The use of niacin, also known as vitamin B­3 or nicotinic acid, has produced a range of results from ineffectiveness to moderate success to fully alleviating POIS symptoms.  The dosage varies widely among individuals.  Successful members typically take between 100 and 300mg before orgasm and may experience flushing as a side effect.  However, some experienced up to 80% reduction in symptoms by taking Niacin after orgasm. 


One particular member ingests 100mg of Niacin (brand: Nature’s Way) half an hour before orgasm and experienced up to 60% reduction in cognitive symptoms.  He originally suffered from heavy cognitive impairment where he feels “disconnected from his brain, unable to do simple math calculations, think properly, find the right words (name/number) and solve simple problems, use analytical and logical skills, difficulty remembering and understanding something new, objectively sluggish, socially anxious, and depressed.”


Another member used hypodermic injections of Xanithol Nicotinate of up to 0.5mL 3 hours before orgasm, which resulted in total elimination of symptoms.  He suffered from heavy cognitive symptoms as those mentioned above as well as physical symptoms of palpitations and digestive problems.