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Poka Laenui has a weekly television program on Hawaii's `Olelo Cable Television called A Second Glance, and a Hawaiian Potpourri listener participation radio show on Oahu AM radio station KWAI 1080 on Saturday afternoon from 4-6 P.M. and Sunday morning from 6-8 A.M. 
For more information go to his websites at:    http://hawaiiansovereign.webs.com/    and    www.hawaiianperspectives.org 
You may contact Poka Laenui at:     plaenui@hawaiianperspectives.org     Subject: A Second Glance

See his informative programs here:

U.S.Department of Interior Hearings Community Follow-up

On August 12, 2014 Michelle Kauhane discusses her views on Kaniolowalu, Federal Recognition and what it does and doesn't mean.   Poka Laenui also discusses his views on Independence, the Native Hawaiian Convention and on changing perspectives from an "OR" model to an "AND" model.   See the Wai`anae, Hawaii meeting here.

8/12/14       Part 1    DOI Hearing Community Follow Up - Part 1/3

                   Part 2    DOI Hearing Community Follow Up - Part 2/3

                   Part 3    DOI Hearing Community Follow Up - Part 3/3

Mana`o o ka Po`e (Thoughts of the people) Interviews by Poka Laenui on YouTube

In June, 2014 Poka Laenui interviewed participants at three Oahu U.S. Interior Department meetings to discuss recognition of a future Hawai`ian native nation.  See the interesting interviews here.

6/23/12    Part 1    Poka Laenui Interview 6/23/14 #1
                Part 2    Poka Laenui Interview 6/23/14 #2
                Part 3    Poka Laenui Interview 6/23/14 #3
                Part 4    Poka Laenui Interview 6/23/14 #4
6/24/12    Part 1    Poka Laenui Interview 6/24/14 #1
                Part 2    Poka Laenui Interview 6/24/14 #2
                Part 3    Poka Laenui Interview 6/24/14 #3

6/26/12    Part 1    Poka Laenui Interview 6/24/14 #1
                Part 2    Poka Laenui Interview 6/26/14 #2
                Part 3    Poka Laenui Interview 6/26/14 #3

Differentiationg between the Medical Delivery  and Health Care Systems on YouTube   

 Differentiating between the Medical Delivery and Health Care Systems presented by Poka Laenui
Poka Laenui gave a well received presentation to the Waianae AARP Chapter explaining the Gaps in the Health Care and Medical Delivery Systems . He is the Executive Director of the Wai`anae, Hawaii Coast Community Mental Health Center (Hale Na`au Pono).

Hawaiian Potpourri Programs on YouTube

Poka Laenui hosts weekly Hawaiian Potpourri programs on Oahu KWAI radio, 1080 AM on Saturdays, 4 to 6 PM and Sundays, 6 to 8 AM which can be viewed here.

Discussion of a variety of issues local, national and international, on a wide variety of topics from Indigenous peoples’ rights, sovereignty and independence, local politics, to national and international issues of human rights, war and peace, economics, etc. This is a telephone call-in radio format.  Call number is (808)524-1080 during the above hours.  You may also email written comments about these programs to   plaenui@hawaiianperspectives.org   using subject title: “Hawaiin Potpourri” followed by your specific issue.   

3/3/12     Part 1    Science, Technology and Human Rights
               Part 2    Human Rights

3/10/12   Part 1     Oahu Planning & Development
               Part 2    Future of Hawaii
               Part 3    Planning for Hawaii
               Part 4    Oahu Rail and Hawaiian Heritage
3/17/12    Part 1     US Soldier Accused of Killing 16 Afghans.
                Part 2    Is There Justification for War?.
                Part 3    Annexation Remembered & Killing of 16 Afghans .
                Part 4    Local and National Issues & Hawaiian Nationals Recognition .
                Part 2    Hawaiian National Recognition.+
                Part 3    Hawaiian Nationalism.+
                Part 4    Hawaiian Politics & USA Hawaiian Apology.+
3/25/12    Part 1     Current Events.+
                Part 2    California Bullet Train & Afghan Massacre.+
                Part 3    North Korea Missle Test & Oahu Rail.+
                Part 4    Local Hawaii Issues & U.S. Drones.+
3/31/12    Part 1     International Issues & Waterman Aka Hemmings Dies.+
                Part 2    Purple Spot, Waimanalo Gulch & Leeward Oahu Issues.+
               Part 2    Hawaii Politics & GMO
               Part 3    Hawaiian Politics, Social Security & GMO Products
               Part 4    Oahu Politicians & Indigenous People
4/8/12     Part 1    Kapiolani Park Development
               Part 2   Kapiolani Park, Burma & Hawaiian Issues
               Part 4   Loyalty, Mass Movement & December 7, 1941 Japanese Attack
               Part 2   Hawaiian Homeless & Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor.
               Part 3   Japanese in World War 2.
               Part 2  Understanding Technical Terminology.+
               Part 3  International & Local Events .+
               Part 4  Oahu Rail, Homelessness & Hawaii Superferry .+
               Part 2   Dalai Lama Visit &  Campbell Estate Philanthropy.
               Part 3   Dalai Lama & Messages of Peace & Aloha.
               Part 4   Dalai Lama, Thought Field Therapy & Chi Exercises.
                Part 2   Afghanistan, Voyage of Aloha & Computer Virus.+
                Part 3   Republican Congressman & Guest Leon Sui.+
                Part 4   Leon Sui Discusses International Activities.+    
4/28/12    Part 1     GMO and Public Labeling.+
                Part 2    Education for Society.+
                Part 3    al Qaida & Pakistan.+
                Part 4    Homeless Discussion and Bicycle Lanes in Hawaii.+
4/29/12    Part 1    GMO & Public Education.+
                Part 2   Education in Hawaii.+
5/26/12    Part 1    Dalai Lama, and Messages of Peace & Aloha 
                Part 2   Dalai Lama Visit & The Campbell Estate
6/2/12    Part 1     Capitalism & International issues
              Part 2    International Issues & Who Are We?
              Part 3    Department of Defense, Obama Birthpace & Fascist
              Part 4    Barak Obama's Father
6/3/12    Part 1     Ben Cayetano, Cyberwar, US and Iran
              Part 2    Obama Birthplace, PTSD, Soldiers & Shame
              Part 3    Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
              Part 4    Post-traumatic Stess Disorder & Hawaii Aloha

               Part 2   Bain Capital, Healthy Societies & ABC Triangle
               Part 3   Hirono versus Case & Obama versus Romney
               Part 4   Economy of Hawaii
6/23/12   Part 1    Presidential Debate & Domestic Issues
               Part 2   Presidential Debate & Domestic Issues 
               Part 3   PRP versus Cayatano
               Part 4   Rail - Pro and Con
6/24/12   Part 1     Presidential Race & Rail versus Cayatano
               Part 2    Rail - Efficient? & Other Factors
               Part 3    Immigration & Hawaiian Identity
               Part 4    Immigration & Hawaiian Identity

6/30/12   Part 1    Obamacare & Discussion
               Part 2   Hawaiian Home Leases & Hale Na Au Pono
               Part 3   Discussion & Rail - A Mistake
               Part 4   Rail & Bus Problems
              Part 2   The Middle East & GMO
              Part 3   Genetically Modified Organism
              Part 4   Genetically Modified Organism

             Part 2   Mental Health & Hawaii's July 4th, 1894
             Part 3   Bogus Plot to Discredit Cayetano
             Part 4   Getting Hawaii Back
7/8/12   Part 1    Getting Hawaii Back, 7-8-12 #1
             Part 2   Attributes of a Hawaiian Nation-State & Jurisdiction
7/14/12   Part 1   Bain Capital & ACA
               Part 2  Tax Approaches & Libor
               Part 3  Education As Basis & U.S Character
               Part 4  Basic Societal Values
7/15/12    Part 1  Summary of Earlier Programs
                Part 2  Cayetano, Rail & Power in Hawaii
                Part 3  Rail & Other Scandals
                Part 4  UH Stevie Wonder Debacle & Bus System
                Part 2  Aha Hawaii `Oiwi - Pono For Hawaiian Sovereignty
                Part 3  Bain Capital, Healthy Societies & ABC Triangle
                Part 4  ABC Triangle Elaboration
                Part 2  Leon Siu - Resolution on Hawaiian Sovereignty   
                Part 3  Leon Siu - Resolution on Hawaiian Sovereignty
                Part 4  Leon Siu - Resolution on Hawaiian Sovereignty
7/29/12    Part 1   Hawaiian Sovereignty Issues
                Part 2  Hawaiian Historical Points
                Part 3  Honolulu Mayor's Race
                Part 4  Local and International Politics

               Part 2   Defense Mechanisms: White Peoples Anxieties
               Part 3   Olympics: Abuse of Nationalism
               Part 4   Hawaiian or Kanaka Maoli - Root Understanding of Terms

               Part 2   Teach for America & ABC Triangle
               Part 3   Teach for America, and DIE- OLA Parts of Deep Culture
               Part 4   Teach for America, Changing DIE Institions to OLA
              Part 2   Aboriginal Hawaiians/Nationals
              Part 3   Hawaiian National Interest in Hawaiian Elections
              Part 2   Recalling Iran, Iraq, Lies and Troublemakers
              Part 3   A critical look at Pearl Harbor and what sacrifices
8/25/12   Part 1   Review of International Affairs
               Part 2   American Exceptionalism and the "Chosen Syndrome"
               Part 3   Rail Fever vs. Law & Cultural Protection - Rail Losses 
               Part 4   Bridging the Span to the Future - What to Carry Across
               Part 2    National Discussion - Republicans, Democrats and the Voters
               Part 3    Rail Score card, Courts 2, Rail 0 

               Part 2   Why is U.S. Hated?
               Part 3   Envisioning the Future for Hawaii
               Part 4   U.S. Politics, Security and Empire Collapse
                Part 2   Envisioning a new Hawaii and a University
                Part 3   Hopeful Development - Bill of Rights for Mother Earth
                Part 4   Bullying, Human Rights & Obama Issues
                Part 3   City Council Commends Kaleikini and some do not join
                Part 4   Hawaiian Politics
10/7/12    Part 1   Fukushima Spirituality 
                Part 2   Presidential Debate - views on jobs
                Part 3   In Defense of Freedom – Really!  
                Part 4   UH criticism and reforming the Board of Regents
                Part 3   Debates: Presidential & Vice-Presidential                               
10/14/12  Part 1   On Rail, Bones and Politicians
                Part 2   More Rail, Bones & Politicians; America’s wars in Middle-East
Olelo Second Glance Programs Programs on YouTube 






Poka Laenui interviews Johan Galtung in this six-part series. Johan Galtung is a Distinguished Professor of Peace Studies, winner of the Right Livelihood Award, the alternate Nobel Peace Prize, for his systematic and multidisciplinary study of world conditions which can lead to peace.

William Aila and Poka Laenui discussed emerging issues affecting Hawaii in these two William Aila Presents programs on Olelo Cable TV.
  •          William Aila and Poka Laenui discuss the State dis­con­tin­u­ance of sev­er­al services at Hale Na'au Pono, Wai'anae, Hawaii's Com­mu­ni­ty Health Cen­ter.  Poka Laenui is the Ex­ec­u­tive Di­rec­tor of the Com­mu­ni­ty Health Cen­ter           William Aila Presents - Poka Laenui   

This two-part program is of a Po­ka Laenui speech about In­di­g­e­niz­ing the West­ern Paradigms in Men­tal Health Treat­ment. The speech cov­ers how the on­ly pri­vate run men­tal health fa­cil­i­ty in Hawaii has suc­ced­ed in help­ing the in­dige­nous Hawai­ian peo­ple.

Part 1    http://www.myspace.com/video/372104927/poka-laenui-indigenizing-the-western-paradigms-in-hawaii-1-of-2/33140003 

Part 2    http://www.myspace.com/video/372104927/poka-laenui-speech-mental-health-treatment-in-hawaii-2-of-2/33139408

Poka Laenui discusses Hawaiian Sovereignty in this four-part series recorded at Hawaii Pacific University in Lynett Cruz's Cultural Anthropology class.  



The following three-part video program is of Poka Laenui explaining the Hawaiian Ho`oponpono Healing Process. 

Part 1    http://www.myspace.com/video/230465183/hawaiian-hooponopono-process-part-1-of-3/20020751

Part 2    http://www.myspace.com/video/230465183/hawaiian-hooponopono-process-part-2-of-3/19983191

Part 3    http://www.myspace.com/video/230465183/hawaiian-hooponopono-process-part-3-of-3/20001992

The Hawaiian Ho`oponpono Healing Process in the text version is here:



These half-hour Second Glance pro­grams were made on Oahu, Hawaii with Po­ka Laenui in­ter­view­ing the following people dur­ing the First Glob­al Nonkilling Lead­er­ship Fo­rum.

An interview by Kai`opua Fyfe with Poka Laenui on the Voices of Truth reveals what occurred recently at the United Nations in Geneva about Hawai`iʻs status as its own nation rather than the 50th US state. Watch & find out what question he asked that got everyone so upset.   


 Warrior For Pono - A Visit With Poka Laenui

The following two-part Second Glance program with Dr. Glenn Paige discusses Nonkilling Society concepts.

Part 1    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkzGsH4Ysbo    

Part 2    http://www.myspace.com/video/230465183/nonkilling-society-part-2-of-2/19902972

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