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“To Bring Peace to the Islands of Serene”

It will be played as an ".exe file" for Windows PC with a keyboard and mouse as controller.

CounterFX is the founder, director, artist, and lead developer of this project. He started Ambient while sitting in his college lecture hall. Inspired by his boredom, he began filling in his notebooks with ideas and concept of his favorite series, Pokémon. Several spiral-bound notebooks filled with information, concepts, plots, artwork, and more were ready to start his dream of creating an actual game. The game was designed to be constructed on the Essentials Kit for RPG Maker XP, but later changed to XNA Studios in Visual Studios. Project Ambient is still in development, but anyone is welcome to join and help distribute to this dream!

The best form of contact to me directly will be email: counterfx.central@gmail.com