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The Wendover Las Vegas Nevada Miracle Prophecy

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Titus: 1:15
- "To those that are pure all things are pure."

If you find the images below offensive, then you would have surely condemned Jesus for allowing Mary Magellan the prostitute to touch him while on earth. You are pure by the blood of Jesus alone and by his Spirit of love. I am not trying to stumble anyone with this images below, but rather instruct you about grace and love based freedom. Most Christian parents allow their children to wear bathing suits today that would have been condemned under the Law of Moses or the Levitical laws as being obscene and in many cases punishable by death. Question: Which is a worse sin from God's point of view, watching a movie with graphic torture and death, or watching pornography with people pretending to love each other? So my point is not to encourage either, but rather it would be better that you don't judge based on what your eyes see only, but rather see with the spirit of love and grace.

 If you cannot do that then you better quit going to the pool, the beach or the Lake, for in the images below the women are covered better than most of those you will see at the pool. Judge not and you will not be judged, forgive and you will be forgiven. To those that are pure all things are pure, love is the law.
Love one another and also non-believers as Jesus taught and you will do well. If you do not understand why these images are here then you will not understand Jesus' future move in Las Vegas and Wendover. Christians need to start doing what Jesus commanded in respect to non-believers, love them not judge them. That is what will happen in the future Las Vegas move, Jesus will show his love supernaturally by all types of miracles to the very persons who do not believe in him. Also this move will be for the humbling and correction to the self righteous religious leaders and persons, especially legalistic Christians.

 Wendover Nevada Prophecy, State Line Primm and Las Vegas Casinos prophecy for the future.

Miracles will occur in every facet of the gaming areas, including adjacent strip clubs, nude dancers, sex workers and prostitutes. This will occur everywhere in and around the casinos. Back alleys, parking lots, tourists areas, casino employees, and then eventually casino executives.

 Jesus will start with those most hurting first, such as those in bondage to drugs, demons or other evil supernatural powers. During this same period Jesus will help and heal the unemployed and the homeless. Then American war veterans with psychological disorders and especially amputee veterans. Some veterans will actually have amputated limbs grow back in minutes, however Jesus may wait to save those miracles until around the middle of this move for the purpose of shutting the mouths of the skeptics. For war veterans of other countries a person must first acknowledge to at least one person publicly that Jesus Christ is doing miracles in Las Vegas or Wendover casinos.

In the mist of these miracles Jesus will be healing every manner of disease, spiritual oppression and more things then I could list in this website. So if you get to see a miracle, but did not get yours fear not. Just come back to Las Vegas, Wendover or State line another time within 60 days as a test of your faith that you really believe. Jesus will prepare you during those days until you return.  If Jesus knows you will not be able to return by your own ability, then he will either provide a way for you to get there by some type of miracle, or Jesus will make a special visitation to where you are. So don't give up ask him, he hears you when you pray, even when you doubt and think you're only praying to empty air, he is closer than your next breath by the power of his Holy Spirit. 

The wealth of the unbeliever

During this miracle move Jesus will be looking to find his lost children inside the casinos by his supernatural power, also called the tangible anointing of the Holy Spirit. Then the Holy Spirit will help some of these to win in way most think Jesus would never do. Why not, its his money in the first place. However don't put God to the test, make sure Jesus wants you to play before you actually do. Not everyone he heals physically and spiritually will win at the tables or the slots machines the first time. Some of you may need to be taught for a season first before Jesus can trust you with large financial gifts by his spirit. Jesus might give you a small jack-pot just to show you he can and to give you faith for it, however when his supernatural peace lifts from you that means your done. Anything after that goes back to house odds and without the Holy Spirit intervening on your behalf, the casino will win most of the time especially the slot machines. So when his supernatural peace lifts, get up and go do something else other than gambling, if you don't then you may lose whatever you won. Jesus' peace will return to you after you get up and do something else but do not misinterpret that as a sign to gamble again. Jesus will do something else much more powerful plus his peace and increase after increase to confirm to you if he really wants you to gamble again. If it is not extremely powerful, so powerful that it feels like heaven on earth then don't gamble. If you misinterpret this and sit down to gamble again when Jesus is not ready for you to do that, then when you start to gamble he will cause you to feel mildly sick to your stomach, or you will smell a unpleasant odor.

Jesus is not against gambling, you will not find that anywhere in the Bible. However Jesus is against any foolishness related to gambling. If you do not have self control to play responsibly knowing in advance the odds are mostly with the house, then the first thing he will teach you is how to control yourself and how to wait on his Holy Spirit. Then when you are ready he will give you that miracle as well, whether that be a week, a month or a year. The same is true with state lotteries, play responsibly and turn it over to the Holy Spirit in prayer. I recommend that you add one quick pick lottery ticket where you allow the computer to pick the numbers for you. Jesus can take over any computer at anytime, or control the fall of the lottery balls. You can continue to play your special numbers related to family etc, but add one quick pick ticket when you play. Be sure you get rid of any numbers based on horoscopes, psychics or lottery programs or anything else based on your own personal mathematical ability. If it is based on your intellect only, or outside systems or theories then in almost all cases God will not honor those numbers and you will never win. So lean not on your own understanding but rather ask the Holy Spirit in Jesus' name to teach you.

If you win a large sum of money by the power of the Holy Spirit while in any casino related to this prophecy, then DO NOT give any donations to your local church or religious organization without the Holy Spirit giving you a confirmation of supernatural peace, and a least two supernatural fragrances first. Example: You might pray, Jesus should I give to my church?  If you you don't feel peace beyond anything you have experienced with two supernatural fragrances that smell out of this world wonderful, then do not give a donation. If you misinterpret the confirmation then the same thing will happen as mentioned earlier. If you try to donate some of your winnings to an organization or church Jesus does not want you to donate too, then you will either get mildly sick to your stomach, or smell an unpleasant odor that lingers until you say, Ok Jesus I got the message, I will not give to that organization. Jesus would rather you find people that need help and then help them one on one, than to give to churches or organizations. In some cases Jesus might have you give to an organization or church as well, just make sure from him first before donating. If you know for sure he has given you the miracle of winning, then rest assured he will guide you in what to do with a portion of it. No rush, no worries just wait on him to reveal it. In the mean time until he does have a good time, that is one of the reasons he gave it to you, so you could have a better life financially and spiritually. He would not have given it to you had he thought you were not ready for it.

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Wendover / Las Vegas upload time and date stamp video

To Casino owners and corporations

Don't worry Jesus' Holy Spirit won't put the casinos out of business. In fact Jesus might make sure the casino's actually make more money, so they can stay in business as he gives portions of it to his children and those who will become his children because of these types of miracles. Should any casino restrict someone's play because they are believing God for a miracle move based on this website, then if they restrict that person within 48 hours of that person being restricted the Holy Spirit will disable every slot machine in that casino. On the 8th day the Holy Spirit will put it all back to normal. No slot technician or computer expert will be able to correct this problem, so heed this warning. This will occur every time a casino does this until they get the message. The 48 hour delay is a grace period that God will give to every casino manager, pit boss or executive in order to allow time to become aware of any restriction of play and time to correct their mistake.

To casino owners the message is this: Do not restrict the play of any person believing for a miracle based on this website. If you do not restrict their play Jesus will help your casino, he will make sure your profits increase for your monthly in spite of any pay-outs caused by the Holy Spirit on one particular day or week during that month. You will make more money overall, so be patient sit back and watch, more money for the casino will happen as well, courtesy of Jesus Christ. However if you restrict anyone's play related to this website within your casino once this begins, then you will regret it every-time you do it.

To casino operators, managers or owners. In the event your casino slot machines are shut down by the Holy Spirit, then you still have an option for the Holy Spirit to restore the slot machines before the eight day period is completed. To do this start by doing your best to find out who was denied play. If that cannot be determined then do all you can to make sure that no one else is denied play in the future for belief in this prophecy. After doing that, go to your office or a private place, (whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not) and pray the following out-loud. say "God Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ I'm sorry for what has happened, I will do my best to make sure it does not happen again. I ask that you would restore the slot machines and help me know in advance of any other future problems so this does not happen again. If this outage is really of you then I ask that you would restore the slots quickly so I will not doubt your will in this in the future. Amen.

After you have prayed this then before you can walk back onto the casino floor the slot slot machines will be restored. Jesus will also cause an increase in revenue at your casino to make up for any losses that occurred while the slots where down.

To those reading that think this warning is ridiculous, along with this prophecy then I suggest you think again. When the casinos recognize that something is going on that they cannot explain and then connect it to this prophecy, some of them they might be tempted to find a reason to restrict someones play if they overhear that a person in their casino believes this prophecy. Jesus is not against any honest law abiding casino, in fact many casino's have many believers of Jesus Christ working for them. Jesus will use the casino's to be a blessing and he will bless the casino's for the sake of the people coming to them to fulfill this prophecy. Casino operators and owners that are wise will recognize this and just enjoy the ride, and because of this many of them will come to a real faith in Jesus Christ through the process. The foolish casino owners that restrict play based on this prophecy will watch their fortunes disappear in months, not years.

The Miracles

Miracle healing of all types will occur. Some will be healed and they will not know for sure how it happened, they will only say, "I don't understand, one minute I was crippled, blind, sick and now I'm well." Most will see no angel, feel no power, nothing to point directly to God except the healing itself. Jesus will give these same people a dream, or a vision at a later time, or another visitation so they know it was Jesus that healed them. Others will feel God's power but God might cause them to dance, shake or other unusual things to keep the religiously prideful or any denomination from claiming any credit. In either case many will still not know for sure who healed them, only that they are well. When these miracles begin, it will be reported on every news network. It will start slow, then steadily increase until Jesus' miracle move becomes a full blown OMG experience that only the most stubborn of skeptics could ever deny. For anyone who was or will be in the vicinity of these miracles when they are occurring in the fullness, then it would be easier for those persons to be hit by a bolt of lightning indoors than to deny these miracles. They will be mighty when in the fullness, God will not be hiding when moving in the fullness, his Spirit and his Glory will be seen, felt, and experienced. There will be no one claiming to be Christ, or anyone in the flesh claiming they are the cause of the miracles. If anyone does they will not be long of this world and you will not hear of them again.

Why would Jesus do this type of miracle move in such secular places? First of all because many of Jesus' future sons and daughters are at these places. Second because Jesus Christ is almost completely fed up with organized Christianity that stands around pointing fingers of judgment at the non-believers. The other reason is because most Christians have mocked or rejected this website. Some of these Christian mockers are in such apostasy to erred teachers and pastors, that it will take a move of God like this to correct them, at least for those that are wise enough to pay attention when it begins.

 I suggest everyone reading remember that, because Jesus will do this miracle move also to uphold his Word concerning every prophetic word given on this website, including this prophecy. The rapture, the 666 calculation and the revival prophetic words of knowledge of this website, including the Kent Mattox prophetic word. Once this miracle move begins in Wendover and Las Vegas, those of you who knew of this prophecy before hand, yet still reject the other information on this website, even after this prophecy  it begins then know this. If you do not repent of that rejection you will be disciplined by the Holy Spirit severely, or worse the Holy Spirit will leave you altogether. This means anyone and everyone including any Christian, especially Hal Lindsey, Grant Jeffrey, Benny Hinn, Jack Van Impe TBN or CBN related ministries.

The other reasons for this type of miracle move in Las Vegas and Wendover

The other reasons are mostly due to the fact that most believers in Jesus Christ have refused to love the non-believers as Jesus commanded and intended. Jesus taught and commanded that his believers should not stand in judgment of non-believers. Nothing Apostle Paul taught about judging within the church overrides what Jesus taught about not judging those outside of the church. Not to mention what Paul taught about judging was only to be done within the church, and then only under strict conditions. Correction of believers by Pastors was to be done with love and done privately with the help of the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit . In fact Apostle Paul taught that Christians are not to judge non-believers at all, for God judges the outsiders.

Jesus Christ will use this Casino move to prove he does not need the help of preachers, teachers or evangelists to save even the worst of sinners. Christians that do preach his Gospel during this time better be preaching about his love and forgiveness otherwise they might have a serious wake up call from Jesus correcting them in way they thought not.

WARNING: Christians that call this future casino move evil once it starts, or say it is not of God when it begins then I warn you now that Jesus Christ will sternly humble and discipline you if you say those things.

Jesus will heal, bless and supernaturally touch even the worst of non believers in this move inside the casinos. He will touch and heal working prostitutes, strippers, gay, lesbians, gang bangers, hit-men, murderers, swindlers. It will have nothing to do with the faith of the people present, but will be completely about Jesus' mercy, grace and forgiveness towards them in spite of them or in spite of their unbelief. It will be an unearned supernatural gift given to them by Jesus Christ by the power of his Holy Spirit.

If you see a miracle but you did not get yours, fear not just ask Jesus again. If you see one of these future miracles but did not understand what was going on until you saw this video at a later time, then just say this. "Wonderful Jesus I believe, help me with my unbelief. Jesus might heal as you say this above, or give you a dream about going back to the casino.

For some of those that Jesus heals, the Holy Spirit will cause them to go back to the tables, or the slots machines to gamble. At this point however it will no longer be real gambling, but of course the casinos will not know that.

For the Christians reading, a question. Do you think Jesus Christ would ever do a thing like this? If you said no, and believe Jesus would never do such a thing, then you my friend still have a lot to learn.

The upload time stamp of this video is April 06, 2010.

When you hear about miracles in the Casinos, go and see. To learn what casinos and what city they will in start first, watch the video completely.

Note: The Holy Spirit has not given me the date when this will begin in the casinos, but the Holy Spirit did made it clear to me he will make sure everyone hears about it when he wants them to know.

However no matter how many miracles happen in the Casinos, just as it was in Jesus' time so shall it be also in this time to come. Some will still refuse to believe in Jesus, even then.

Jesus is not a denomination, he is the living God who wishes to set the captives free. He shed his blood for you so you could go free, including freedom from false Christianity that Jesus himself warned about.

  2nd Time / Date Stamp video for Wendover / Las Vegas Miracle Prophecy

To Jesus Christ be all power all praise and all Glory. To him every knee shall bow to the glory of the Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. May all his children washed and covered by his precious blood say; "In Jesus Christ's mighty and precious name may his perfect will and perfect grace be done.

In the Master's service and his very amazing grace. In Jesus Christ's mighty and precious name. Amen