Part Three: RNG Mastery Part 3

Final Section.

A section to end all sections. This form of RNG utilizes and uses ALL components of previous RNG.

In reality, pretty much any non-bred Pokemon can not be shiny and flawless without insane luck - no matter what delay you hit or how high you get your frame.
It all has to do with your ID combination.
By manipulating your SID (yes SID), you can attain an ID/SID combo. 
This will yield a completely legit shiny flawless.

How, you may ask. 
When you start the game (ie new game), your first ever seed determines your ID and SID.
Thats right. Hit your Time with Delay for a new game. Wow!
ID: 01337 SID: 01337        do it faggot!

Check out Pandora's Box in RNG Reporter. 
Still not integrated and functional without a seed.

Video (And SID RNG) basic tools (RNG Reporter might have these integrated + functional) 
Originally WildEep's IDFinder.exe
Uses PokeRNG or Smogon Spreads
And PikaTimer/emloop. You should have this already. On Emulators, you don't need them.
            EMU: The seed appears briefly for your SID, and re-seeds the game. (Un)Pause to catch it.
Basically this is most commonly used in Emerald for shiny legends with flawless stats/hidden power.

8 Part Video of Entire Process (AR code used to bypass majority of game content)

Super Duper SID RNG!

Click on the video to go to YouTube to view parts 2-8

O.K. Hotshot. Try out GTS Emulation!