enjoy it. Lucario puts the bit into his mouth, enjoying it with a smile. However when Max catches that, Lucario tries to put on a stern face.

Later that night, Mew and Pikachu play about while Meowth sleeps. Mew finds a few toys, taking out a party blower in the shape of a Shuckle and blows into it a couple of times, dropping it near Pikachu. Then it goes back to find a Kapoera yo-yo and plays around with it. Pikachu smiles a bit, but it can't still help the feeling of being seperated from Ash.

Ash wakes up from his sleep, thinking he heard Pikachu's voice. He gets out of the humvee the crew was sleeping in, noticing Lucario on a rock. Ash tries to help Lucario look on the bright side of things, telling the time when he first got Pikachu, standing in front of the Spearow as they came down to protect Pikachu. Ash tells Lucario that he and Pikachu are friends, as Lucario tells Ash that Aaron is his master. Lucario doesn't quite understand the concept of being along side a human to be friends after all this time of being a servant of Aaron.

The next day, they travel down the path, soon coming up to a stop. Lucario stands looking up at a cliff, the others wondering what's going on. Lucario tells them this was the spot that Aaron sealed Lucario in his scepter. He remembers it quite well, but Lucario kicks a Time Flower gently by accident and soon it replays the scene it has recorded. It's the same exact scene, when Lucario meets up with Aaron, which he throws his scepter down and seals Lucario in the jewel. Then they watch Aaron fly off to the Tree of the World's Beginning. Suddenly from the two pathways on the road, the green army charges through the small pathway. Lucario appears horrified and begins throwing Aura Energy spheres at them, barely missing Ash. Ash tells Lucario to stop because they're only illusions. Lucario does stop, shocked to have seen that event happen. Ash comes up to Lucario, apologizing for being pushy when he hadn't realized how this affected Lucario. Lucario though gets up and smiles, perhaps Ash is right, that Aaron did that for his own good.

As they walk back to the humvee, Lucario senses something. At the last second, he pushes himself and Ash out of the way just as Regirock digs its way from the ground. It sounds mechanical, and begins using Hyper Beam upon the "intruders". Jessie and James manage to escape the humvee before it becomes a victim to Regirock's assault. Lucario intervenes at the second Hyper Beam it fires, throwing an Energy sphere at the beam, exploding in the middle. Using this, Kid finds a crevice to hide in. As they go, Lucario covers them and keeps Regirock occupied before escaping into the crevice. Along the way Lucario tells them to make a turn at a tunnel. They follow the tunnel, it seems like they lost Regirock. At the end of the tunnel, they come to a large cave of ancient Pokemon. Amongst a vast lake and field, lit by a giant crystal on the ceiling, are Omanyte, Omastar, Yanma, Armaldo, Altaria, and Nidoran. It appears they made it into the tree, but now the only way to get to Pikachu is by going up. Ash goes on ahead to another tunnel, followed by Lucario. Kid takes out her specs, relaying info back to the company. Her boss tells here that the tree is designed with many tunnels that make a network like blood vessels. Energy can also be monitored. Kid deploys out small helicopter gadgets to gather information about the Tree, then she follows Ash.

The probes that Kid deployed attempted to take samples of the crystal that grew there. However, a red blob engulfs and eats them. Kid gets a warning that the probes were rapidly being destroyed, and that a sort of defense system in the Tree has been activated.

At the end of the next tunnel, Ash finds himself upon one of the "leafs" of the Tree. Ash runs up ahead once more, climbing up the leaf. He called out to Pikachu, who a few leaves up higher (which is a long way up), Pikachu hears Ash and calls back, Ash and Pikachu know that they're nearby. As things seemed to turn for the better, Regice stands in front of Ash's path and begins firing a barrage of Ice Beams. Lucario jumps into stun the Regi while Ash gets away. He gets to the tunnel, telling the others they must find another way because Regice is up ahead. Lucario throws one Aura Energy sphere at it to stun it long enough to get away. They find another tunnel along the tunnel, finding themselves at the cliff of a large hollow cave, being a good ways above the ground. Blue crystal pillars stick out from wall to wall. Deciding where to go, Jessie and James find themselves in the same place, at a different entrance. They jump down to Ash and company, landing with a crash. Apparently Regirock and Registeel found them. Lucario pointed a way, across one of the blue pillars that ran like a bridge to another exit higher up. Jessie and James were the first two to run up, then the rest followed as Lucario covered their escape. Along the way, they ran into a narrow stone bridge, taking their time crossing it until the end. Jessie and James ran up way ahead. Lucario at the end of the line finds the Regi's hot on their tail. He sends a Aura Energy Sphere to the bridge, destroying before the Regi's have a chance to cross it.

As Jessie and James run up ahead, a red blob comes from the other side of the tunnel after them. It turns into a Cradily shape and swallows up Jessie. James tries to save her by sending out Cacnea, using Pin Missile. The attack doesn't do a thing and Jessie is eventually swallowed up. Another comes after James, sending out Chimecho, but it's too late for his Pokemon to do anything. Ash and company arrive only to see the event, wondering what's going on with this place. One more, in the shape of a Aerodactyl comes after them, but Lucario destorys it with his Energy sphere. Soon the red blob figures come from behind. The other's try to find another way to get past them. One of them makes it through and almost catches Kid, that is until Lucario gets in the way. It takes Lucario, but soon explodes off. Apparently the thing doesn't eat Pokemon. Just when things also couldn't get any worse, the two Regis are once again behind their tails. As they run, they find a room with two tunnels. The group decides to split up so that at least one group will be safe from the Regi's, and they'll meet up later. Ash and Lucario go in one group and lure the Regi's away, while Brock, May, Max, and Kid make the other group. The four take off in one path while Lucario and Ash take the other. Ash stays behind though so that he can get the Regi's attention once they've come.

While the four travel through the Tree, the red blob strikes once more. This it takes Brock. But not wanting his Pokemon to go down with him, he releases them at the last moment. May and Max also gets caught, May releasing her Pokemon as well. Kid on the other hand is dodge two of them, managing to escape the blobs.

Lucario and Ash managed to lose the Regi's but they come up to a huge crevice with the crystal pillars coming out from side to side. Not only is it a long way down, but there's a very strong wind. On the other side, Pikachu, Mew, and Meowth come out from aonther tunnel. Ash, happy to see Pikachu, walks out on the pillars while Pikachu does the same. Pikachu has no problem hopping from pillar to pillar in the wind, but Ash occasionally slips, flying for a bit before grabbing a hold of one of the pillars. His hat also flies away, but Mew manages to catch it. He continues on, going low when the wind gets too strong. Both him and Pikachu meet in the middle, where they jump to meet. But they jump a little too short and fall down. In the nick of time, Kid uses her grappling hook to swing across and grab Ash and Pikachu, heading to the tunnel where Lucario waits. Pikachu wonders who the new Pokemon is, Ash introduces Lucario to his friend and Pokemon, Pikachu. It seems Lucario is beginning to understand the more deeper relationship that could be possible. Mew joins in, along with Meowth, Mew giving Ash his hat back. Now to get out.

While going through the tunnels, they come up across the red blobs once more. They find a branch off to another tunnel and go through it in hope to lose them, but they continue right behind them. The group comes to a room with large crystal formations. Lucario goes on ahead, but is ambushed by Registeel and Regirock. Registeel grabs him and stuns him, giving the red blobs a chance getting Kid and Ash. As both get "eaten", they release their Pokemon. Lucario kicks himself off Registeel to try and save them, but it's too late as Ash's Pokemon try a last hope approach to pull him away. But it's too late, he's gone as the blob slips into the ground. Ash's Pokemon saddened by their loss begin to cry. Lucario watches this, appearing hurt by the loss as well.

Mew though goes up, touching a crystal. It begins to glow green, as well as every crystal in the area. It appears as Mew is performing the healing spell the Tree is capable of. Soon the blobs, now green, form up into mounds and disolve away, leaving their victims behind alive and well just where they had taken them. As Ash is also released from the blob, his Pokemon celebrate with joy. The Regi's walk off, not seeing them as a threat anymore. Kid is happy that things are well too, that is until she notices that one of the crystals flash a red color and tells the others something isn't quite right. Suddenly all of the crystals become red in color, and Mew appears weakened. Kid picks Mew up, finding out that Mew is hot to the touch. Kid's boss says that the whole tree has gone unstable. If it gets completely destroyed, it could mean certain disaster for the world. The crystals also begin to blacken and crumble, the place is collasping, and fast! With no time to lose, Mew helps them find the core room where they could use Mew to restore the Tree. The problem is that they do not know how to restore the Tree, and Mew is very weak to do anything. Lucario looks to the side and notices that there's a crystal formation, inside of it though is Aaron!

Lucario doesn't understand why Aaron is here, sealed up in the crystal, but his gloves are left on another formation nearby. Ash finds a Time Flower next to the core and runs up to it to activate it. When the pod opens up, it displays the scene as Aaron comes in. Ho-oh also comes in, revealing itself to be Mew. They watch as Aaron begins delivering his energy, the "Hadou", to Mew, the only energy that would suffice. Mew stores the power and once enough has been stored, goes to the core to begin the restoration. But at the end, the see Aaron tumble and fall in pain, looking quite different, and the scene ends. They now know what to do... but it would cost the person their life. Lucario, seeing how he can utilize the Aura Energy that Aaron can, declares he'd be the one to do it. Rucario goes up to Mew and begins transfering energy, but is soon pulled back. He realizes he's not strong enough yet to deliver the energy needed! Ash remembers that Lucario mentioned he had the same Aura pattern as Aaron, and can control Hadou as well. He puts on Aaron's gloves, which help channel the energy. Kid questions Ash's actions, but Ash says that saving the world is more importan than his life. Both Lucario and Ash begin channeling energy into Mew. It begins to work as Mew stores up the energy both are putting into it. As time passes and they channel more energy, it begins to strain them. But just at the end, Lucario shoves Ash out of the way. Lucario channeled the rest of the energy into Mew, protecting Ash from facing the certain death that would follow. Once the energy channeling was complete, Mew swiftly moved to the energy core of the Tree, the stored energy releasing a green light like the same light from the years ago. The crystals turn green and emit bright beams of light across the land, saving the Tree and ultimately the world.

After Mew completed the healing process, Kid confers with her boss if the Tree is stable, and everything is normal. But Lucario stumbles down, exhausted from what he's done, in the same condition as Aaron as he collasped. Lucario's hand bumped into a Time Flower, activating it. This time it was Aaron as he sat there, saying his last words. He thanked Lucario for being his servant and always being loyal. He did seal up Lucario, to protect his friend, not his servant, from the impending danger. He wasn't a servant to his master, he was a friend. Lucario smiled at that, understanding now. But his time was running out fast, and before it would run out, he thanked Ash for showing him the same friendship Aaron provided. Lucario soon dissapeared, along with Aaron's crystalized form, two spirits floating up to the sky. Kid and Ash step outside to see that things well, and reflect upon how valueable a friendship really is, especially between a Pokemon and a human.

~Ending Credits~

Ash and company take a cable car down. Along the way they see Kid packing up her humvee and leaving. Back in the cable care, Brock bawls over his "loss" of seeing Kid leave. The tapestry in the castle showing Aaron holding up his scepter changed, it now shows Lucario standing beside him. Kid explores Founce, right behind her is Batora and Dian tending to a farm. Ash and company take a visit to another city (which looks surprisingly like Alto Mare), above in their balloon is Jessie, James, and Meowth trying one of their attempts to get Pikachu, but end up in a mess as Meowth slips from the balloon.

Nearby Oradoru Castle, Aaron and Lucario walk down a road. Aaron however has some chocolate and shares it with Lucario.

Source: Serebii

[Pokken Tournament] The Archdjinni of the Rings Hoopa!:

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[Pokken Tournament] - In Désser City, around one hundred years ago, Hoopa Unbound appears boasting how strong it is. It summons Kyogre and Groudon from its rings, battling them back and impressing the townspeople, and asking if they were surprised. But when it appears again, summoning Reshiram, Zekrom and Regigigas, the battle between all of the legends begins to destroy the town. The townspeople cry out for it to stop, but Hoopa is too determined to show off. Suddenly, a man appears, an Arceus necklace around his neck, holding the Prison Bottle. Hoopa Unbound is sucked into the bottle, saving the town and halting its rampage.

Years later, a young man is searching in the Valley of Arche. In a cave, after using Solrock's flash to see, he discovers the Prison Bottle. Delighted, he grabs it, but is soon posessed by the dark power within.

Meanwhile, Ash, Clemont, Serena and Bonnie are relaxing at a Pokemon Center near Désser City. Ash and Bonnie swim, Clemont works on an invention, and Serena brings out donuts for everyone. While they enjoy the donuts, they begin to disappear into Hoopa's portals. Ash finally spots the arm reaching out in time to grab hold, and he and Pikachu are pulled through. They find themselves on the other side of Désser City with Hoopa, who asks if they were surprised. Ash says he was very surprised. Wanting to delight Ash more, Hoopa, who names Ash Saton and Pikachu, Pikan, opens two portals, through which hundreds of Pikachu come through, including a full set of Cosplay Pikachu. Ash is startled, but when Hoopa quizzes him on which one is his own, Ash finds Pikachu within a single moment. Hoopa seems let down that Ash didn't have a harder time.

Mary appears, and tells Hoopa to return all the Pikachu it "borrowed". Pikachu gets up on the railing to command all the Pikachus to return, which they do, impressing Hoopa. Mary introduces herself as the one taking care of Hoopa. Ash then drags Clemont, Bonnie, Serena and all their stuff through the rings. They decide to visit the Tower, and think it would be easy to go through the rings to get there, only Hoopa is unable to pass through its own rings. They decide to walk.

Then, the possessed man, Barza, arrives on his Braviary, and instantly opens the Prison Bottle. The darkness envelopes Hoopa, who transforms into Hoopa Unbound. Barza returns to normal, and both heand Mary are very happy to see Hoopa Unbound, glad Hoopa got its power back. But Hoopa Unbound instantly begins to smash things, its tail destroying a donut shop, and whacking Team Rocket's balloon away as they were plotting to steal the bottle.

They get Hoopa Unbound's power back into the bottle, but learn quickly that by touching it, they will be posessed. Clemont happily shows off his new invention, a device that can hold the bottle up with electric waves, and carries it in his Aipom Arm so nobody has to touch it. Hoopa is absolutely terrified of the bottle and the power inside of it, shaking and whimpering.

They sit down to eat, and Barza explains Hoopa's story. One hundred years ago, Hoopa Unbound began to appear in town, eating food and causing problems. But the townspeople came to love it when he would battle Pokemon to entertain them, and made them very happy. It also brought much gold, and Désser City grew from a tiny village to a great city. Only when it began to summon more powerful legendaries, and grew more obsessed with showing off its power even if it destroyed the town, did the townspeople have to do something to stop it.

The man who stopped Hoopa was Mary and Barza's great grandfather. They show off their Arceus necklaces, and Ash thinks he recognizes it. Clemont explains Arceus is the one who is said to have created all things. Mary and Barza explain how their family is connected to Arceus' power. They tell how their great grandfather could use it to control Hoopa, who would throw great tantrums screaming for him to give back its power. Mary and Barza grew up with Hoopa like siblings, getting into mischief and playing together, even healing Hoopa when it grew very sick when taken into the Valley or Arche. It is clear they love Hoopa as family, and taught it many things about helping others and getting along. Even their great grandfather accepted Hoopa as family.

Team Rocket appears in their balloon, thinking the Prison Bottle will power up their Pokemon. The instant Meowth takes hold of it, though, he becomes possessed, and opens the bottle to unleash Hoopa Unbound's power. Hoopa fights the power, too afraid of vanishing if they become one again, and is able to keep it at bay, but Hoopa Unbound then develops as a separate Pokemon. In the struggle, the Prison Bottle explodes. Hoopa summons Lugia to fight Hoopa Unbound after Team Rocket is blasted away and Barza's Braviary is defeated. Lugia distracts Hoopa Unbound as they make their escape.

Mary and Barza know they can make a new bottle at the Tower with the power of earth, fire, and water. They decide to use Serena's Braixen, Ash's Frogadier, and using a ring, Bonnie goes to the desert to ask for Hippopotas for its help, and brings it along. Ash stays with Hoopa while the rest head to the tower to make a new bottle.

While hiding from Hoopa Unbound, who is still fighting Lugia, Ash and Hoopa begin to talk. Hoopa promises that once strong enough, it will make any of Ash's wishes come true. Ash says his wish is to become a Pokemon Master, and Hoopa says it will make it happen. Ash refuses, though, saying that is a dream he plans to attain by himself. Hoopa is absolutely shocked Ash plans to attain his own dream without using rings or magic wishes. Ash they talks to Hoopa about how this Hoopa Unbound seems to be a shadow of Hoopa, and it needs to learn to make peace with itself, perhaps, to solve this crisis.

Hoopa Unbound appears in a ring, searching for them with its giant hand. Right when they are about to be caught, Lugia appears and carries them away on its back. But Hoopa Unbound tricks Lugia into flying into a ring, sending it back to its ocean home, and Ash and Hoopa powerless. Hoopa summons Latios, Latias and (shiny) Rayquaza. Ash, Hoopa and Pikachu ride on Latios and Latias while Rayquaza helps to battle Unbound. Ash commands the Pokemon's attacks, but Unbound summons Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Kyurem, Groudon, and Kyogre.

At the Tower, the others are hard at work making a new Prison Bottle, using the powers of fire, earth and water. Clemont commands Frogadier, Bonnie commands Hippopotas, and Serena commands her Braixen, while Mary and Barza use their powers. The bottle begins to form.

When the six legendaries summoned by Unbound begin to attack, Rayquaza, Latios and Latias all Mega Evolve. Kyurem becomes Black Kyurem, then White Kyurem, as the all out brawl continues over the city. When Ash falls off, Hoopa uses a ring to save him, dropping him back onto Latios' back.

As the bottle's progress continues, Unbound becomes aware of it, and turns to focus attacking the Tower. Ash uses the Latties and Rayquaza's power to protect it, but it cannot withstand the combined power of the other six legendaries attacking it over and over. But the new bottle is finished in time, and instantly freezes Unbound just before it can deliver a blow to Ash, and the other six legendaries fighting for Unbound also instantly stop. ****** ~ "pokken tournament roster"~******

Ash ends up holding the bottle by accident and is instantly possessed. He begins to yell at Hoopa to vanish, but Hoopa tries to be brave, giving good memories to its shadow through Ash, showing Unbound the time it spend with Mary and Barza, and how it was accepted as family. Unbound's fury begins to fade, and Hoopa is able to make peace with its shadow, freeing Ash from the posession. As things begin to calm down, all the watching legendaries tell Hoopa how surprised they were, making it very happy.

Just then, space begins to collapse around the tower, trapping everyone, including hundreds of tourists, in one area. Barza thinks it is the result of all of the legendaries being summoned to this one spot. Palkia, Dialga and others try to stop it to no avail. Ash even tries to use Pikachu's Thunderbolt on it, also to no avail. Hoopa decides to become Hoopa Unbound, strong enough to help, and does so with confidence, at peace now with its shadow. Using its rings, it evacuates everybody, then returns to small size to also try to escape. Hoopa, however, still cannot pass through its own rings, and is doomed to vanish into the black hole destroying the tower. Ash and Barza remain to try to help Hoopa, thinking if it believes in itself, it can make it through. Hoopa recalls their great grandfather saying something similar, and with enough faith, and a mysterious golden light halting the space rift for a moment, is able to get through with enough time. The Tower and surrounding area are destroyed, but everyone is safe, and they look up in time to see Arceus fly away, having helped them.

The other legendaries also make their way home, on their own and not through rings. Hoopa promises to help restore the tower, and does so as Hoopa Unbound, once again a boon to the town and completely in control of its own powers. Ash and company head on to their next adventure.

Source: Serebii

[Pokken Tournament] Diancie & The Cocoon of Destruction!

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[Pokken Tournament] - In the Diamond Kingdom, Diancie is hiding from her three bodyguard Carbinks. A fourth Carbink, the elder Carbink Daii, appears and scolds Diancie. He shows her the Sacred Diamond, and says it will soon begin to lose its power. Diancie says he is only exaggerating, but he insists he is not. He says only she can create a new Sacred Diamond, and she seems doubtful of herself but tries anyway. The diamond is formed bur quickly dissolves to everyone's disappointment. Daii says they should go find Xerneas who can give Diancie more power using Fairy Aura. He remembers a time when a forest was having all the life sucked from it, and Xerneas saved him and other Pokemon nearby from the destruction. Diancie looks forward to going outside, and is moved by the sight when they finally emerge from the caves of the Diamond Kingdom.

During the opening credits, Diantha and Wikstrom battle with Mega Gardevoir and Mega Scizor. Ash and the group are introduced and Ash battles Astrid's Male Pyroar, Female Meowstic and Mega Absol with Froakie, Pikachu and Hawlucha. During the battle, Diancie appears in town being chased by Marilyn Flame and Ninja Riot. Bonnie proposes to Astrid for Clemont. Ash realizes something is odd and runs towards the attacks he can hear, protecting Diancie and allowing her to get away safely.

Ash, Clemont, Serena, and Bonnie introduce themselves to Diancie, who they find very polite and like a princess. They discover from the Pokedex she should be able to make diamonds. She is very polite ("like a princess!") but unworldly, not knowing what a thief is until they tell her. They go to get dinner together, and Team Rocket successfully captures Diancie in a sack. They take her into a clock tower and demand she make them diamonds, which she agrees to do happily. After producing many diamonds, Team Rocket is too happy and distracted by their riches to care as she simply attempts to leave. The door won't open until Miris Steel appears to open it for her, helping her to escape.

Diancie is reunited with Ash and friends, and they decide to go together to find Xerneas with Diancie. Diancie mentions about now the thieves will be very disappointed and explains the diamonds she makes vanish. Indeed, the diamonds Team Rocket was swimming in vanish at that time.

Diancie and Ash and friends head out by bus first, then ship, following the way Diancie can sense due to Fairy Aura. At night, Diancie and Ash see a shooting star after she yet again fails to produce a Sacred Diamond. Ash says you have to wish on a shooting star before it vanishes, and when another appears, he wishes for Diancie to be able to make diamonds. Serena watches them from her tent with a smile.

On the ship, Diancie tries again to make a diamond to show her friends. She makes one and there is a little spark when this one is made. Bonnie asks if she can keep it and puts it into her bag to keep, saying she's happy even if it will vanish.

They go shopping, which Diancie has never done before, so Serena and Bonnie take her to try on various clothing. After the fashion show, Diancie sees her three bodyguards in the mall looking for her and panics. Thinking she is running from them because they are bad, Ash and friends try to help. She is on a higher floor being chased, so Clemont pulls an extendable robot ladder out of his backpack and Ash uses it to grab Diancie. It doesn't explode, either, and works! They make their getaway.

Once outside, they are attacked again by Marilyn and Ninja. While Ash holds them off, Serena finds a Rhyhorn and gets Bonnie, Diancie and Clemont (clinging to its butt) out by racing off. They even partially run on a Rhyhorn racetrack before veering off into the forest. When Greninja wraps its tongue around Diancie to drag her off, Bonnie orders Dedenne to use Nuzzle to make it let go.

Eventually they are saved by the Steels again and able to get away. Marilyn and Ninja are taunted a little by Mirris. The Carbinks catch up again to Diancie and she explains they are her bodyguards, and she actually is their princess. The Carbinks tell her the Sacred Diamond has died. They go through the Diamond Kingdom, which is actually many different diamond caves connected by multiple tunnels, all kept lit and alive by the Sacred Diamond. Everything inside is now dissolving and collapsing due to it having faded. Diancie thinks herself a failure and begins to cry, but they convince her it will be okay. They come through to the Oruaas Forest, where Diancie senses the Fairy Aura very strongly. Daii explains this is the same forest that was destroyed before by Yveltal, who was stopped by Xerneas before cocooning and going into a long sleep. Diancie goes after Xerneas, and they catch one glimpse before it runs. Diancie keeps chasing it, tripping and falling down often, but finally she catches up. Xerneas says it knows why Diancie has come and tells her the power is within herself. Xerneas lets the Fairy Aura bathe over everything nearby, including Diancie and her Carbinks, and even Ash and friends can feel its power.

Once Xerneas leaves, before Diancie can test if she now has the power to create a Sacred Diamond, the Steels arrive to capture Diancie. They reveal they'd only helped her before because it was pointless to try to capture her before she received the Fairy Aura power. Ninja and Marilyn and the Steels all fight one another to catch Diancie, eventually bringing the fight to an underground pool. Everytime they step in the water, it reverberates down to the cocoon in the bottom of the pool, which begins to awaken. The more they battle, the more the cocoon begins to unravel.

They finally realize something is wrong, and everyone gets out of the pool just as Yveltal awakens and flies out. It begins to destroy and petrify parts of the forest, including the Carbinks and Team Rocket, who was after Diancie as well. It also petrifies Delphox and Greninja. While trying to stop Yveltal Ash nearly falls off a cliff, and Clemont, Serena and Bonnie pull him back up.

Diancie blocks the way to protect Ash and friends, and remembers Xerneas saying the power is within herself. There is a spark in Bonnie's bag, and Diancie Mega Evolves, creating a diamond large enough to block Yveltal's destructive attack, protecting her friends. The diamond doesn't break up or dissolve, it is a true diamond. The Steels try to stop Yveltal in their ship, shooting missiles at it, but Yveltal flies over and petrifies them and their Chesnaught, and they crash into the lake. Marilyn and Ninja, upset over Delphox and Greninja, stand together and hug one another as they too are frozen. Xerneas appears then, and its mere appearance seems to calm Yveltal, which flies away.

The danger seems over, but the forest and Pokemon and people are still petrified. Pikachu is weak in Ash's arms after fighting Yveltal, and begins to turn stiff as well. They realize its tail was just barely hit by one of Yveltal's destructive beams. Ash can only look on in horror as Pikachu freezes completely. He cries over his Pokemon, as does Serena, Bonnie and Clemont, but Xerneas quickly begins to send out a healing power through the forest, unfreezing Pikachu and the others, and reviving everything Yveltal destroyed.

As they look on, Xerneas begins to transform into a tree. They ask if this means it will die, but it reassures them it is just the start of a new life. They return to the Diamond Kingdom, where Diancie mega evolves again and creates a new Sacred Diamond, reviving the whole kingdom and lighting it up again. Bonnie reaches into her bag, finding the diamond Diancie first made is still there. They are surprised that it didn't disappear despite being made before Diancie received the Fairy Aura power from Xerneas. Bonnie says it is due to their friendship, and returns it to Diancie as it is an important thing to her, her first real diamond. When the camera closes up on it, the mega symbol is glowing inside of it. It has become a mega stone.

During the credits, Ash and company continue traveling, Diancie continues to make diamonds with her Carbinks, and the Steels have opened up a new chocolate shop together. Ninja Riot proposes to Marilyn Flame (she accepts). The end!

Source: Serebii

[Pokken Tournament] Pikachu, What's This Key?

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[Pokken Tournament] - While playing, Pikachu and co. encounter the Pokémon, Klefki, who is able to open up portals to various worlds. 

Pikachu & Co. travel with Klefki through these various worlds, encountering various pokken tournament Mythical Pokémon such as Manaphy, Darkrai, Jirachi and Victini.

[Pokken Tournament] The Guardian Gods of the Water Capital: Latios and Latias

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[Pokken Tournament] - Alto Mare is a island all of its own... the style, the way it's built, location, even what it's famous for: A city comprised upon the basis of water as transportation. The beauty and sites on Alto Mare gave it the title, "The Water Capital". But there's something else behind Alto Mare...

A long time ago while Alto Mare was just still a little town, an old couple were walking along the shore when they found two children unconscious on the shores. The two brought them home and nursed the children until they were healthy. However, these children seemed not to have parents of their own, so they grew close with the couple.Soon however, a dark cloud appeared over Alto Mare and rained down the darkness. Whatever it hit, it turned that part into itself. One of these shards was about to hit the old couple while they were outside with the two children. But before it hit, the two children glew, and soon the shard was instantly destroyed, as well as all the others that was raining down upon Alto Mare.

The two soon floated upwards and revealed themselves to be the infinite Pokemon, Ratious and Latias. They summoned more of their kind, one of them carrying a strange blue orb. Their power along with the orbs shown upon the dark cloud, obliterating it. And as a token to the people of Alto Mare for helping the two "children", they personally gave that orb to the couple. After a few moments of peace, the same two Latios and Latias returned back to them.

Or so an interesting story as two women, one with blonde hair with huge spiral ends, and another with blue, rather normal hair, read through the legend of Alto Mare in a huge archive. They had to cut it short, as a security guard was approaching. The two escaped like ninjas through an open window. When the guard came by, he was shocked to see one book missing. In place was a rose and a card, which soon flew to him when the books aside collasped in the empty space. The rose seems to be a familar sign... The card... well it had a insignia of some sort. As for the two women, they escaped to a flashy car which then sped off and turned into a jet plane. (Just imagine, they took the old Batmobile, painted it pink, and modified it a bit more) These two are Rockets, known as Annie and Oakley. They soon head over to Alto Mare.

The whole city of Alto Mare shows overhead in a birds-eye view fashion. Then going into the ocean for a tidal wave effect, the title of the movie appearing after the waters recede.

Today is one of those special days in Alto Mare, in fact it's probably one of the biggest. Not only being the Latios Festa, but also the a big race through Alto Mare's many canals. There are a lot of people who are in it, but two of them happen to be Ash and Misty. The race soon starts and the two keep it good neck-and-neck in first place, as well as one other person with a Wailmer. Brock watches from a bridge, until a random woman steps out of the crowd, Brock going to those mushy feelings fast. As for Pikachu, he fell off while rooting for Ash, and luckily fell right on him.

This goes on, and it happens to be that two odd transparent figures fly about through the city. Ash. Misty and the other are still keeping a good match up with first place, but soon the path hits tight squeezes. The figures zip about, coming across Jesse, James and Meowth who are gorging themselves on pasta. The figures soon fly by some more people watching, right outside their windows. One girl happens to notice something strange, but can't make it out. Ash does well until he gets to a too tight of a turn and nearly smashes into a wall. However, something grabs onto him before he does, strange... Ash is now lagging really badly after that wipeout, but he's not going to quit just yet. But when he out of the tight spots, something grabs onto the rope, and Ash really zooms far. He just gets inches to Misty and the other, but suddenly makes a quick turn in an ally, off the course! Just that whatever's pulling Ash won't stop, and he soon hits some stairs and manages to jump over the brick guard rail on the other side.

As for Misty, she's keeping it good, and when they hit the mark, it's close finish. Though Misty has a wipe out, Corsola managed to win by a small shot. Meanwhile, Ash sits on the stairs, Totodile blaming himself for Ash's lost, but Ash doesn't mind that he lost. The other man, which who was mentioned as Rossi, congratulates Misty on her win. He also mentions he's a boat driver around here, so he'll take the gang around.

At the Rossi's boat, Ash and Brock look at the scenery for a mement while Rossi talks about the city for a moment. Misty says she really likes the trophy and Rossi asks if he could see it.. Misty held it up, it was circle made of glass with a green tint. It had the shape of two beings on the side and a sparkling circle in the middle. It wasn't before long that they passed two statues on pillars of two Pokemon. Ash asks about what are those two Pokemon. Rossi explains that the one on the right is Latios, the one on the left, Latias. Both are guardian Pokemon of Alto Mare, no one's really seen them, but everybody knows 'em.

Next to them was a courtyard to a large building, and flying around it was a little remote CamBug. The bug belonged to none other than Annie and Oakley, who was surveying the city for the two Pokemon. Oakley fixed the bugs with a infrared scanner, simply noting that a Pokemon who can mimic human form, can't mimic humans altogether. The people walking around appeared all normal, until a blue figure came by. It was definitely their mark and they soon head off. As they did, they happen to splash Jesse, James, and Meowth who were about to eat an ice cream cone. Jesse yells at them (though Annie and Oakley were far off) but James knows its Annie and Oakley. James explains that they're the #1 Rockets right now. Jesse wants to get a little into the action and decides to copy them to get to the top.

Rossi drops Ash and co. off at a back-alley ice cream stand to get a snack before heading off. While they're walking, Pikachu noticed a water fountain. Really thirsty anyway, Pikachu went off to the pump to get some water. By the time he got there, the person who was there originally left. Pikachu was a little disappointed but soon the water started up. He looked at there was a girl, dressed up in a white skirt and a green shirt, her hair style looking oddly familar, turned on the water. Pikachu happily drank and washed himself, and then Ash caught up with him. He thanked the girl, but the girl simply went up to him, looking at him strangely at all directions. Then she left off without saying a thing. Ash just shurgged in confusion.

The girl is soon seen walking along one canal, when Annie and Oakley show up. Annie takes a look at her with some special glasses, which reveals that this girl is Latias! They go up to her, speaking a bit before calling her Latias. Latias was shocked, and simply tried to run away from the two. Annie and Oakley then sent out Espeon and Araidos to try to get things worked up. The Espeon gave the chase while Araidos went around to cut her off. With no other way to turn around, the two Rockets decided to attack now. Espeon got Latias with a Psychic, Araidos tying her up with String Shot.

Soon Ash came and stopped the fight before anything else happened. He soon pulled on the webbing. Soon the Rocket seemed to tease him a bit before Annie told Espeon to give him a Psybeam. Ash took it quite well, and managed to escape with Latias before anything could happen, the Pokemon soon giving the chase. Taking advantage of such a place like this, Ash led Latias around in random directions in hopes to lose the two Pokemon that were chasing after them. It took a while, but Ash managed to lose them. After a bit, Latias soon led Ash someplace else, that someplace being where Misty and Brock were in a small courtyard enjoying some Ice cream. When Ash looked back, Latias was gone.)

With that little incident out of the blue for now, Ash just takes it easy and the gang heads over to the temple of Alto Mare. However, Annie and Oakley spy upon them with a another cambug, watching his every movements.

The place seems pretty big on the outside, but a few things shown on the inside. While they walk in the building, they come across some fossils embedded in the tiles. Misty gets a little jumpy at first but soon a chubby man sporting Mario's outfit explains that it's only just a fossil. The bigger catch, is the huge machine up ahead. He shows him to another room, in it is a huge contraption that's surrounded by big pillars, and a some circle with designs on it is in front of it. Up near the roof are stained glass pictures from the book Annie and Oakley stole the other time. He explains that this machine litterally controls the whole island if something happens. Or at least that's the legend says.

Ash looks up and notices that there's a girl painting. The girl looks exactly like the one he saw earlier, only this time she was wearing a large white beret. He gets a closer look, but accidently puts his hNSA on the pillars, which gets him a scolding. When he looked back, the girl was packing up and leaving. He ran out, telling Misty and Brock he'd be at the Pokemon Center before lights out. Ash soon runs after the girl, but every where he gets to, she's always near, but so far. He goes through the building's balcony, courtyard, then finally he ends up talking with her on the other side of a canal, apparently she replies a little annoyed with a "What are you talking about?" She walks off and Ash continues to go after her. Suddenly, he comes to a four-way intersection, no one in sight... (There was a nice "Matrix" camera shooting in this scene, where the camera spins around the character) Using his instincts, Ash heads to his left.

He soon runs into another canal, no one there but boats and people. Pikachu looks up at the bridge, noticing that the girl is there. Huh... this time she doesn't have her beret, or sketchbook for that matter. She runs off, wanting Ash to follow her. After a bit of going through various alleys and roads, Ash is lead to a vine-covered road which he hesistates to walk through. After that, he finds the girl in a dead end, then she walks IN the wall. Ash is a little puzzled, but soon Pikachu walks through it as well, then Ash takes a breath, and walks through it.

The other end seemed to be a dark passageway, but soon brightened to reveal a huge garden with huge trees planted in places. Ash looked around, seeing a few Pokemon here and there, and soon saw the girl, but she ran off again. When he finally met up with her, she was swinging. Something happened, the wind chimes started to blow and something came out of the water and headed straight for them! Pikachu tried to shock it, but the being dodged it! It soon tackled down Pikachu and went off, making another run to them. All of a sudden, the girl came and stood right in front of Ash, the being stopping and revealing itself to be Latios!

Latios was pretty angry for Ash being here, and seemingly yelling at the girl, however the girl never spoke one word. Soon a voice came by, and... it was the same person? Another of the same girl came by, except this one had the beret and sketchbook. She yelled at Ash for a minute, then told Latios to attack him, but the other girl stopped Latios. Then the man from the temple showed up, he cleared things up for them. He then explained that all Latias wanted to do was play with Ash, so if she wanted to, she could. The other girl was happy and took Ash to the swing. Ash noticed that the man called her Latias, and while they were swinging, the girl did reveal herself to be Latias! Ash was so surprised that he litterally jumped off the swing.

Latios on the other hand seemed to take this well, even giving Pikachu a lick to prove it. Latios soon gave Pikachu a ride around, Latias soon joining up with him. Soon the real girl mentions her name is Kanon. On the outside, she's nothing more than a artist, but here, she takes care of the two. The man is her grandfather, Bongore, a care-taker of the museum and a boat maker. They walk around a bit while Latios and Latias play with Pikachu in the air. Latias soon dropped Pikachu to Ash before taking his hat. He tried to run after her, trying to grab his hat back and eventually did, before playing the same game with her. Soon Latios started to hum and his eyes glew. He swam into the fountain that was next to Ash and all of a sudden, Latias's eyes started to glow.

~ "pokken tournament blaziken" ~ All of a sudden, the whole scene becomes the underwater world that Latios is swimming through. Ash is stunned at this site, while Kanon explains that this is Latios and Latias's trick they can do. Latios acts like the camera, while Latias projects the image. They soon see that Latios is swimming around the canals, then past a school of Remoraids. The image soon narrows around to going past a few more groups of Pokemon before scene fades out.

One spot the two show Ash is the legend of the island, and one more thing, the Soul Dew. They all gathered around a little pool of water it was in. This was the source of the water for Alto Mare, it's what keeps everything going. After a few moments of looking at it, Latias picks up Ash and flies over the pool of water just infront of where the Soul Dew is. Except she can't really hold on for long and lets go, Latios simply catches him on the way down. While all this is happening, a CamBug seems to be in the garden... it looks like the two know where Latios and Latias resides.

Soon it gets late, and Ash has to get back to the Pokemon Center as he promised his friends. Latias doesn't want him to leave though, but these things have to happen. Bongore leads Ash to his boat house, which is connected to the garden. Kanon will give him a ride to the Center, Ash says his goodbyes and they start off.

Ash asks Kanon a few things during the ride. One of them being why Latias is sometimes her. Well Latias is a playful one next to Latios. She tends to get a little lonely sometimes and the only other way is to go about Alto Mare, randomly doing things. But since she can't use her Pokemon form, Latias resorts to using Kanon's form. Kanon and the two Pokemon are best friends, so why not mimic the one you like so much? *Due to this good explaination, but it's NOT REALLY IN THE MOVIE, I'll keep it. This next sentence is actually what happens in the movie.* Ash mentions that Latias was earlier attacked, by two people. He's a little worried that they'll take her for some reason and Kanon should watch out for Latias.

Later that night, Annie and Oakley make their move to the garden. They hop buildings to get there without notice. Jesse, James, and Meowth soon try to follow the same, but after a while they slip and fal on a lamp post. All the while their hanging, Wobuffet comes out of turn and sends them plummeting. When they reached Kanon's house, they send Espeon to take out Bongore in the boat house. While he's knocked out, the Rockets make their move. Upon entering the garden, Latios wakes up from his sleep, then Latias does too and follows as Latios finds them. He tries to tackle the Rockets, but they cartwheel out of the way. Then Latios rounds up for Oakley, which she simply goes down the hill. With no other way through this, Latios and Latias resorts to camoufloguing and try attacking from there. It's no good, Annie and Oakley can still time their dodges perfectly. The Rockets soon put on their special shades that let them see where he is. Finding him, Annie tells her Espeon to use Swift on him. The attack hits, making him visible. Oakley on the other side tells her Araidos to use Night Shade. It hits Latias, but Latios gets in the way halfway through the attack. Latios soon goes down, then Annie tosses a bola-like ball which opens up a into a net that secures Latios.

With Latias alone, Annie says to do a Psychic attack. Latias is out for now, and Annie takes the advantage by telling Espeon to use Tackle. Latios gets in the way once more, despite that net around him. Latias tries to help Latios, but Latios simply yells at her to get out. Annie tries to through another ball, but once more Latios gets in the way. He yells at Latias once more to get out before she gets caught, and she soon goes off into the pool Latios took the other time, saddened. With their victory catch, Oakley soon tries to pull out the Soul Dew. It's a little wedged in at first, but she manages to pull it out. The orb sparkles with light on the inside, making it look very beautiful. The two exchange possesion of it, then Oakley takes a snapshot of the tiles that form the legend with her laptop. The Laptop soon rearranges them and decodes the whole legend. Now to put it to work... Latias emerges from a random canal, finding one person who can help.

Back at the garden, Kanon and Bongore rush to the Soul Dew Of The Heart's holder, but they were a littlle too late...

Meanwhile, Annie and Oakley carry Latios to the machine in the temple. They begin the phase to work the machine.

Step 1: Place the guardains (in this case, guardian) upon the pedistal. They do so, and soon three rings similar to the traps Lawrence III used back in the second movie, surround Latios. Soon a pattern of lines glow red, providing the energy. The pillars of the machine soon come down, and the main machine itself appears. The machine itself looks like a scale of some kind, one end has a large orb, the other has some sort of thing to place something on. Multiple arms jut out, which looks rather made in weird designs.

Step 2: Place the Soul Dew in the placement holder. Oakley takes care of that part, and places the orb in a holding place that soon clamps it down. Before they could move on, Kanon and her father soon enter. They are soon taken care of with a Psychic.

Step 3: Manually control the effects from there. The large orb soon goes in front of them, but it's a single seater. Annie doesn't really like the idea of doing this, so Oakley gladly goes in.

Latias goes to the Pokemon Center, only knowing that one person can help her brother. The windo is left open, Pikachu notices something easily. When Ash wakes up, Latias stands there, as Kanon. He gets a little bit confused at who's who at first but he figures it out when Latias soon sobs on his shoulder. (Since Latias can't talk in her Kanon form, she doesn't make any noise there either)

Back at the temple, Ariados is done with securing Kanon and Bongore. Latios woke up, trying to get out of his imprisonment before he notices that he is trapped. Kanon soon shouts at him, telling him he should project the area to Latias since she has a feeling Latias would be with Ash. Latios's eyes glow once more and...

Everyone else wakes up and soon there's some explaining to do. Sometime after the revelation, Latias changes back to her Pokemon form, Brock and Misty instantly stunned. Soon Latias eyes glow, and their taken to see w hat Latios sees. Misty and Brock are obviously surprised, but they look around. They soon see that Kanon is there, held hostage. They see that Oakley starts to control the machine, which takes energy from Latios to power it's various functions. One thing she does is revive the fossils of the Aerodactyl and Kabutops that where embedded. They come to life through the machine, and Oakley ordered them to find Latias. That was just about then that Latios passed out, and Latias "lost connection." Ash soon puts one more thing on his agenda, get Latios out.

The next thing Oakley wanted to do, was to prevent anybody from coming in. To do so, she initiated a total lockdown on the city, just by that machine. Soon everywhere where there was a balcony or place fit for a door, cages and other type of blocks soon formed up. Jesse, James and Meowth happened to be in an alley when this started up, first their front was blocked off, then their backs, leaving them trapped.

Ash looked out the window to see what was happening. Soon the bars started to form up on the balcony and he jumped out with Latias before it was too late. Ash said to Misty and Brock that he'll go on, they'll just have to find their way through. Ash tried to go around on foot, but nothing was open. Finding no other way, he decided to take a boat ride. While he was going through the canal, the Aerodactyl soon attacked from behind, grabbing Latios. Ash stopped and jumped onto the Aerodactyl, then told Pikachu to use Thunderbolt.

The attack worked, but Latias went off scared. Then the Aerodactyl was charging up a Hyperbeam, there as no other place to go, so Ash and Pikachu made a swim for it. The Aerodactyl missed by a hair, but the attack forced Ash underwater. Latias soon peeked out and then noticed the Aerodactyl was gone. She then went underwater to help Ash up, then everything seemed okay. Latias carried Ash around a bit before he noticed there was some pods left over from the race. There was only one thing to do now.

Latias soon starts to surf off with Ash as they try to lose the Aerodactyl. Soon the Aerodactyl was on their tail again. Latias kept up the speed, and tried ways to stop it from following them. She soon went in a narrow canal, which was enough to stop the Aerodactyl. But as they were coming along, they sped passed the Kabutops, which soon ran after them with incredible speed.

Someplace else, Brock tries to open up the bars but has no luck. Misty tells him maybe they should just send out their Pokemon to find and help Ash before anything happens. Brock sends out Crobat while Misty with Politoed and Corsola. As they head off, Brock climbs the fence.

The Kabutops is easily able to keep up with Ash and Latias, as water isn't going to stop him. Latias rounds one corner, but makes it too deep and causes Ash to land on a side road. Though the Kabutops did catch up, it was tackled by Crobat, then squirted down by Corsola and Politoed. Thanking them, Ash and Latias soon head off to the Temple.

Oakley sees that Ash is coming, but it's no problem. Oakley soon uses yet another option upon the machine that contols the water. When Ash and Latias made it to the large canal just before the museum, the water soon starts to come alive as they make it to the grounds. The water glides along the cracks of the tiles then manages to trap Ash and Latias in square before becoming a large column of water. Oakley seems to be controlling this, which she waves her hands around like a conductor of a high-speed orchestra. Annie on the other hand seems a little worried that Oakley is a little, nuts. The water in turn soon was choking Ash and Latias. Latias soon glew and soon produced a ball of light that surrounded her, stopping the water. She did get some of the wind knocked out of her, but was okay.

However, as soon as Latias did this, the machine started to go haywire for a minute. They made it to the machine as it started to mess up, Oakley's control not working at all. Soon the machine started to spin around. Ash soon tries to free Kanon, but the webbing is too tight. He tells Pikachu to Thundershock the web, which cuts it enough for Ash to tear it. Latias on the other hand rams into the rings around Latios, which only reflects her back. She tries this again, but is bounced back. With one other way, Pikachu uses a Thunderbolt, but the barrier soon reflects the bolt back at them, but this also lowered the containment. All in the while, the machine closed the control hatch, leaving Oakley trapped as it spun around. No other option but tackling seems to help. Soon Ash, Pikachu, and Latias tackle at the barrier, all not working. Soon Latias devolops the ball of light around her and rams into the barrier, enough to shut it down. Ash, Kanon, and her father soon start to grab Latios out, which takes a while, but managed to work.

The machine soon stopped, and the control pod opened back up.Latios woke up and seemed okay. Annie simply smiled and went up to check Oakley, who was shaken out for the moment. All at once, the bars started to open back up. Annie talked with Oakley for a while, then went to the Soul Dew Of the Heart... it was purple. She almost touched it when Bongore shouted "No!" and it was too late. The Soul Dew shattered and it blew Annie back into the control pod before the machine went haywire again. This time the pillars came back up and secured the machine down. Bongore said in an almost sad tone, that if the Soul Dew was shattered, it would bring disaster into Alto Mare.

All around Alto Mare, the waters started to recede back towards the ocean. The ocean itself soon started to drain out towards the horizon. Ash, Kanon, her father, Latios, and Latias soon went out, this wasn't good at all. Then Latios and Latias soon went towards the top of the building, spinning around a sun-like crest that was there. This was the plan to bring the waters back. However, they got more than they bargained for. The waters came back as a huge tidal wave!

Knowing what to do, the guardians flew over towards the tidal wave. After a ways there, they started to glow, white. Then just as they near the waves, they fused together in a single ball of light. (Sorry, they didn't fuse physically) Just as the waves hit them, the ball of light grew, and soon all the waters in the wave stopped, barely wiping out a small island in the distance. The glow continued, and the waters barely did a thing to the city.

In the light Latias looked around, wondering where her brother is. But when she looked one way, she did... only he was energy, his body only looking like the same color of how the Soul Dew glew. Latias seemed a little sad, but Latias placed his hand upon hers, gave a little nod and then accended before "exploding", pushing Latias back. Where Ash was standing, the ball of light soon became a shaft of light. After a while, the light was gone. As for the waters, they came back, nothing damaged. Jesse, James and Meowth who were trying to get over a barrier were soon washed away, with their famous "We're Blasting Off Again!" phrase. All around, the bars and barriers went away, the two fossil Pokemon going back to their original spots. And while at the temple, Annie and Oakley fuss over which looks better, Vileplume and Bellossom. The pod soon shuts, Oakley complains about that before Annie tells her to shut up.

At dawn, Ash, Misty, Brock, Kanon, and her father set off to find Latios and Latias. After a moment, Pikachu looked and noticed a Mantine and some other water Pokemon were carrying Latias. They got her onto the boat, Latias soon woke up. She looked around franctically for Latios, as well as the others. Latias soon looked up, Kanon mentioning it was where that light was. Then Bongore figured out something, that shaft of light was Latios... he expended too much energy while he was used up, and in turn, gave up his life.

But soon Latias's eyes glew and they were brought in the eyes of Latios, only surrounded in a Soul Dew themselves. They saw that he was still accending, the earth visible and getting smaller. Then the visual went black, that orb soon went up and was brought just in front of Kanon. She placed her hand out, and the orb became a new Soul Dew. A momento left behind of Latios. The projection soon stopped, Kanon still having the Soul Dew...Latias soon was saddened. But soon Ash comforted her, sure she lost her brother... but he left something behind for her to remember him by.

Kanon soon placed the Teardop back into its proper place, the pool becoming lively once more as it did. She thanked Ash, as well as her father and Latias. And things... well seemed normal once more.

Later that day, the gang was on a boat back to the mainland. But just before they left, they made a pitstop at Kanon's house. Ash asked Bongore if Kanon was home. He called up to the window to her room... apparently there was no answer. Ash said to say goodbye for them next time he sees her and they were off. Back in Kanon's room however... Kanon and picked up a rolled up paper before leaving. Along the way Ash noticed Kanon running across a bridge and told the boat driver to stop. He soon met up with Kanon at the end of a pier and said his goodbye. Kanon soon gave him the paper, and kissed him on the cheek. Misty and Brock soon where both equally surprised at this. But Brock managed to almost praise Ash on this. Afterwards, Kanon ran off... But Ash knew someting... It wasn't Kanon, it was Latias, thanking him. Ash unrolled the paper, it was a painting of him and Pikachu on his shoulder...

*Ending Credits*
After a moment out at sea, Ash notices three figures in the sky. They breifly reveal themselves, two of them appear to be Latios, the other Latias... It looks like Alto Mare can rest once more.

Ash soon goes back to the mainland. The scene skips over to Bongore remodelizing the machine, fixing whatever went busted and such. They soon got Annie and Oakley out, but they were arrested, and made front page. Back at where Annie and Oakley are being kept in, they look over a book on Lawarence III and all the treasures he collected, planning out to snag a few from him next. At the garden, we see that the new Latios and Latias soon found themselves a home. Meanwhile, Kanon is seen painting and takes a breather for the moment as a wind blows by. As for Ash, we see him going along the coasts.

Source: Serebii

[Pokken Tournament] Camp Pikachu!

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[Pokken Tournament] - Along the many mountainous areas of Johto, a train runs from the big city to the big country. On one of the cars are the Pichu twins. The train came out of a tunnel recently, blowing the soot it made into their faces. They look at each other and laugh at how they look. Up ahead is a mail bag for trains to catch, but a Skarmory that rested on it soon takes off. The bag spins around and the Pichus are caught and smacked right off the train, being shot off into the forests. A Wynaut is sitting in a tree, enjoying the fruit when the Pichus fall on the branch and flings them all across the area. Mean while, Pikachu, Togepi, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Corsola, and Psyduck all enjoy a bit of time in the forest, when all of a sudden Pichu, then Pichu, and Wynaut fall upon Psyduck. Pikachu goes checks it out and notices it's the same Pichus from before and they dance about for a moment before Wynaut makes a scene.

Everyone greets him and soon they go off to finding some food. They go hop around some rocks then look around some more before finding a bunch of grape trees (First berry trees.... now grape trees? Looks like everything grows on trees) and they eat. Totodile apparently has a hard time with one bunch but slips out, splatting on Cyndaquil. Messy hair Pichu finds a bunch just low enough, but it scuttles when he tries to grab it. He tries to get it again, but the grape just keeps moving away. Finally they figure out its a Sudowoodo. The the Pichus try to nab the grapes but the Sudowoodo wins at the grip. The Sudowoodo so gets off and Wynaut gets into a little arguement, but the Sudowoodo walks off. Everyone is soon at a pond, taking a drink. Just around the pond are two stair-like rapids, and Totodile soon comes riding down on them, making a big splash on the Pichu brothers.

They laugh and splas at Totodile for a moment then Totodile WaterGuns Pichu (the non-messy hair) up on of the rapids which he returns down with shock but soon laughs as he gets down. Totodile then Water Guns the other Pichu and he comes down with the same expression. Everyone finds this fun and soon wants to try it out. Togepi, Psyduck and Corsola all go up and they get pushed up to the top of the falls and comes back down all enjoying themselves. Meanwhile, Meowth and Wobbuffet hike along the mountains of the area, again on some random journey to no-where. Meowth starts to sulk and then all of a sudden, they go a little too fast and runs into Meowth, tripping and rolling down the hill. In the evening, everyone comes by a mountain side facing the sun.

A few of them start to play around with their shadows until Pikachu tries to act like a big monster with his. Everyone laughs playfully, Pikachu a little embarrased his scare didn't quite work. Later that night everyone decides to settle in the forest. Cyndaquil starts up a fire and and everyone settles down and relaxes. Something comes by Pichu (neat hair) however and makes a spooky laughing sound. He looks back, there was nothing... maybe something was there? He walks off into the forest looking around along with Wynaut. The laughing sounds go on and soon Duskull appears, coming right at them! Pichu runs behind Wynaut scared but something's wrong. It looks like Wynaut and Duskull are friends! They start to talk for a while then Pichu gets an idea. Back at the campfire, Yowamaru taps on the other Pichu's shoulder with a stick, causing him to look around. He walks into the forest a bit, scared about something there. Yowamaru taps on Pichu's shoulder, but when he looked back, Yowamaru dissapeared, appearing behind him with a laugh. This happens a few more times until Yowamaru suddenly shows up and it scares Pichu silly.

This causes everyone else to look over at Pichu, and soon run around back to the campsite with Yowamaru chasing after him. Soon Pichu and Wynaut appear and everyone laughs. The Yowamaru shakes Pichu and Wynaut's hands before going off. It starts to rain, everyone wondering how they'll seek cover. Soon a Volbeat comes flying by, carrying a leaf as an umbrella. He flies to them and greets them. Looks like he knows a place where they could sleep for the night. Everyone follows him and goes through some high grass, everyone but Totodile in the back has a leaf. Poor Cyndaquil ~ "pokken tournament bulbapedia" ~... Totodile's dancing is slapping mud all over him.

They eventually get to an old water-mill building that looks like it's for grinding wheat into flour. They head inside for a moment, looks like everything's okay to sleep in. Meowth an Wobbuffet walk aorund for a while in the rain before Yowarmaru tries his scare on them. They get scared and run super fast straight before smacking themselves in the water-mill. They go in and look inside for a while. Meanwhile, everyone else is sleeping on the second floor. While they look around, Meowth trips and hits a switch that soon turns on the place, everything starting to move, all the lights get turned on.Everyone gets up, all trying to get away from anything moving. Psyduck gets stuck running on a wheel for the moment, keeping him occupied. Meawhile Wynaught gets stuck in a table for a grinder, the grinder coming close. Pikachu came in a got him out before the grinder touched down. Soon everything becomes a mess. Totodile trying to get a wheel stable sends it rolling down the hallway with him on it, the wheel was headed straight for Pichu and others! He manages to grab a rope however which lower a staircase and the wheel simple goes up.

Wynaut on the other hand helps out the other Pichu on a elevator contraption, but soon gets caught in it himself as he goes downwards. On the floor below, Wynaut runs into Wobbuffet. Both do some talking back and forth, Meowth a little confused. (Funny scene, Wobbuffet and Wynaut exachnage "Sonano!" "Sonansu" and so on) After a bit, Wynaut went back up, apparently now the things going on get so rough that soon a barrel that Volbeat was holding start fell from the second floor down. Meowth and Wobbuffet get catapulted up into the sky, landing on the stream that soon gets them spun out by the water-wheel. Now to turn this contraption off. Pikachu and Volbeat get to the switch and soon push it.

They successfully shut off the machine, everything stopping, everything going back to where it was originally. Soon everyone relaxes and decides to take their long-wanted sleep. The next morning, everyone goes outside, it's yet another beautiful day. Everyone washes their faces, one of the Pichus needing help. Volbeat departs from the pack, while the group themselves find the train the Pichus were taking. Meowth and Wobbuffet settle down for a breakfast, a single cookie. Then the Skarmory from before swoops down and takes it, both of them grabbing on with fury.

They reach the top of the hill, seeing the train at a station. Soon then everybody slides down on leaves as they go high-speed down the hill. When they get to the bottom, there's a slight bump, when they get over that, they start running. But the train's already moving! Everyone runs fast to the caboose, but only one Pichu manages to get on. The train's already too fast for them, so they find a push car. (Those cars where you have to push down and pull up to move) They can't move the car, so Wynaut calls out and soon a whole bunch of Wynauts come out. Together, everyone manages to push the the car foward. They catch up to the train at first, but it the train moves faster than they could. With no other option. Cyndaquil moves up to the back and unleashes a flamethrower on the ground which boosts the car fast enough to catchup with the train. Psyduck is soon knocked off the car, right into a switch gate after the train passed it!

The car makes a sharp turn but luckily it's heading right to a bridge over the train. Phanpy picks up Pichu and as soon as they hit the bridge, Phanpy tosses Pichu straight for the train. As for the car, it ran right into a pile of wood, sending everyone high up. Pichu on the other hand isn't going to make it to the train, so in mid-air, Totodile uses a Water Gun to push Pichu far enough to the train. Everyone falls onto some hay on a cliff, and Pichu lands on the caboose. The Pichus waves goodbye, as well as everyone else. As for Meowth and Wobbuffet? Well they were let go just above that train. They soon landed on the coal car of the train.

Source: Serebii

[Pokken Tournament] Zoroark - Master of Illusions!

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[Pokken Tournament] - After defeating his latest opponent in a Pokémon battle, Ash and co. rush to the nearest Pokémon Center. Once there, they watch the Pokémon Backer match on television. They cheer loudly as Rioka's Elekid struggles to make a goal and succeeds, slowly closing the gap between her and her opponent. Team Rocket, disguised as janitors working at the Pokémon Center, asks the gang what they're doing and Ash explains Pokémon Backer to them. Just then, Kodai appears on the television screen advertising the "Pokémon Backer World Cup" which is to be held in Crown City in just a few short days. The monitor shows an Entei, Raikou, and Suicune playing a game of Pokémon Backer and easily scoring a goal. Ash, Dawn and Brock think that it would be awesome to see and make Crown City their next destination, while Team Rocket hatches a scheme to steal the three dogs for themselves.

Meanwhile, flying in the heart of the night sky is a large carrier plane. Inside sleeps Zoroark, while Zorua stirs and fumbles out of Zoroark's long red hair. A steel door opens and the three legendary dogs approach the Pokémon. Watching from a skybox, Kodai urges Zoroark to show him what it can do. Zoroark quickly tucks Zorua into its hair and creates a black cloud around them. While Kodai's assistant freaks out, Kodai uses a device on his wrist to break the illusion and proves that they're fine. After transforming into one of the dogs and then back into itself, Kodai seems satisfied. Zorua emerges from Zoroark's hair, wanting to fight too, but a Ninjask appears and abducts it. Zoroark goes into a rage, but Kodai shocks it and explains that Zorua will be safe so long as Zoroark does whatever he says. Kodai closes the door on Zoroark, and the three dogs, which turn out to be illusions created by Kodai, disappear and the ball-like devices that created them sink into the ground. Zorua manages to slip from Ninjask's grasp and escapes through a hatch in the wall. It is quickly confronted by a Scizzor, but Zorua transforms into Scizzor and starts laughing, confusing the Pokémon. Zorua continues to makes its escape and plunges through another hatch, arriving on the outside of the airship. Zorua loses its grip and plummets to the ground below. Thankfully for Zorua, it manages to land on top of a Skiploom's head, allowing it transform into one and slowly and safely descend toward the ground. Kodai is informed that Zorua has escaped, but he mentions that it's not a problem so long as Zoroark thinks they still have Zorua held captive. As his carrier ship approaches Crown City, he can't help but feel anxious. At that moment, Celebi appears from a time rift.

The title sequence plays.

Team Rocket is seen pedaling a balloon after Ash, Dawn, and Brock, but Zorua lands on them and forces them to make a crash landing. Zorua then lands on top of a Vigoroth, and it is not happy to be disturbed. Zorua transforms into one, but the Vigoroth is not amused and soon Zorua is forced into a corner against a cliff's edge by a large group of them. While Ash and Dawn pester Brock about being lost, Pikachu's ears pick up the sound of Zorua in distress and the gang looks over to find Zorua surrounded. Despite how grim the situation looks, Zorua is still laughing. Ash sends out Infernape and Dawn sends out Mamoswime, ordering the mass of Vigoroth to leave Zorua alone. Piplup tries to stand tall and join in, but trips and slams into a tree. Piplup stands again and begins shouting at the Vigoroth. Not in the mood for a fight, the Vigoroth all leave. Zorua thanks them, but claims it could've defeated them without their help. Ash, Dawn, and Brock argue with Zorua before suddenly coming to the realization that it's using telepathy to talk to them. The group spots Crown City from the cliff and Zorua announces that the city is evil.

As Ash and company follow Zorua to Crown City, Zorua explains how it was separated from its mother, and they agree to help it find her. Zorua shows off its ability to transform by turning into Ash. The group looks on in shock while Zorua grins evilly and hops away, telling them to follow. They spot Zorua's tail sticking out and Pikachu grabs onto it, reverting Zorua into its true form. Zorua laughs and then transforms into Pikachu, hitching a ride on Ash's shoulder. Kodai's ship makes its way toward the city and Kodai orders for Zoroark to cause havoc, using a video of Zorua trapped in a cell as insurance. Zoroark growls and heads out to the town.

In Crown City, Celebi begins greeting all of the Pokémon. A girl named Proof gets ready to cheer for her favorite team at the "Pokémon Backer World Cup" and greets an elderly woman along the way. As she leaves, the woman spots Celebi and her flowers start to bloom. She runs off to meet with an elderly man and cheers that Celebi has returned, bringing tears of joy to their eyes. Zoroark appears in the town and recalls Kodai's words to her. She begins destroying the surrounding and transforms into the legendary dogs one-by-one: causing floods as Suicune, walls of fire as Entei, and destroying priceless statues as Raikou. Everyone runs in horror and they are all forced to evacuate the center area of the city. Back in the plane, Kodai has a vision of Celebi and a countdown clock reading "0000", and then of 5 people appearing to thwart his plans: Ash, Dawn, Brock and two unknown others. Kodai's assistant is concerned, but his male assistant holds her back. Elsewhere, the real three legendary dogs sense something bad happening and rush to Crown City.

Ash and the others arrive at Crown City and are shocked to discover that the city is being ransacked by the three legendary dogs. When they ask Officer Jenny if it's true, Proof appears and explains that she was nearly swept away in a flood created by Suicune. When they ask if it'll affect the World Cup, Officer Jenny assures them that it will still happen. A message on a television screens alerts the townspeople that the town is actually being attacked by Zoroark, and he will do his best to stop it. Zorua begins crying out for his mother and transforms into Brock, running away in an effort to locate her. Ash, Dawn and Brock chase after him, asking him if his mother would really do such terrible things, but another man has also been made curious. The man is revealed to be Kuruto, and after noticing two Brocks, finds out about Zorua. Kuruto reveals another way inside the center portion of the town through the sewer system and uses a Bronzor to lead the way. Kuruto explains how Kodai is a man of wealth of power, and how he virtually controls all of the media in the media in the world.

Celebi spots Zoroark and hides, fearing for its life. Zoroark then spots Zorua running up to it and happily seeks to reunite. However, Zoroark becomes trapped in an electric cage and Kodai's male assistant takes it away after it's revealed that Zorua was just an illusion. Team Rocket pokes out from behind a tree, cursing the man for stealing Zoroark from them. As the car drives away, Ash and company emerge from the sewers and Zorua immediately searches for his mom, searching around for her. Ash notices a statue of Celebi and Kuruto explains how in the past, Crown City was struck by a strange black magic that destroyed the town, but Celebi appeared and made everything better. Zorua begins sniffing the ground for clues about his mother and Pikachu does the same. In a humorous manner, Ash gets down all fours and sniffs the ground as well. Zorua smirks and transforms into Dawn to mimic Ash, but Dawn isn't amused and grabs his tail, returning him to his original state. Zorua hops onto Ash's head and calls out for his mom, but gets no response. Ash comforts the disheartened Zorua by telling him they'll find her. Kuruto notices that one of the statues destroyed by Zoroark on the television broadcasts has been completely untouched, as well as a bus stop that was also undamaged. Zorua runs off searching for Zoroark, while a camera spots Ash running after him. Kodai is reminded of his vision and orders for Ash to be captured. While searching for Zoroark, Zorua spots a television monitor with Kodai's face and destroys it. Zorua is confronted by an angry Mightyena. As Zorua prepares to fight it, a Tangrowth sneaks up on it and puts it to sleep. The group arrives on the scene and the Mightyena tackles Kuruto, licking him happily.

The elderly man and woman from before emerge and explain what happened when they saw the wall of flame that Zoroark created as Entei. They too explain about what happened in the past and how Celebi saved the town. Zorua finally awakens, confused about its whereabouts, and runs off searching for Zoroark again. When Ash and the others can't follow it through a fence, Pikachu and Piplup are asked to follow it. Zorua runs through the park and becomes surrounded by a group of angry Pokémon. The Pokémon are furious at Zorua for what Zoroark did, and not even Pikachu and Piplup can convince them to stop. Just as it seems like a battle will break out, Celebi appears and calms things down. Zorua transforms into Celebi and Celebi becomes shocked, then excited. Celebi tries to lead Zorua, Pikachu, and Piplup away from the park. Ash and the others follow, but become trapped in an electric cage like Zoroark by Kodai's henchman. Kodai greets them and has them carried away to the airship, where Zoroark has been trying and failing to break free.

Elsewhere, Celebi has taken the Pokémon to the tallest tree in the region, allowing Zorua a chance to try and call out for its mom again. It does, but to no avail. Zorua becomes disheartened by this, but Celebi creates a grassy bed that reminds Zorua of its mother's hair. At the airship, Kodai's assistant has been looking through forbidden files when she receives a call to keep an eye on the cargo that was just carried in. She goes down to find out what's going on and finds Ash and company locked in a cage. She reveals that she's really Rioka, the same girl from the Pokémon Backer match, and releases them. Kodai, meanwhile, has been searching all the countdown clocks in the city for the next energy field and has a vision that he will find Celebi soon. Rioka uses a boat to take everyone away from the airship and informs them about the private data she found in the databases, and what Kodai did in the past.

In the past, Kodai is seen exploring some ancient grounds when he spots Celebi. Celebi attempts to jump into a time field, but Kodai knocked it aside and uses a claw to absorb the energy from it. This gave Kodai the ability to see into the future, but also created a rebound that caused the great disaster in the past.

At the tree, Kodai locates Celebi and Zorua attempts to defend it. Pikachu and Piplup help, but they are knocked away onto a tree branch down below. Zorua is quickly defeated, but Zoroark senses the danger to her child and finds the strength and motivation she needs to break free. She escapes from the airship by making a hole in the roof, but the three legendary dogs appear in the city and arrive at the airship. They seem to be angry about what Zoroark did earlier that day and a battle ensues, with Team Rocket watching from a boat in the harbor. Kodai chokes Celebi and gets the information he needs: the time field is somewhere near a countdown clock with "0000" on it, but he doesn't know where.

As Zoroark battles the three legendary dogs, Zorua awakens and again tries to protect Celebi, with Pikachu and Piplup doing what they can. Everyone arrives at the tree and Kodai realizes that this is exactly what happened in his vision: Ash, Dawn, Brock, Kuruto, and, to his surprise, Rioka have all come to stop him. They manage to rescue Celebi and Zorua thanks to the help of all the Pokémon from the park and flee with their Pokémon, but not before destroying a camera so that they cannot be followed. As they speed away in the boat, Kodai uses a pen that turns turn into a camera to tail them. Meanwhile, Zoroark's battle with Entei, Raikou, and Suicune heads further into the town.

Celebi is taken to the elderly couple's house, where everyone does their best to help heal Celebi's injuries. The elderly couple is more than happy to help Celebi after what it did for them. The elderly man reveals that there is one countdown clock Kodai didn't check after looking at the data Rioka stole; it's the one at the main stadium. Pikachu's ears pick up the sound of something and it destroys the camera. Kodai knows everything. While Zorua is anxious to find its mother, it agrees that helping Celebi comes first. Ash, Dawn, Brock, Pikachu, Zorua, and Celebi set off to find the time rift before Kodai, while Rioka, Kuruto, and the elderly man and woman go after Zoroark.

Zoroark traps the three dogs in an illusion of thorn-covered vines, but then Rioka uses a device on her wrist to break the illusion and free them. Mightyena, Tangrowth, and the Pokémon that had sought shelter with the elderly couple jump in-between Zoroark and the three dogs, trying to explain that she is not the enemy. Zoroark seems confused, but stops her attacks as well.

Kodai spots Ash's group as they attempt to beat him to the stadium, but Dawn and Brock stay behind to try and hold them off. Meanwhile, Ash has made his way through the sewer toward the stadium, with help from Kuruto's Bronzor, and arrives there before Kodai.

Kodai is hot on Ash's trail and attempts to stop him from reaching the countdown clock. Ash throws Celebi into the air and tells it to fly to the time rift before Kodai can get there. Kodai ignores Ash and pursues Celebi, using his Shuppet and Mismagius to defeat it. Celebi turns into Zorua and Kodai becomes angered by the dupe. Zorua attacks Kodai and bites his arm, but Kodai throws him aside. Dawn and Brock struggle to defeat Kodai's goon, but Zoroark dashes onto the scene and quickly defeats him with angry attacks before making her way to the stadium.

Ash takes the real Celebi out of his backpack and slowly makes his way to the time rift. With the countdown clock in sight, they appear to have succeeded, but Mismagius uses Psychic to stop them. Kuruto's Bronzor attempts to protect Ash, Pikachu, and Celebi, but it is defeated with little effort on Kodai's part. Kodai makes his way to the clock, but Zoroark arrives and halts him. Kodai holds up Zorua in his claw and shocks him, threatening to do worse if she does not stand down. Shuppet attacks Zoroark and brings her to her knees. Kodai drops Zorua and makes his way to the time field. He begins drawing power from it, despite protests from Ash, and laughs at the power he receives. As the disaster from the past starts happening all over again and the energy rebounds, Kodai admits what he did in the past and explains that he doesn't care. All hope seems lost!

Zoroark smirks and suddenly time starts reversing itself. It turns out Kodai was nowhere near the energy field and everything was all an illusion. He wonders why the device on his wrist didn't cancel it out and finds that it was broken by Zorua when he bit him. Kuruto emerges from behind a tree and points out that he captured everything on tape. Kodai is finished!

Zorua slowly gets to his feet and makes his way to his mother, who slowly approaches him as well. Zoroark then suddenly jumps over Zorua and takes the brunt of a surprise attack by Kodai's Shuppet. Zorua turns in horror as his mother falls. Kodai angrilly grabs her with his claw and shocks her, but Zoroark manages to break freak and strike Kodai. Dawn and Brock arrive and free Ash, Pikachu and Celebi from Mismagius' attack. Ash tells Pikachu to use Volt Tackle and knocks it out. Zoroark takes out Shuppet. Kodai makes a run for the time energy field but the three dogs block his path. With nowhere else to run, Kodai makes a dart for the stadium. Zoroark finally falls to the ground, no longer possessing the strength to do much else. Zoroark uses her illusion ability one more time to make Kodai think he's arrived safely on his airship before she cancels it out and Kodai falls from a noticeable height to the field below. He falls unconscious and Zoroark closes her eyes with a satisfied smile.

Zorua cries out to Zoroark, begging his mother to awaken. He nudges her and then creates the illusion of a beautiful grass field. He tries to tell his mother that they're home and attempts to wake her with no success. Zoroark isn't moving and everyone fears the worst. Celebi notices the time field and Ash tosses Celebi into it. Celebi disappears for a second and re-emerges good as new. It uses the power from the energy field to revive Zoroark. She opens her eyes and Zorua thanks Celebi for saving his mother. Celebi smiles and time travels after happily making all the flowers in the area bloom, disappearing from sight.

Kodai awakens on the stadium field as a video shot by Kuruto broadcasts to every television in town what Kodai did. He looks to the stands to find everyone, including Officer Jenny, glaring down at him. Officer Jenny tells Kodai that he's under arrest and Zoroark roars at him.

The scene changes to a dock, where Dawn and Brock are seen waving good-bye to Ash, Pikachu, Kuruto, and Rioka as they leave on a boat, presumably to take the two Pokémon home. Ash and Pikachu run up behind Dawn and Brock and wonder why Zorua didn't say good-bye to them. Ash calls out to the Pokémon and Kuruto and Rioka discover that the Ash on the ship has a tail. Pikachu turns into Zoroark and Ash turns into Zorua. Ash runs to the edge of the dock and says farewell. Zorua says "Ash…" to himself and smiles back. The movie ends with Team Rocket floating down a stream.

As the credits roll, Ash, Pikachu, Dawn, Brock and Proof cheer from the stands at the Pokémon Backer World Cup. Kodai and his henchman are being taken away in a police car while the paparazzi photograph them and the news spreads to every newspaper. Entei, Raikou, and Suicune see the boat carrying Zorua and Zoroark off from atop a cliff before returning to their homes. Zoey and her Glameow have taken shelter during a rainstorm. Paul can also be seen exploring some ruins with Palkia and Dialga statues. Ash, Pikachu, Dawn, and Brock make their way to their next destination while Team Rocket follows behind in their balloon. Zorua nuzzles Zoroark affectionately as the two slowly approach a mist-covered island. The final scene has Ash, Dawn, Brock, and all of their Pokémon gazing up at the night sky and watching the sunrise.

Source: Serebii

[Pokken Tournament] Arceus & The Jewel of Life!

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[Pokken Tournament] - This movie is set to conlude the trilogy of movies starting with the Rise of Darkrai and features Arceus fighting against Dialga, Palkia & Giratina. 

Thousands of years ago, when an asteroid was heading to earth, Damos called out for Arceus to help him and so Arceus gave him the Jewel of Life and arranged a time for the return of it. ~ "pokken tournament gameplay" ~ However, Damos ended up betraying Arceus and so Arceus became vengeful against man.

When the fighting between the three titans erupts again in the land of Michina, Arceus is awakened and started to have his revenge on humankind. Ash & Co. try to stop it, but end up sent back in time...

Source: Serebii

[Pokken Tournament] Giratina & The Sky Warrior!

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[Pokken Tournament] - The film begins with Shaymin by an oasis, as Dialga appears. He drinks from the water, before being attacked by Giratina from the Torn World, in Another Form. Giratina comes through a portal, grabbing Dialga and dragging him into the Torn World. Shaymin gets caught in a whirlwind and is sucked through the portal, too. Dialga and Giratina fight, while Shaymin tries to survive - unnoticed by the giants - the battle. A advenurous-looking man with a Shieldon watches the battles from afar, spotting Shaymin. There are also glimpses of a computer simulation observing the battle, on the ship of Zero. Zero is this film's villian, who seems to be watching Giratina with the aim of capturing it.

As the battle progresses, Shaymin absorbs a dark gas, and then explodes. The explosion causes a portal back to the real world to form, sucking Shaymin through. Dialga escapes through the portal, but it closes before Giratina can get through. Giratina keeps hitting the same spot over and over, in what the computer calls a "time loop". Dialga flies off and is not seen again in the film. Shaymin is thrown into a river, and goes out of control down a huge mountain to a small seaside town. We find Ash, Brock and Hikari in the town, with their Pokemon, enjoying Brock's cooking once more. Ash is scolded for not washing his hands before eating. As everyone is preoccupied with the Pokemon eating, a grey Shaymin starts eating "hot cakes" from the table. Piplup attacks Shaymin, causing a barbeque to be knocked over in the chaos. Shaymin absorbs the smoke and then explodes as before. Hikari saves Shaymin from being attacked by all the angry Pokemon, washing her under a tap. Its revealed that Shaymin can talk telepathically, and she talks of "ACHI" ("that place"), with irritates Ash as he can't understand. Shaymin teases Ash a lot about being stupid, but befriends Hikari.

They take Shaymin to a Pokemon center, where Brock hits on Nurse Joy until his Croagunk punches him and drags him away. Shaymin says she'll lead them to "ACHI", sitting on Ash's head and making him move where she wants to go as he complains. Team Rocket watch in the Pokemon Center, and decide to try to steal Shaymin. In a garden full of strange isometric and rectangular statues, the sides of some start to ripple and Giratina appears briefly. Team Rocket pick up Shaymin and run off, but are then sucked into a statue, which has become a portal to the Torn World. Everyone except Brock is sucked through, where Ash, Hikari, Pikachi and Piplup battle Giratina while rescuing Shaymin. Running from Giratina, they bump into the man who watched the earlier battle, who introduces himself as Mugen Graceland, a "genius scientist". Ash and Hikari comment on him introducing himself as a "genius scientist", and Shaymin mocks him. He leads them to a portal back to the real world, while explaining that Palkia and Dialga's battle (in the 10th film) caused a black smoke to fill the Torn World. This infuriated Giratina, explaining his attack on Dialga in the beginning of the film. Pikachu, Piplup, Shaymin, Ash and Hikari return to the garden, where Brock is waiting. Team Rocket appear too late, and are left behind with Mugen in the Torn World.

Back in the garden, Ash and Hikari attempt to explain about the Torn World and Giratina, but are stopped by the appearance of Magnemites and Magnetons. Zero comes down on a hover-board, with Magnezone as his side-kick. They disable the Magnemites long enough for them to flee into the streets of the town, chased by Zero's Magnemites, Magnetons and the Magnezone. Escaping onto a train leaving town, they talk with people on the train, and Shaymin tranforms into Sky Form when exposed to some flowers. It is explained that Shaymin transforms when exposed to special flowers found at the top of the mountain, where all the Shaymin live. It is decided to help Shaymin return home. The train is attacked by Zero's Pokemon, who are fought off by Pikachu, Piplup and Shaymin. Magnezone smashes the side of the train, but is repelled just before the train enters a tunnel, leaving all Zero's Pokemon to smash into the side of a hill.

On a boat, the group are going up a river to reach Shaymin's garden. They play around, and Shaymin teases Ash more, until Zero appears again. A portal opens in the water, sucking Shaymin and the others in, and Zero and his Pokemon follow. Ash, Hikari and Brock battle Zero's Pokemon, and find Mugen, who leads them into a cave. Giratina and Shaymin battle, until Shaymin's Sky Form trasformation wears off. He's saved by Pikachu on Staravia, who rejoin with the group. Shaymin causes another explosion by absorbing the dark gas, allowing them to excape, and Giratina and Zero follow. With everyone in the real world, a gigantic airship appears in the valley which Zero flies to with his Pokemon. Giratina changes to his normal form, and sits on the bank of the river. A gun from Zero's ship shoots Giratina, who flies up to attack the ship, but is caught in a giant trap that begins sucking Giratina's energy away.

Everyone except Brock board a hover-board and fly up to the ship, where they battle Zero's Pokemon, and Mugen enters the ship to disable to computer. It is revealed in a flashback that Zero used to be Mugen's pupil, studying the Torn World, until he became obsessed with Giratina's power and decided to catch and take his power. Mugen disables the computer and the trap, freeing Giratina who collapses unconscious inside the trap, but also accidentally turns off the ship's engines. The trap falls apart, dropping Giratina into the river, and the ship begins to come down. Everyone escapes on the hover-board, except Zero who stays on his ship. Just before the ship crashes, a smaller ship seperates from it. The larger ship crashes into the forest, as Pokemon flee from it. Giratina climbs out of the water, then drops down and seems to be dead. He starts to breathe gently, though, so everyone and all the Pokemon from the forest gather around. Shaymin heals Giratina, just before Zero reappears in his small ship. Giratina chases Zero through a portal into the Torn World, where Zero smashes towers of ice. In the real world, this disturbs a glacier on the mountain, which begins to slide down the mountain, toward the town. As Giratina and Zero fight, everyone tries to think of a way to stop the glacier destroying the town. The disturbance uncovers Regigigas' temple, awaking him and causing him to come out and stop the glacier, joined by a herd of Mamoswine.

Shaymin turns into his Sky Form and creates a portal, allowing Ash into the Torn World, where Giratina is being defeated by Zero. Team Rocket watch, admitting they would like to help but can't think how they could. Ash jumps on the ship and tries to persuade Zero to stop. He refuses, closing up his shields as a dark cloud covers everyone. Ash covers his face to protect himself, as Shaymin absorbs it all. The explosion opens a portal back to the real world, sucking the ship through. Zero refuses to let the ship return, however, until Giratina fires a ball of energy which shoots it through. Team Rocket and everyone is sucked through the portal, leaving the Torn World, with enough time to allow Giratina to leave. Zero's ship crashes down next to Regigigas, before it is covered in ice by Piplup and other Pokemon with ice beam. Everyone rejoices stopping the glacier, then find the Shaymin garden nearby. It is full of other Shaymin, who change form at will. Shaymin says goodbye, admitting she likes Ash really, and leaves with tears in her eyes. All the Shaymin turn into Sky Form, and fly away. Giratina is seen flying off too, to continue its attack on Dialga.

In the closing credits sequence, Zero's ship is recovered, and he is arrested by Office Jenny and helped out of his ship by Mugen. Ash, Hikari and Brock leave the town to continue their Pokemon Journey.

Source: Serebii

[Pokken Tournament] The Rise of Darkrai!

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[Pokken Tournament] - Pokemon the Movie 2007: Dilga Vs. Palkia Vs. Darkrai


In another dimension a battle wages between two Pokemon, Dialga and Palkia. Both exchange powerful attacks, resulting in explosions that send groups of Unown flying. Dialga manages to get the upper hand, attacking Palkia with a Roar of Time. Palkia quickly defends itself, but in the process gets one of its gems damaged. In a close clash with each other, both send off powerful waves of energy.

Meanwhile, a scholar is reading an old manuscript, the Diary of Godey, which contains useful information regarding Alamos Town. His room is littered with equipment for sensing energy and books from related studies. Just as the two Pokemon in the other dimension release a burst of energy, his equipment reads off pulses of energy coming from a location close to where he is, the energy indicating a space-time anomoly. But he realizes the energy is not of the this dimension, it's something different, and something very powerful.

And so, the fighting continues...

~Present Day~

Ash, Brock, and Dawn travel down a path. Dawn and Ash both ask Brock if they'll reach their next destination, Alamos Town, soon because they're starting to get tired and hungry. Brock says that they're really close, and they begin to see the town on the horizon. They all hurry towards the town, but are dissapointed when they realize that the town is on a mesa, surrounded by water. Dawn complains to Brock if he was reading the map right, but Brock is a little confused himself. In a close call, a woman in a hot air balloon floats by, asking if they want a ride. Of course, the gang accepts and hops along.

In the air, a Chimchar provides the flame for the hot air. The woman introduces herself as Alice, a native to Alamos Town. Brock butts into introduce himself romantically with Alice, but his Croagunk paralyzes him. Ash and Dawn introduce themselves, and thank Alice for the ride. Suddenly Brock jumps up and begins looking in his little book to see if he has Alice in it, Dawn off to the side is surprised at how quickly he recovered. Brock can't find an entry for Alice, but he'll keep his eye on her.

To change the subject, Alice says that she can play music by blowing through a special reed. She demonstrates, playing a beautiful tune that attracts Wingulls, and a Pidgeotto with a flock of Pidgey. The Pidgeotto sends greeting to the balloon as Alice continues to play. After she plays, she tells the gang she learned how to do that from her grandmother.

Just behind them are Team Rocket in a Carnivine balloon. They're eying the gang as usual for Pikachu. But a few Drifloon fly near them. Wanting one, Jesse pulls out a bug net and tries to catch it, but misses. Then a Drifblim shows up, with some kind of equipment hanging from it. The balloon Pokemon aren't too happy with Jesse trying to catch them, and send them away with a whirlwind.

Alice's balloon soon approaches the town, overlooking twin towers called the Spacetime Towers. Alice says that this is what the town is famous for. One of the towers is the Tower of Time, the other is the Tower of Space. The main building down on the ground holds a large Pokemon Contest, which is why Dawn wanted to come to town. However something begins rocking the balloon violently, but instead of wind, its some sort of energy. Back in the scholar's lab, his equipment goes off taking readings of the same anomoly.

Afterwards, the gang lands safely, and decide to take it easy in the town for now. Alice explains the town is very lively, and it wouldn't be too hard to find something to do. To start off, they get some cotton candy and explore the town a bit. Ash and Pikachu finish their's quickly, and then Ash quickly takes all of Brock's when he's distracted by Alice. Ash tries to make a break for it but runs into a Torterra. He then sees three trainers, Katsumi, Dai, and Maki. The Torterra belongs to Katsumi, while Dai has a Empoleon and Maki has an Infernape. Seeing this as a battle opportunity, the gang challenges them to a match.

Pikachu goes up against Torterra. After an unsucessful Thunderbolt, Torterra counters with Seed Bomb. Pikachu quickly dodges the attack and readies an Iron Tail. It hits and the Torterra is stunned. Meanwhile Croagunk exchanges punches with Maki's Infernape, holding its own. Piplup decides to take on Empoleon, at first exchanging tough looks before battling. Piplup tries a Bubble Beam, but Empoleon merely brushes it off and charges towards Piplup, but before it could reach Piplup, the penguin sets up a Whirlpool, sending both up to the sky. Empoleon drops down below and Piplup remains in the air. Both go after each other with Drill Peck, and the battle continues from there.

Afterwards, Alice shows the gang a garden behind the contest stadium. As they make their way around, several Pokemon begin following them, including a Azurill, Marill, Marill, Azurmarill, Wooper, Quagsire, Shinx, and Luxio. Thinking it'd be a good time for their Pokemon to get some excercise, the gang releases their Pokemon. Upon reaching the edge of the park, the gang sees a park down below. The Pokemon go down below to have some fun. Some of them use the slide, others on the swing and teeter-totter. Piplup goes out of the way to find some Pecha Berries growing on a hill. But each time it tries to take one, another Pokemon snatches it. But on the last Pecha Berry, Piplup and Shinx grab it at the same time. Their struggle leads them rolling down to bump into the Teetertotter where it sends Azurmarill flying right towards Pachirasu. Both Quagsire and Buizel catch the Azurill just barely. But the rolling Pokemon eventually bump into them and Pachirisu releases a Spark. Afterwards, the Pokemon begin arguing, the gang almost running towards them to stop them. Alice then plays a tune using the reed, which instantly calms the Pokemon down. Aipom then presents Piplup and Shinx with another Pecha berry, to which the two split down the middle and eat.

Then a Gallade rushes towards the gang, and informs Alice that something has happened. Calling back their Pokemon, the gang rushes to see what's wrong. They come to a pool that's been drained and a few of the surrounding pillars toppled, but looked as if they melted at the base. They wonder who could've done it, until a decorated man by the name of Alberto enters the scene, proclaiming it's the work of Darkrai. Asking about Darkrai, the man says that it's a demon that haunts the park and he wants to catch it. A bush nearby shakes and the man calls out his Lickilily. The large Pokemon fires a Hyperbeam at the bush, only to find that it was the scholar!

Confused, Alberto wonders what the scholar is doing there. To clear up confusion with the gang, Alice says that the scholar is Tonio, her childhood friend. But Alberto claims that he's Alice's fiance (to Brock's dismay). Alice denies that, instead saying that she likes Tonio instead (again to Brock's dismay). Alberto tries to mock about Tonio, but is soon interrupted when an ominous shadow appears on the ground. Then Darkrai appears from it! Elsewhere, Team Rocket, near their downed balloon, observe the dark Pokemon, James thinking how cool it would be to get it. Finding his target, Alberto has Lickilicky shoot a Hyperbeam at it, only to have Darkrai dissapear into the shadows, then reemerging, throws a Dark Void at Lickilicky. The Lickilicky dodges barely, but the Dark Void is headed straight for Ash, who gets engulfed in its energy.

Ash "falls" and lands, but when he gets up, he notices he's in the same place as before, only nobody else is around. He calls out to see if anyone is around, but the shadow of Darkrai appears before him, and covers the area. But then Ash begins to see something else, a vision into another dimension of sorts, where he sees the legendary Palkia for a moment before the vision dissapears. Then Pikachu appears in the distance, but begins falling in some sort of sinking space warp. Ash goes after it, catching Pikachu before being sucked into oblivion, but in the midst of it, Pikachu shocks Ash. Suddenly Ash wakes up and finds himself in the real world, with Pikachu by his side. He finds out he's in the Pokemon Center, and Darkrai must've induced a nightmare from that attack. He begins to believe that Darkrai is some sort of demon.

Tonio is back in his lab, reading the manuscript some more before he comes across a picture that was in it. It's a picture of Alice's grandmother Alicia and her great great grandfather. In it there's an account where Alicia found some Pokemon who were hurt, and found out they were fighting Darkrai. Darkrai was injured itself, Alicia however went up to it and tended to it. Tonio looked at the back of the picture to find a musical sheet, a song that would could be used to calm any Pokemon.

Alberto is elsewhere in town, standing in front of a model town with a train running through it. Behind him is Team Rocket disguised as reporters. They say that they've heard of Darkrai and are interested in following Alberto around as he finds it. Alberto agrees, starting the train before he proudly states he'll catch Darkrai.

Alice takes Ash and the gang to see the Spacetime Towers. But before they go, Dawn buys a Stopping at the main hall, they see a large mural depicting a girl on a branch making music through a reed the same way Alice does, and around here are various Pokemon. Alice says that the girl is her ancestor, and that her family contributed to the tower. Next Alice shows them the Pokemon Contest arena, complete with a large screen, contest floor, and plenty of seating. Finally they make their last stop at Tonio's study where he had been studying the recent anomolies.

When they enter the room, they find Tonio laying on the ground. Alice hurries to him, but Tonio wakes up. Tonio worked a little too late in the night and passed out in the room. He goes off to tell Alice about his discovery last night. Meanwhile, Piplup and Buneary explore the study. Piplup finds a plate-like contraption with a cover on it upon a shelf, and pulls the cover off. Unable to keep balance, Piplup falls over and the cover is thrown. Pikachu noticing this, quickly dashes to catch the plate, but Ash catches it instead. Ash puts cover back on where it was, asking what the Pokemon were doing, and then what the contraption was. Tonio takes the plate, saying it's like a token for the large chime system in the Spacetime Towers. There's a bunch of other plates along the wall, and then Tonio asks if the others would like to see the tower at work.

They all go up to the tower, with Ash and Dawn running up to get a head start to see the top. However, partway through the tower, Dawn is out of breath and Ash decides to continue on. But the tower is taller than expected, and about halfway, Ash sees Alice, Tonio, Dawn and Brock on Alice's balloon. Realizing how much he has to go, Ash tries to get a ride, but they go on ahead to the top. Once at the top, they come across a large machine. Ash stumbles from the stairs finally with Pikachu trailing behind. Some Pidgey had settled down as well as some Rattata who happen to be there. ~ "pokken tournament trailer" ~

Tonio explains that the machine plays a chime that could be heard throughout town, and the plates contain the notes. The plates are placed on a large platter that has four plates and rotates. He takes a plate out and let's Dawn put the one they grabbed from the study in. And then Tonio activates the machine. Two electrodes at the top spark up with electricity and the cogs begin turning, which causes hammers to strike strings and from there it plays a song.

Afterwards, they take the balloon down and when they get out of the Spacetime Towers, they see Katsumi, Dai, and Maki. Ash, Dawn, and Brock decide to have a rematch with the three, but this time against a different trainer. But before they can begin, a large wave of energy begins puslating throughout the land. In the alternate dimension, it appears that Palkia is losing the upper hand and is trying to escape from Dialga. A large explosion happens up above near the Spacetime Towers, but the energy soon goes away.

Afterwards, Darkrai makes an appearance, as if it senses something from that energy. Alberto shows up with his Lickilicky, with Team Rocket behind him taping and commenting the act. Lickilicky tries another Hyperbeam, but Darkrai in retaliation begins using multiple Dark Voids. All of them miss the Lickilicky and instead hit other trainer's Pokemon, including Dawn's Buizel and Brock's Sudowoodo. Then Darkrai dissapears into a shadow and attempts to escape in a back road.

Alberto follows after, Ash does as well. Alberto manages to catch Darkrai again, but Darkrai isn't interested in fighting and sends a Dark Void at Lickilicky before dissapearing again. Lickilicky goes into a nightmarish state, and a worried Alberto tends to his Lickilicky, but something happens, and Alberto is transformed into a Lickilicky. At first he's confused since Team Rocket is panicking, and they try to tell him what happened. But only when Jesse holds a up mirror does Alberto finally sees what happened.

Meanwhile Ash is going through the backroads, trying to find Darkrai. Along the way he sees a ghost of a Bibarrel going across the road. Afterwards, he comes across a shadow, and has Pikachu fire a Thunderbolt at it. The attack forces Darkrai out of his shadow and confronts Ash. Pikachu tries a Volt Tackle, but Darkrai goes out to use Double Team. Pikachu is unsuccessful in hitting it until Darkrai merges back and tries to use Dark Void on Pikachu. Pikachu manages to dodge, but Darkrai escapes once again.

Tonio is back at his study, studying the recent anomoly seeing that it was bigger. After looking at a recording of the explosion, he notices something. He plays it slower, and then he sees something in the explosion. When he zooms in and closes in, he sees an image of Palkia. This could only mean that Palkia is trying to open a rift to their dimension.

At the Pokemon Center, all the affected Pokemon are left to rest in the lobby, with their trainers at their side. Then Alberto comes in, with everyone confused at first since he's a Lickilicky. Behind him are Team Rocket carrying the real Lickilicky. He explains that Darkrai had did this to him since he took out Lickilicky. But afterwards, word comes in that a strange fog has envoloped the town.

The entire mesa is covered with a thick fog, and it looks like contact to the outside is cut off. Ash and company go towards the bridge that connects the mesa to the mainland, and find it covered halfway with fog. Ash decides to see if he can cross to the other side, but when he does, he finds himself running right back to where he came from. Tonio comes by to explain what he saw, taking his laptop to show to the gang that he saw Palkia in the recent anomoly. Ash says that he also saw Palkia while he was unconscious. Tonio fears that Palkia is trying to emerge into the world, and as a result, the immediate space around Alamos is trapped in some sort of spacetime anomoly.

Alberto with all the other trainers then comes by. He says that Darkrai is the one responsible for the odd things going on and that he's going to form a coalition to stop Darkrai. Meanwhile, the gang tries to figure out what's going on, since hearing from Tonio, the events happening can't be the work of Darkrai. They decide to head back to the Pokemon Center for now.

The group that Alberto formed manages to surround Darkrai in a small opening. The trainers all try to attack Darkrai but Darkrai manages to hold his own against the attacks. Then in retaliation, uses Dark Void and sends all the Pokemon to a nightmarish sleep.

The Pokemon already afflicted with Dark Void begin to wake up, the ghosts of the tormented Pokemon begin dissapearing. An defeated Alberto also changes back to his normal self, seeing his reflection in a window to make sure. But just as things could get better, things turn for the worse as a last anomoly causes the lifts, only to find that Alamos has been transported to the alternate dimension where Palkia and Dialga resume their battle. The gang rushes out to see the two battle, exchanging dangerously powerful attacks. However, when Dialga misses Palkia, its attack heads toward the Spacetime Tower. Darkrai immediately goes in front and blocks the tower from any damage. The gang soon figures out that Darkrai isn't an enemy and it was all a misconception.

Nobody's exactly sure what to do now, as there seems to be no way to stop the two from quarreling. Tonio continues to say that the energy that they're giving off is incredible. But another problem is soon faced... The town begins disentigrating into nothingness. Observing this, Tonio begins running a simulation, a prediction of what would happen. The town is slowly dissapearing fromt he outside in, and it's related to whenever Palkia uses an attack. It appears that since it's gem was damaged, and so it's getting it's energy from the space of the real world.

Just as they realize the situation, another misguided attack from the fighting Pokemon heads towards Alice, but Darkrai gets in front of her and uses Dark Pusle to counter the attacks. Seeing there's a new "threat" to them, Dialga and Palkia begin attacking Darkrai. Darkrai tries to use Dark Void on the two of them, but both deflect the attack with a barrier. Unfortunately, Darkrai can't hold out for too long and pulls away, letting the two fight each other.

Meanwhile, the gang begins moving the inhabitants of Alamos towards the garden near the Spacetime towers, which is the safest place for now. The town continues to dissapear as the battle wages on. Tonio tries to think of some way to stop the two Pokemon from continuing. Obviously intervening the fight is out of the question, seeing how strong they are... And then something hits him. The song that Alice knows how to play using the reed can calm the heart of any Pokemon. The Spacetime Tower also has that same exact song. If they can find the plate that has the song and get to the top of the tower.

They go inside the main hall where the mural are, Tonio saying that the plate had to be in one of the placeholders below the mural. Although another problem was faced, there are too many plates and they can't simply try them all out. Alice took out the photo of her grandmother and her great great grandfather, recalling the time when her grandmother showed her how to play music through a reed. After her flashback, she looks at the back of the photograph, and noticed a symbol below the chart. Then she looked at the plates along the holder, and found that one of the symbols had matched. She exclaims it to the others, and Tonio rotates the holder so they could get the plate.

They rush to Alice's balloon for a quick way to get up to the top of the tower, but midway, an explosion from Dialga and Palkia's battle rocks Piplup off the balloon. Ash quickly sends Starvia to retrieve Piplup. But then a series of attacks from Dialga heads towards the balloon. Darkrai rushes to deflect some of the blasts, but one of them grazes the basket. Dawn loses balance and falls off, but luckily lands on a nearby platform. Realizing that it's too dangerous to continue on the balloon, Ash jumps down onto the same platform and the two continue using the staircase. They hurry since the disentigration has reached parts of the tower. Meanwhile Alice and Tonio try to find a way to get down safely, but Dialga misses a Roar of Time attack that heads towards them. Darkrai immediately gets in front to take the blast and careens towards the garden. Tonio is knocked off the basket and the balloon rapidly descends down.

Alice decsends towards a bridge that leads to the Spacetime towers, Alberto and Lickilicky quickly follow after her. She jumps off, but lands on the guardrail. Unable to keep her balance, she nearly falls off but Lickilicky catches her with its tongue, but slips. But just before she falls, Tonio catches her. Tonio managed to save himself by grabbing onto his Drifblim. Alice is grateful for saving him, again. When they were children, Alice had fallen off a cliff while Tonio was at the bottom. She had thought Tonio saved her. But Tonio had said that he had seen Darkrai save her instead, and that it was Darkrai who saved her. In speaking of Darkrai, Alice is worried about it, and hurries back to the garden where it landed.

Meanwhile Ash and Dawn along with some of their Pokemon climb the stairs to the top, but parts of the disentigration are happening faster than they can keep up. Parts of the stairs before them dissapear, but in a creative effort, Dawn has her Buizel and Bunneary use Watergun and Ice Beam to make a set of stairs to fix the gap. However, just before they reach the top, Ash misses a step and nearly falls out of a hole created in the stair well. Dawn catches him but she can't hold on much longer, and the two fall to another part. They make the rest of their way on foot from here.

Darkrai is later found in a pool, Brock and a Quagsire carry it up towards the edge. When Alice comes by, she worries that it took too much of a beating, and then turns towards Dialga and Palkia, shouting for them to stop. Just then, Darkrai has a memory where it recalls Alicia tending to it while it was hurt. Seeing Alicia in Alice, it suddenly wakes and rushes towards Palkia and Dialga as they are charging up their singature move. Tonio notes that at this rate if they keep doing such powerful moves, the town only has one more attack before it's critically disentigrated. And when the two Pokemon fire off their attacks, Darkrai immediately gets between both, using a Dark Void to absorb the attack and amplify it, covering the two Pokemon and trapping them.

As they climb up the tower, Dawn first sees Darkrai pulling off his stunt, and then Ash. But seeing that it's managed to halt the two Pokemon, Ash says that it's an advantage they have to take. They finally reach the top of the tower, but as they do, Darkrai can't hold Palkia and Dialga much longer, and its Dark Void shrinks. The two Pokemon now free, attack at Darkrai, which causes an explosion. As Darkrai is blown away, it begins to disentigrate, before dissapearing completely. Things are looking desperate as they don't have much time.

Making haste, Ash and Dawn pop out a plate from the machine, only to find that the plate they have is too big to fit. They can't make it fit, and they don't have time to find a way to make it fit. But then Dawn notices that in the middle, there's a slot with the same symbol as the plate. Then Ash pushes it in and upon finding that it fits, the two of them throw the switch. But there's no power left for the machine to run. Ash and Dawn turn to the service of Pikachu and Pachirasu, and both give it all they got to power the machine. It works, and the machine begins playing the same song Alice plays. And just before the Space and Time Pokemon can launch what would be a final attack, they stop. The town stops desintigrating further. The Spacetime Towers begin to glow, everyone watches as the two large Pokemon are now calm. All damage to Palkia also is resorted. Dialga first heads off into the unknown of the alternate dimension, while Palkia first returns the town to how it was before before descending to the ballooning platform at the top of the tower. Ash and Dawn run out to see it, Ash blatantly calling Palkia stupid for getting everyone involved in their fued. But Dawn asks if Palkia can return the town back to their own dimension, the way everything was. Palkia does so, and Alamos is soon warped back to the mesa it was on before it heads off on its own direction in the alternate dimension.

Even though all is well, Ash and company, along with Tonio and Alice mourn the loss of Darkrai, who sacrificed itself to save the town. But just as they walk back to town, Pikachu notices an ominous shadow is cast along a cliff. When Ash turns to see, it's the shadow of Darkrai, upon the twin towers. Everyone looks up to see that Darkrai indeed is standing upon the top of the Spacetime Towers, perhaps overlooking the town.


At the end, Dawn participates in the contest held inside, before the gang deprats to their next destination. Darkrai continues to be nothing more than a shadow in Alamos Town.

Source: Serebii

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