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  • Updated to version 1.0.12

  • Updated to version 1.0.11

  • Updated to version 0.0.10


Poker Odds Calculator is a free odds calculator of various poker games including Texas Hold'em Poker and Omaha Poker.

Now post flop "outs" are calculated for each player.

There are no known bugs with this poker calculator. Please email me if you find anything.

* Calculates odds for Texas Hold'em Poker and Omaha Poker. More game types coming soon
* Input any combination of player cards and board/community cards to calculate the odds of winning, tying, and losing
* Depending on the number of unknowns, either a full enumeration(exact odds) or a Monte Carlo simulation(approximation) will be ran to calculate the odds
* Adjustable threshold setting for using Monte Carlo simulations vs full enumeration
* Can calculate odds for 2 - 9 players
* Discard up to 5 cards(exposed cards)
* Displays an adjustable margin of error for Monte Carlo simulations
* Displays each player's post flop "outs"
* Support for tablet devices
* Ported key parts of the calculation algorithm to C++ for major speed improvements
* full version
* free
* Install to SD card

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Version 1.0.12
* Added post flop "outs" calculation(Each player's outs will be displayed post flop if all other players' cards are known)

Version 1.0.11
* Enabled "move to SD card" feature
* Added a button to access future applications

Version 0.0.10
* Fixed a minor bug introduced in v0.0.8

Version 0.0.9
* Fixed Omaha calculations bug introduced in v0.0.8 (Thanks Craig for pointing it out!)

Version 0.0.8
* More speed improvements
* Added a green felt table background

Version 0.0.7
* Major speed improvements(2-4X faster)
* Changed the image on the back of the cards
* Updated the about screen

Version 0.0.6
* Fixed bug in Omaha enumeration calculations
* Adjusted the margin of error calculation

Version 0.0.5
* Added Omaha Poker calculations
* Redesigned the GUI to support tablet devices
* Added speed improvements

Version 0.0.4
* Added odds calculations for up to 9 players
* Added a discard pile
* Show approximate margin of error for Monte Carlo simulations
* Fixed bug with Monte Carlo simulation never finishing when the sample size was very big

Version 0.0.3
* Added odds calculations for more players(2 to 6)
* Fixed GUI issues

Version 0.0.2
* Added an accuracy setting to speed up calculations on slow devices
* Minor bug fixes

Version 0.0.1 - initial release