About Me

Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
2011-present, Assistant Professor

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2008-2011, Postdoctoral Associate, with Dr. Nancy Kanwisher

Dartmouth College
2003-2008, Ph.D. Cognitive Neuroscience, with Dr. Peter Tse

I am an assistant professor of the Neuroscience and Behavioral Disorders Program at Duke-NUS. I am interested in understanding how the human brain is able to perceive and experience the world. More specifically, I focus on the problem of consciousness, attention, object/surface perception, and visual form-motion integration.

I have been using fMRI, DTI, and psychophysics to tackle these problems via the study of various bistable illusions. My goal is to keep investigating the cognitive and neural bases of object perception, attention, and visual awareness with whatever techniques are necessary.
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Here is my Lab Website: Brain & Consciousness Lab