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December 18, 2009 Added some new entries for the CD listings on the 1999-2000 CDs page! The Pikachu's Winter Vacation Soundtrack and the second movie soundtrack is available on that page. Happy Holidays!
December 4, 2009 You may notice that there is a new section in the navigation bar! We are starting our CM project: the Comprehensive Music project! This is just the beginning, so it will gradually be developed. The new section in the navigation bar is far from complete, so we will inform you when we release most of it! 
November 16, 2009 Here's a YouTube video of the Japanese ending credits and theme at the end of the fifth movie, the Latias and Latios movie. There is certainly more effort put into this than the English credits. Enjoy!
November 15, 2009 It's been a while as we've been super busy! We have added a new section, Music Downloads. Here, you can find Japanese music from the Japanese Pokémon anime. We may add Pokémon music in other languages at a later time. At the moment we have added the opening and ending of the movies! Go try them out, they certainly are different from the English songs!
June 5, 2009 It's E3 time!!! Let's see what Nintendo has in store for everyone! Hopefully they will be announcing some new information about Heart Gold and Soul Silver.
May 8, 2009 Remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver have been announced, Pocket Monsters HeartGold and SoulSilver! They will be out by fall in Japan, for the tenth anniversary of Gold and Silver. What nostalgia! HeartGold/SoulSilver
April 10, 2009 Wow it's certainly been a while since the last update. Four months! Sorry, we've just been very busy. Hopefully we'll be able to update soon, though. Apologies!
January 9, 2009 It's 2009 now! No updates today other than the countdown on the sidebar, as we have been quite busy. Still, we'll be doing a lot of catching up soon!
December 30, 2008 It's nearly the start of a new year! Happy New Year! We have been slow on the episode summaries recently, but don't worry we'll finish it sometime! Anyways, new episode titles have been added, please check out the General Anime section!
December 19, 2008 We will start the new episode summary for DP 107 as soon as I watch it! Meanwhile, we have put up the Oak Examination part of the summary first, with pictures! Also, we have replaced the old banner with a cleaner-looking version of the old one! Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two!  
December 11, 2008   Episode summary for DP 106 is up, and pretty much complete. DP 104 and 105 aren't fully finished yet. 
December 4 and 5, 2008   Episode summaries for DP 104 and DP 105 are somewhat up, though incomplete, due to streaming issues. I'll have to finish watching it first. Please check out the TV show section! December 5: Oak lectures in the two episode summaries are finished!
December 2, 2008   Episode title updates.
November 11, 13, 17, 21, and 25, 2008    Minor General Anime update, episode titles. November 13: General Anime, new guide up (DP102)! November 17: General Anime update. November 21: General Anime, new guide partially up (DP103)! November 25: Whew! Finally done with that guide!
November 4, 5, and 6, 2008    Movie 11, which was called Giratina and the Sky Bouquet: Shaymin (ギラティナと氷空花束 シェイミ) in Japan, will be called Giratina and the Sky Warrior, according to the resume on the website of the voice actor who currently plays Ash Ketchum in English. Is that a good title? Corny? Cool? Anyways, Giratina and the Sky Warrior will probably premiere on Cartoon Network next year, and be released directly to DVD. In other updates, more episode news/titles have been added to the TV Show section, check the General Anime section out! Lastly, the Stormfront TCG set will be released tomorrow, so if you are interested in the TCG, you may very well want to check it out! November 6: New Anime episode guide!
October 29, 30, and 31, 2008    Updates in the General sections! Happy Halloween!
October 26, 2008    Added a smaller TCG article to the General TCG section.
October 25, 2008     A TCG article concerning the newest upcoming Stormfront TCG set release has been placed in the General TCG section!
October 22, 2008     Minor, small updates will be probably be placed in their individual sections (General Anime, General TCG). If there are more important updates, they will be placed here. So if you're wondering why there seems to be no updates, check those general sections! Cheers!
October 20, 2008     Placed links to rules from the official TCG site, in the Official TCG Rules section.
October 19, 2008     Added more content to the Downloads!!! section. Short guide for episode 98 up, can be found in the Summaries/Guides section.
October 18, 2008     Some minor general anime information has been added. Some content added to the Downloads!!! section. 
October 17, 2008     The Alternative TCG Rules are up. Very minor general anime information has been added. Enjoy! 

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