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“To Bring Peace to the Islands of Serene”

This game concept will be played on the computer with a keyboard and mouse.

Announcement (3/7/2018 from Counter):

I am working on completing the information on this site first before I begin the process of constructing the video game.
As of right now, I'm improving the information I do have and adding more specific details.
You will see updates to my badge concepts and type chart. (click here for direct links)

Feel free to help out by commenting on the official Pokémon Ambient FaceBook page!

Any donations towards this project would be appreciated!

Are you an artist? Want to contribute? Feel free to post and share your fan-art designs for my ideas!
I am going to keep an eye out for those who contribute great materials that could be added and credited!

CounterFX (Counter) is the founder, director, artist, and lead developer of this project. He started Ambient while sitting in his college lecture hall. Inspired by his boredom, he began filling in his notebooks with ideas and concept of his favorite series, Pokémon. Several spiral-bound notebooks filled with information, concepts, plots, artwork, and more were ready to start his dream of creating an actual game. The game was designed to be constructed on the Essentials Kit for RPG Maker XP, but later discontinued due to scheduling conflicts with time and life. Project Ambient is still in concept, but anyone is welcome to join and help distribute to this dream!