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God Tower Walkthrough

God Tower Walkthrough
+When writing the answers, do not space or capitalize anything.
Unless it requires you to. Hint hint spoiler spoiler say no more.

Level 1--
If you're smart, you would instantly recognize that
the picture and the words below are flipped.
Don't take time using Photoshop to take a look at
it, it's a waste of time. Just try to read it
that way, or simply use Paint to flip it back.
You don't really need much hint for it.
Find the GMT time said on the picture by Googling.
The solution is 'kabul' (GMT +04:00)

Level 2--
After trying to solve this, most people would get
angry reading the solution to this level.
The answer is right there, below the Tarot card.
Flipping would not be required to read it,
as it would be pretty easy to read for you.

Level 3--
Read the time on the right side of the schedules.
That's right, you have to 'read' the time.
Read what the web title hint says.
The easiest way to solve this level is by using a
clock you have around your house, if you can't visualize it.
Set the time up so that it matches each of the time schedules.
    +I don't think the photo is real.

Level 4--
The background and the title hint aren't needed to solve this level.
Although the title hint and the background match...
(586 B.C, end of the Zhou dynasty's king, background
shows the Palace in China)
All you need is the tag thing at the right-top corner.
This is one of the oldest Mensa quiz, and it is from
The Simpsons; Episode Title: Lisa the Simpson.
Split the picture exactly halfway vertically, so you have two mirroring pieces.
You should be able to recognize what the word is now.

Edit: Comment time from 'Monami'!

"uhm, actually, i think that the title in level 5 is one of the clues. 586. intel has versions of processors with x86 series. i think 5 is the major clue there, since pentium means "fifth element"."

Level 5--
If you already know the art, it should be easy.
If you can GUESS what the art is about... also easy.
Since I didn't know what this art was supposed to be,
I read the artist's signature and googled it.
And then I googled the scale numbers with it.
Then there it is.

Level 6--
If the link above does not work, google
Hieroglyphic Dictionary. Translate the word
written above the pyramid.

Level 7--
You will have harder time solving this if you do not have English as your language setting, or, if you have a keyboard without the basic symbols.
Check your keyboard for symbols that look similar.
No, it's not the arrow key.
It's something else.
It's the shift key. See that there?
What happens if you press the shift key five times?
If you've gone through Windows settings, then you
should know that this is what's called "sticky keys."
Again, don't forget to write the answer in lower case.

Level 8--
Put all the pieces together.
Three pictures:
Tank, airplane, bird.
Put them in this order:
Tank, bird, airplane.
Take a look at the overall SHAPE of the pictures
now that you've put them all together.
The picture itself doesn't really relate to the answer
but the shape does.
The pictures form the word "hut."

Level 9--
Easiest level yet.
What comes to your mind when you hear a word 'cell phone'
then you see the alphabet letters beside numbers?
Find the missing letters from the charger.
4 = ghi
8 = tuv
6 = mno
8 = tuv
3 = def
7 = pqrs
Missing letters: h u n t e r
Answer = hunter

Level 10--
You get an extra hint page on this one.
There should be another "enter" arrow on the right-top corner.
Windings. This is just like that level from Notpron.
Country Code. If you know what that is, you'll know what to
do with the numbers you get after translating the pictures.
Go open yourself Microsoft Word.
Write one to ten with Windings font.
Use reverse lookups for country codes.
Write each country codes.
Which country does it correspond it to?
Write down the first letters of the countries.
That should work as the answer.

Level 11--
The best thing to do for this level would be searching every
single hints you find.
Obviously, the picture hint says, sword + fish = swordfish.
Death of a movie director?
Who's the movie director for a movie named Swordfish?
IMDB would be a good place to search.
Now find the biography and information for the director.
Read the web title hint. Does the name look familiar to you?
It's the Death Clock: *WHEN* am I going to die? (not WHERE, damnit!)
Use the information that can be gathered about the director
and write it down on the death clock.
Anything it seems too hard to find, leave it as the default settings.
What's the date he is going to die?
Sunday, February 5, 2023
Or... '52023'.

Level 12--
Use the hint (arrow at the top-right) for the
better understanding of how this thing works.
The hint tells you how many bars you can take
out of each of the letters.
And you must go left to right.
When you take out the final bar from a letter,
see if it forms a letter. Do that to all four
After 2 tries, I got "acup."
And it worked.

Level 13--
Above ASIA TRI USA, what do you see?
It's from your keyboard.
Up, down, left, right, and above: insert, home, page up,
delete, end, page down.
Click on the left side of the text box, like you are going
to write a word before ASIA TRI USA.
Now, follow the colours below ASIA TRI USA. Just press
on the buttons that are shown by colours.
It would be: Delete, right, right, delete, end, left, delete,
up, right, right, delete, delete, right, right, delete.

Level 14--
"May Winter a Far to Eater"
And then the hint page (arrow again).
What can't you find in a dune, or a desert?
Water. It was said that the word 'water' can be found in
the first phrase from the previous page. Then if it can't
be found... erase the letters 'w', 'a', 't', 'e', and 'r'.
my in f o

Level 15--
This is just a simple series of questions.
Solve all of them and write down the answers.
The first letter is 'i', as you can see, you don't need
to solve anything for it.
Now go get the reverse lookup thing again.
Find out what those two country codes go to.
France and Japan.
What's the 'capital building' of France?
It didn't make sense with the 'capital cities'
so I assumed it was about 'famous buildings'.
Eiffel tower (France) looks like an A...
I skipped Japan because Eiffel is the only thing you need
and Japan is just for making sure the A is right.
So, for the other questions.
Aget, Longed, bridge?
Golden Gate bridge.
What is the overall shape of the Golden Gate bridge?
A repeated shape of 'm'.
Helicopter: Where is it down?
Where does it land? A helipad. What was that huge letter
painted on a helipad, usually seen on top of buildings?
For the milk part, you will have to go and find it out yourself.
Get yourself a nice glass of milk.
Drink it until you can see the bottom.
What do you see? An 'o', something my friend calls it 'milky ring'.
Now you've got these following letters: i, a, m, h, o.
The last letter is pretty obvious, so don't bother the Jesus part.

Level 16--
"Do you know about color code?"
You are lucky if you do, it'll save you a lot of time.
Colour codes are those HTML version of colouring.
Example: Blue = #0000FF
Look at the hint below the picture.
It says F equals '.'
and 00 equals '-'
Here is the list.
Red - #FF0000     .--  W
Black - #000000   ---  O
Fuchia - #FF00FF  .-.  R
Lime - #00FF00    -.-  k
Cyan - #00FFFF    -..  D
Blue - #0000FF    ..-  G
Yellow - #FFFF00  --.  U
The answer to level 16 is 'workdoguru'.

Level 17--
If you only try to figure out this by looking at
the picture hint, you will NEVER get it.
"Check the expire year"
It's on the next page. 15/15/2077
Check the calendar for year 2077. You can edit the year to 2077
on your computer date & time.
Now this is the part where it gets hard for me to explain.
+The shapes matches the shape you would get if you replace the
dates on the 2077 calendar with a white box.
Got it?
You need to find which month of the year 2077 fits perfectly
on the red 'symbol'.
The only month that fits is February.
February 2077        
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
     1   2   3    4   5  6
 7   8   9  10  11  12 13
14 15  16 17  18  19 20
21 22  23 24  25  26 27

Level 17.2--
You'll notice that 'february' is not working to pass on to
level 18. Read what it says next to the text box.
"Drowssap tsal level"
It's flipped.
Level last password
So write 'february' backwards.
A good way to write things backwards is to press the left
arrow key every letter you write.
    +I KNEW the creator would make another puzzle
out of this.

Level 18--
What's the arrow pointing at?
No, it's not the cigar.
Go a little more right. What's there?
It's a hidden message. Roman numberic (numeric) 2, 5?
This message does not relate to the answer, but it gave
you a hint: hidden messages.
Do the 'select all' command, or click on left-top corner
and drag it all the way to the bottom.
What's in the sky?
It points upwards. If you've highlighted everything, you will
see the '*'.
What's the name of that keyboard symbol?

Level 19--
Another flipped hint.
7th, 15th, 4th.
I don't really get what's up with the next page's hint.
This one, I just guessed a lot.
"Who am I?" Then the answer is a person.
How can 7th, 15th, 4th relate to a person?
Could be a date? No, already searched up, nothing
specific shown.
If it's not a date, what can it be?
When do you usually hear a 'th' other than in dates?
If you've played other games like Notpron, the answer
should be 'order of the alphabet'.
G = 7th letter, O = 15th, and D = 4th.
It works.

Level 20--
You get THREE picture hints.
The first one gives you a talk when you scroll over the moon.
The next one gives you names for those locations on Earth.
The third picture, it has same dots from the second picture
but this one's in space.
The blue dot is Earth (Earth is BLUE!)
And the moon is the planet closest to Earth, as the title
hint says.
What's the closest dot from the blue dot?
scroll over it. It will turn blue. Remember that line from
scrolling over the moon at the first page?
The moon hint means you go from a new planet to another.
Do that on the second picture. Starting from Sankugar, go
to nearest location names.
After West Felito, start again from the blue, and move to the
second closest, but not yest explored areas.
After the second end in Hazaam, list the two remaining names.
Now, get the first letters of the locations.
S'ankugar' N'orth polar' O'pusto' W'est Felito'
I'eagazuz' N'epalhalk' T'on' H'azaam' (A'uhun' I'55')
Snow in Thai!

Level 21--
Two pictures. One with a painting, other one's a...
something. "Kiss me," it says, so I assumed it had something
to do it with first pic. Scrolling over it didn't help much,
and as I was about to give up, I saw the brief change in the
cursor as I passed by. So I zoomed in (touch...) and found that
small pixel where you can actually click on.
Zoom back out. Now you can see a quote written on where the
sentence "Access denied" should be.
This quote should mean there is a sound file for you to edit.
Just like in that level from Notpron (grey world!)
Where the music file is, it's on something there wasn't there
before, or at least replaced by.
ITEMS now you can actually do something to it.
Highlight the word 'items', and what you can do to download
the file can vary if you're using Firefox, Internet Explorer,
or any other things. Highlight-open in a new window works
for people who has Download First settings on.
Now you open the file. The game.wav is passworded!
Go to the second picture. Note that this picture's pixels are
all blurred from JPG'ing, but you will be able to find a clear
part that has been photoshopped in. It's in the 'circle' part
of the object, and you can zoom in from there.
Use the password you found and write it down the zip file.
"What the hell?" was my response when I opened it.
Wrrahui hai. Since the 'voice is too long', go edit out the
sound by using Goldwave or Microsoft Windows Sound Recorder.
Quicken up the playing speed.

Level 22--
Dig under the godtower
and don't trust his rules. What was the most important
rule given in this game? Password rules= no caps, no spaces.
Zoom in, written in black, "Under consruction, D.C. 12"
Password Is A God Too?
Wait, what was that level with the answer being 'God'?
Remember the second page that had absolutely nothing
to do with that level? Open up another page and go to that
level. What's on the money, and it includes 'God'?
It's definitely the American dollar, so it eliminates
all the other possibilities.
"In God We Trust," says the American motto, written on the
dollar bills. This is the password, but you gotta write
the opposite ways you normally write the password. Then=
All caps, spaces used. IN GOD WE TRUST

Level 23--
You can see a ring and a moon above the computer numbers.
And then on then next page, you see the eclipse.
What does the eclipse do? It covers up the sun.
Just like that, cover up the leters E, C, L, I, P, S, and E.
In this case, you just have to remove only four of them.
This only works on the left column's word. You should get
a name of a food (typically, you should be able to see
it lying somewhere around inside a police station).
If the answer doesn't work, look at the web title clue again.
The last letter is capitalized. Why? Because it's going to be
added to your answer.
Add the last 's' to your answer. Don't capitalize it though,
as the rules apply back again.

Level 24--
99% about math, 1% on knowing which zodiac symbols are which.
"Blood Sacrifice," you do not need anything else other
than the volume of blood inside each animals for page 1.
The second page is about the list and order of animals for the
bowl to sacrifice the blood in.
The second page's dimension is what you need to figure out.
Use the normal calculation method for finding out the volume.
4/3 x pi (3.14) x radius cubed = ?
(r x r x r = r3)
Problem: The web title hint does not mention about the 4/3, and
it skips all the way to the pi part. So, ignore the 4/3.
Now that you have the volume of the bowl, take a look at
the second page again. Count the numbers of each symbol.
Multiply the number of a symbol by the animal's blood amount
it represents and then divide by the volume of the bowl.
e.g. 11 Scorpio symbols x 441 litre of blood / 538 (dimension)
= 9 (rounded)
Get the total for all five animals. On the third page,
starting from the letter 'a', mark it 1 to 12.
Count off the alphabet letters that are marked the number
of the total of each animals.
e.g. 9 (Scorpio), 's' marked as 9, so take out 's'
List them in order shown in page 2.
There are two answers to this one: A word taken from listing
according to the second page, and the anagrammed one.
You wouldn't need an anagram solver to find out what word
can be made out of the answer you will get.

Level S1--
Luckily, I was able to recognize this flag
and which country's flag it is.

Level 25--
Quite easy. "God ears." Something related to the sound.
Count the sounds, write down the numbers.
All the hint available are right there.
And the answer is right in front of you.
A hint: It's one of those 1337 thing.
Take a gooooooooood look at those numbers.
    +17 = N
+Wait, is that black dot thing supposed to be there?

Level 26--
"Tell me that you love me"
Then what you do say?
And there is the problem. You cannot write 'I love you', but
you can write any other letters that aren't in that sentence.
This is what I did: skip to
Write down 'iloveyou' as your previous password.
There is no one to steal your words in this page, so...

Level 27--
Go back to 17th floor (17th level).
It's the calendar of the year 2077.
What comes to your mind when you hear of Christianity, socks,
December, and 'HIM'?
Someone who gives presents. If you've got the solution...
Go to the second picture hint. What do you see? You will notice
that the directions are switched.
How do you 'switch' a word? Anagram it. If you've got the two-word
answer, just anagram the first one.
The answers to this level was what I was telling my friends about.
Also that 'assistant' is an anagram of 'satanists'.

Level 28--
First of all, I'll list the hints.
100 Celcius (Scroll over the object --spur-- on the left)
The object (spur) having the number '1961'
Red 'dot' on the flashing pawn
A white ball next to the mid-upper white pawn
Use google and try bunch of keywords using these hints.
100 degrees means this thing is very hot... and it is on the spurs.
Hot spurs. Tottenham Hotspurs. The London Football Club.
Now we know it's football related. So who's gone?
Google again, using the new hint. Wikipedia will help a LOT.
Browse the 60's records. What I did was to type in every
first names of the players mentioned in the 60's section.
    +According to wikipedia: Robert Dennis Blanchflower, known as Danny Blanchflower
(February 10, 1926 in Belfast - December 9, 1993) was a footballer, football manager,
and journalist who captained Spurs during their double-winning season of 1961.

Level 29--
Scroll over the middle and read the date.
It's another time-mess-up'er. Get your date/time opened up and set your
date to the last minute before the new millennium.
Refresh the web. Enter the last password in, and now scroll over
the middle. Date should pop up again, but you can now click on it.
Clicking on it will give you a picture of a key, LOVE, and a cross.
What would be a 'propelling' object in this picture if you make a .gif
animation with the four, rotating pictures?
And this object would make a neat propeller, too.

Level 30--
"Length of Deep" -Range of the water, maybe?
OCEAN- Then it adds to the previous clue.
Click on the eye. You get the numbers above each of the letters.
Click on it many many times, and record the possible highest
and lowest numbers you can get (range of numbers).
The third page shows you what you can do with what you've just recorded.
Now, take away the minimum number from the maximum number for all five.
Count up the numbers from each of the letters using the third page.

Level 31--
What's number five? It was the only thing needed for me to solve this
level. Starting from the 'king', which one is the fifth card that has a
unique symbol? King, Queen, Jack, Ace... and I didn't think the fifth one
was a ten (because it didn't work), and the only card that had a picture
on it other than the ones mentioned was...
    +I don't think this was how I was expected to solve this.
Hint: There should be a coloured version and a black&white version in a deck.

Level 32--
Once again, I have cheated out of my (puzzle gaming) life.
As I've always did on Notpron and now this game, the first thing
I do is to read the web title, check for hidden messages by highlighting
everything, and opening up the source code.
Do the same thing on this level, and this level is solved for you.

Level 33--
The second picture gives you the idea of what you are supposed to find.
This one's all about golf. Since I didn't know much about golf, I
just searched wikipedia and google for par names, and I just entered
every single names I find. Then I saw the word "Double Eagle..."
    +From wikipedia: A double eagle is 3-under par on any one hole.
Albatross is another term for a double eagle, most commonly used in the U.K.

Level 34--
What is behind the sign? What they are does not matter. Read the name
"logo," then take a gooooooood look at the colours of the objects.
"Behind the sign" means what you need are the four objects behind
the cross. Red, green, blue, yellow, and it's a logo.
Googling slightly helps, but you already know what this word means.
Hint: It's not Macintosh, it's not Linux...

Level 35--
List every hint you can find first. The most critical hints
would be the "curtain lines." There are six curtain lines.
What do you think of when you hear "lines" and "song?"
Once again, Notpron helps. List every hints you can find.
Another hint relating to the six curtain lines is the guitar the
devil is holding. Now it clearly tells you that this is about music notes
and symbols.
Jesus. Except that 'j' does not exist in the notes world.
But 'G' does.

Level 36--
"Make me different from her forever"
Beginning of the world, an apple, and a woman.
You can guess easily who the 'woman' is.
Then who's 'different' from that woman?
Who could be saying the line "Make me different from her forever"?
Hint: God. Bible. Um, the Da Vinci Code?

Level 37--
"One stone change this world and destroy it too."
Guess what the 'one stone' is. Ein stein. Einstein.
I know about him changing this world, but destroy it?
He did help the Manhatten Project, but...
Aynways, how I got this answer is done completely from one of the
going-crazy-and-typing-in-every-related-letters thing.
Germany. Because the name Einstein is German and so is his nationality.

Level 38--
"You Are Hacker??"
Do you have an account here? No, but obviously, there
are some people who do have accounts. PGUP, it says on the bottom right corner.
Page Up. There should be a name you've heard in the previous level...
Albert Einstein (Einstine?). His e-mail is
Go back to Forgot Password. Click on it. Now you'll have to write
down some things to get yourself what you want.
Mother's Name. What was the name of Einstein's Mother? Use Wikipedia.
Do not capitalize anything...
Insert your email adress information. What was the e-mail?
venus__son. Now, the password of this e-mail. I presume Albert woulda
used the same password as the password for the e-mail adress, but you
shouldn't know that yet. There is another puzzle here. Venus__son.
Venus' son? Who is that? Don't confuse between the Roman and Greek here.
New e-mail. Input your e-mail and make sure it doesn't go into the spam
mail (or check the spam mails by yourself). It should say Password from GOD.
The password is different every time. Page Down and Up back to the
Name and Password screen.
password you just got

Level 39--
Look at the statue. What statue is it? Seeing the flag below the photograph...
It's obviously the Statue of Liberty, isn't it? Yeah.
"One for all, one become one." What could that mean?
You can try combining the meaning of two pictures. Liberty? America?
On the second thought, you might realize that the flag isn't the American flag.
What country had much to do with liberty and its flag looks like America's?

Level 39.2--
Before you get to level 40, notice the "+24" below the previous password box.
You need to try adding 24 to all the country codes you faced before.
Find their corresponding countries and try their names. It should be Tanzania.

Level 40--
You might actually get the password straight out of the title of the page.
Searching the title works, too, so I didn't really bother going through the puzzle.
Hey, remember King David?

Level 41--
I'm hoping by now you've developed the habit of looking for hidden
letters and words by pressing CTRL+A...
Look at where the dots are on the TVs. They're hiding something...
But what? What could possibly be on the edges of a broadcast?
Channel logos, of course. You should be able to guess from the name
"Wordsmith" that this is going to be another take-the-first-letter.
...Since it's pretty annoying to guess which ones they may be,
the first letters are 'E', 'V', 'I' and 'L'.
But wait, that doesn't work? What do you suppose you've missed?
What was that hidden thing again?
Hint: The answer is most certainly NOT 'EVILD'.