A Presentation App  for  iPad

Create a presentation document with spreadsheet, charts, images, texts and freehand drawing on iPad. Import PowerPoint documents (OpenXML). Export to PDF. 

 Pointsentation "is absolutely packed with features and options that will have you creating professional style presentations on the fly", by appPicker

Pointsentation is an iPad App similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. It creates professional look presentations on iPad, and it supports full screen slide show of your presentations. Documents can be saved into Pointsentation's own format or exported to HD PDF. In addition, it can import a Microsoft PowerPoint document (OpenXML format) so you can modify it (as images) and do slide show. Pointsentation - Create presentation with table, 3D chart, text, and image by EncGoo

For just $1.99, you can create presentation document and do slide show. This is much more powerful than most of presentation Apps currently available on iPad listed on Mashable.com, such as Power Presenter ($1.99), Whiteboard ($2.99), and even Haiku Deck (free with expensive in app purchase). Power Presenter can only present a PDF document or a Web page, it can't create a presentation document, and it can't handle MS PowerPoint document. Whiteboard is a good drawing App, but not a presentation App. The "free" Haiku Deck is very popular, but customer needs to pay $1.99 for each theme. In addition, Pointsentation supports much more stunning charts than Haiku Desk. Please refer to the Comparisons page for details. 

Pointsentation on the other hand can create presentation documents on iPad by inserting texts, images, tables, 2D/3D charts, and freehand drawings. It is an affordable and yet very powerful presentation App that everyone needs.  22 background images designed by professional graphic designers have been built-in to Pointsentation. Please check the following screenshots and videos for impressive effects. 

It is ideal for education and business use. In addition, to show a scientific function, scientific experiment data, statistic samples, or financial data, you can use Want2Plot to generate a HD image fits perfectly for you presentation.

Please check the following videos for how a presentation document is created and how it can be show in slide show. Please click on a screenshot image to view a full scale screenshot.


  • Slide show of a presentation created by Pointsentation and presented by Pointsentation.

Slide show using Pointsentation

Version 2 with new images.

  • Creating a simple presentation document 

    Create a presentation

  • Slide with table and chart

    Slide with table and chart


  • Slide title pages 
  • Slide with table and charts

  • Slide with pictures 

  • Cloud storages: integrated with Dropbox and Box.net. 

    Login to Box.net


  • Insert spreadsheet layers;
  • Insert 2D/3D chart layers, including 2D/3D pie chart, 2D/3D bar chart, line chart, 3D horizontal bar chart, 3D detached pie chart, and area chart;
  • Insert Text layers, 11 built-in styles are available to simply your job;
  • Change font, color, size, rotation of text;
  • Insert drawing layers;
  • Insert image layers, select from your images or built-in background images designed by professional graphic designer;
  • Slide show with fly in support;
  • Import Microsoft PowerPoint presentation document (OpenXML format);
  • Export to HD PDF;
  • Sync with Dropbox and Box.net;
  • Sync with iTunes;
  • Open-in support;
  • Auto save.
  • 22 built-in HD background images created by professional designer.

Future improvements

  • 3D style fly-in;
  • Animation;
  • Video recording.

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Please contact encgoo@gmail.com for suggestions and ideas. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.