Poker Notes Live

Poker Notes Live gives you an advantage over the other players at live poker tables. Now you can easily take notes on your opponents, just like you do online.

Since poker is a game of incomplete information, it helps to have as much information as possible at your disposal. Recording and saving your poker notes will help you make better, more informed decisions at the table and thus enable you to win more money! 

This app will help you remember the moves, style, patterns, and tells you notice about other players at your table.

In addition to writing notes, you can also utilize icons and customizable tags to speedily and effectively profile your opponents. With Poker Notes Live, you'll have all the information you need in the palms of your hands.

Table Screen

Poker Notes Live comes loaded with a number of advanced features, including:

  • Real table simulation: Select the number of players, your seat position, and the relative table positions of your opponents
  • Simple, speedy note-taking: Just click on your opponent and jot down your thoughts instantly! Icons and customizable tags speed note-taking up even more
  • Assigning names and chip counts to the other players at your table
  • Personalize your poker note-taking experience by naming and choosing a theme for your virtual table
  • Take notes on yourself, including win/loss per session, buy-ins, and tips given
  • Use the Poker Odds - Range Calculator feature to take exceptionally accurate notes (Android only)
  • Optimized for both phones and tablets
  • (NEW!) Attach a picture of your opponent to your notes, for easy recall (iOS only)
  • Available in 9 languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Hebrew, French, and Swedish with more languages in the pipeline

The Premium Version of Poker Notes Live is loaded with even more amazing features, which allow you to store all your poker note-taking data, including:

✓ Accessing, utilizing, and expanding your Player List, which will contain all data on every player you’ve ever taken notes on at the felt

✓ E-mailing your notes to your PC for further, enhanced study away from the table between live poker sessions (Android only)

✓ Import/export database (serves as a backup of all notes + allows for manual sync across devices)

✓ Keeping detailed records across multiple poker sessions

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