Mark of the beast 666                               

 The most dangerous things you must never do, or accept.

 Buying and selling  Bio-Implant Warning


Some Christian groups as well as many mainstream Christian denominations believe this future mark of the  beast is not a literal mark.  Never listen to these groups if you are about your eternal destiny. The mark of the beast is literal and you must never take it.


If you take this future BUYING AND SELLING  mark of Antichrist, then Jesus Christ will send his Holy Angels to torture you and destroy you at the time of his final judgments.

If you think that this is unfair and cruel of God then consider this.  Jesus Christ is the authority of the universe whether you believe it or not.  Jesus Christ was tortured, beaten to a pulp, mocked and whipped to the point of mutilation that his skin was falling off in shreds. Then Jesus Christ suffered hours on a cross for you and then died. Jesus did all of this so he could forgive you legally by grace without undermining his Holy Law.  Jesus said while on the cross, speaking of Israel and also to us in the future, he said "Father forgive them they know not what they do." Then Jesus said "it is finished" and he died.  Because of the blood Jesus shed and the death penalty required by the Law of Moses that Jesus took in your place,  Jesus is now willing to forgive the humble almost anything including murder, drugs, gang banging, rape and thousands of other sins.  But Jesus Christ draws the line when it comes to the buying and selling mark of the beast.  To take the mark of the beast means you renounce God Almighty and Jesus Christ.  It also means you accept the Antichrist as your God.  When you take the the buying and selling mark of the Antichrist the blood of Jesus no longer protects you.

666 info - Narrated Version

DO NOT TAKE IT there is no excuse especially for those who claim  to believe in Jesus Christ.  If you take it then you will wish you had never been born.  God will not have any pity on you anymore than you would have pity for a disgusting cockroach that has invaded your home.  If you take the Antichrist's future buying and selling mark, then know this, God Almighty will consider you of less value than a filthy germ in a used bed pan.  I pray Jesus Christ would humble you in such a way that you would never make that mistake.  I would rather Jesus Christ scare the hell out of you literally and supernaturally, than for you to end up in hell because of your stupidity or Lucifer.

If you say you would rather die and go to hell than serve a God like that then understand this, Jesus Christ will eventually allow you to make that free will choice if you are determined to never receive him as your savior.  I pray the Holy Spirit shows you the cost of that bad decision through dreams or even nightmares if necessary, that you never take the mark of the Antichrist.  If you think Lucifer cares about you think again, Lucifer hates you and he is only using you as a pawn to his own ends in his rebellion towards God and Jesus Christ.  Misery and stupidity loves company and if you want that as your destiny, then go ahead and follow Lucifer believe him when he tells you he cares.  Lucifer is the father of lies and if you listen to him and take his mark then know in advance you were warned today.  Lucifer is the father of every false religion on earth, and as hard as this may be to believe, UFO's gray aliens are his fallen angels. 

Lucifer will also use that deception as well at the very end of the age when he is allowed. The word beast in the Greek has multiple uses.  One usage means ruthless man, one means like oxen or cattle and the usage used in Revelation chapter 13 means "Not Human" He might look human and he will be a man in appearance, but he will be not human spiritually.  Gray aliens are hybrid fallen angels (not human) and they will be allowed to appear when God allows Lucifer to do it.  In 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 it says God sends the Antichrist (Strong delusion) because of those who refuse to accept Jesus Christ.  In other words Jesus finally says OK, if  they want to reject me then I will send them a lie to believe in instead.  From then on Lucifer is forcibly cast down by God Almighty to take the role as the false Christ, also called the Antichrist or the beast.  The appearance of the Antichrist and his buying and selling mark is a last chance sign to those still on the fence about Jesus Christ.  When you see the Antichrist prophecy being fulfilled, then you know it will only be a few years before Jesus Christ returns.  So as bad as it is, it nevertheless is one of the proofs that Jesus Christ is the truth.  The Antichrist will be very nice and very wise the first couple of years. The Antichrist will even bring about a peace agreement in the middle east.  But that will be short lived and  3 1/2 years into the peace agreement the real intentions of the Antichrist will become clear. To learn more about the Antichrist click this link on the right. - -The Antichrist  - Click


Friend, I'm NOT asking you to receive organized Christianity, I'm NOT asking you to go to any church.  Besides many of the churches have become corrupt just as Jesus predicted.  However I am asking you to pray the following in the privacy of your home, or in the place of your  choice.  

Ask this in your own way, ask something like this,  "Jesus Christ if you are the truth, this in spite of your followers that have hurt me, then help me believe. Teach me supernaturally by your Holy  Spirit and prove yourself to me personally outside of churches made with  walls. That is the best I can do today. Amen

That simple prayer above is more than enough for Jesus to begin the process, so be sure to ask him today, because in reality you have no promise for tomorrow, only today. If you pray that prayer shown above Jesus Christ will save you and give you the gift of faith supernaturally.  Once Jesus proves himself to you then thank him for what he did for you.  Obviously you cannot really thank him until you know for sure that Jesus is alive.  Even if you pray that prayer above with no real faith, even if you feel foolish thinking you're only praying to empty air, I promise you whether in a day, a week, or months Jesus will honor that prayer.  On the day that  Jesus reveals himself to you supernaturally, you will cry, laugh, and experience supernatural love, supernatural peace and supernatural joy so powerful you will not be able to explain it with words alone. It is not a goose bump experience my friend, it is awesome supernatural experience that changes you and removes your doubt forever.  You might want to read my pages on SALVATION with Jesus Christ and my page on MIRACLE HEALING

Hal Lindsey on the Antichrist

 NOTICE:  Those of you who have 666 tattoos 

If you're a person who has tattooed 666 on your body, or has a Satanic mark of some type please understand that this is not taking the mark of Antichrist from Jesus' point of view.  The Antichrist has to be in power, the Antichrist has to have control of all nations on earth, and the mark has to also be connected to your ability to buy or sell before it is the mark of the beast. From Jesus' point of view your 666 tattoo it is nothing more than foolish art by rebellious sons and daughters whom he loves.  Fear not Jesus died for the stupid as well.  The mark of the Antichrist will be related to buying or selling and most likely will be a bio-implant of some type. Since "Bio-implant" calculates to 666 just like "Satanic Mark" the bio-implant will most likely be the mark of the beast when the Antichrist rises.  So if you have a tattoo of 666 or something else,  then understand God Almighty to WILL forgive you in Jesus' name when you ask sincerely. Then ask God for help in doing a cover up, or removal of the tattoo.  The number 888 is a good cover up for 666.  Since  the Koine Greek of the new testament also has numeric values and since the values of the name of "Jesus" in the Greek is 888, I think that would be a good cover up.

HOWEVER NEVER EVER TAKE ANY TYPE OF BUYING OR SELLING BIO-IMPLANT OR TATTOO when it is required in order to buy or sell.  If in the future the Antichrist asks you to take a 666 tattoo on your right hand or forehead or a bio-implant so you can buy or sell, then in this situation it would be the mark and it would be a sin God would not forgive if you take it.  Fear not the Holy Spirit will help you understand, ask him in Jesus' name. 

Yes I realize if you cannot buy or sell you will die.  It is better to die as Jesus would have you die, trusting Jesus rather than have Lucifer strip you of your soul by taking his buying and selling mark, not to mention Jesus' future judgment upon you and then Hell for taking the mark.  Many Christians will die if they reject the mark of the beast, but they will not die alone or without God's help or Holy Angels.

Besides what is the alternative, Jesus Christ will torture and destroy every person that takes the buying and selling mark of the beast of the Antichrist within just a few years of the mark being required.  No more than 3 years, so really it is a death sentence for everyone, one death leads to the fullness and love of God in Jesus Christ as well as eternal life. The mark of Antichrist 666 leads to the destruction of your soul, the torment of God's judgments in your flesh, then death and then supernatural prison for 1,000 years with Lucifer, and to make matters worse lastly then there is the Lake of Fire.

 Christians die first, then those who follow the Antichrist die much, much, worse later. Jesus said "he who would save his own life shall lose it, and those who would lose their life for Jesus' sake will gain it everlasting."  Jesus can protect you supernaturally and many Christians will not die, however you need to be ready for every possible situation.  It's either Jesus Christ or the Antichrist.  Considering the consequences of taking the mark and 666 this should be an easy choice.  So die well if Jesus Christ requires that of you, the Holy Spirit will give you strength, power and peace so you are not afraid.  Please scroll down and read the rest of this page.

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Revelation 13:16-18

13:16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and the slave, to be marked on their right hand, or on their forehead; 17 so that no one would be able to buy or to sell, unless they have the mark, which is, the name of the beast or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. He, who has understanding, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is six hundred sixty-six.

Revelation 14:9-11

9 A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: If anyone worships the beast or his image or receives his mark on their forehead or hand, 10 the same shall drink of the wrath of God in its full strength. He will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the Holy Angels and of the Lamb. 11 And the smoke of their torment rises for ever and ever. There is no rest day or night for those who worship the beast or its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of his name.

The buying and selling mark of the Antichrist will be literal.

Sadly there are many Christians currently teaching that the future buying and selling mark of the Antichrist is not and will not be a literal mark. These erred Christians believe that this mark is only a spiritual mark. Do not believe these erred Christians, it will cost you everything someday if you do. Brothers and sisters this future mark will be literal as well as spiritual. It's not one or the other, but both. The Greek word for the word mark as used in Revelation 13:16-18 is the Greek word: Charagma. Its usage means to mark by scratching or etching. This means we are talking about literal mark. When you read all of Revelation 13 you will notice as well that the Antichrist will eventually demand worship. The penalty for worshiping this future Antichrist is the same as taking the mark. It will bring God's wrath upon any person who takes it at the time of God's judgments.

Smart cards, National ID cards, biometric scans, eye scans are not the mark of the beast, unless this information is compiled and then applied to your right hand or forehead. If it's not applied to the right hand or forehead then it is not the mark of the beast. However, any technology or tattoo that is required to be put on, or in your right hand always reject. You will know when it's the mark, for you will be restricted from buying or selling unless you take it. It will also be required to be put on, or in the right hand or forehead. Never take this mark, I highly stress the word NEVER.

Charagma pronounced: khar'-ag-mah,

a scratch or etching, inscribe engrave i.e. stamp (as a badge of servitude), or sculptured figure (statue):--graven, mark

Getting back to implant GPS technology.

GPS implant technology is fine provided the government never makes these implants mandatory for the purpose of buying or selling. Its use in the military for non-monetary things such as tracking, protecting children or finding lost pets and the like is fine. GPS implants, or just regular digital information implants for GI's is allowable by God provided this information is used ONLY for emergency identification such as medical history in a battlefield situation. It however must never have any buying or selling attributes of any kind, nor can it have any mandatory identification aspect used beyond battlefield conditions or deployments. When the troops come home it cannot be used as a mandatory identification system. It use can only be for military emergency identification such as battlefield conditions or deployments. If it ever becomes mandatory for a military man or woman to have these emergency implants in order to cash their payroll checks at home, then the government has crossed the biblical line as outlined in the book of Revelation. As far as implants are concerned in respect to battlefield conditions you CAN make those implants mandatory as a condition of service, but ONLY for medical information and history and emergency identification. However, these medical history implants MUST NEVER progress into a mandatory buying or selling system. I realize I am being quite redundant on the correct usage for these implants but it is very important these points are understood by all reading.

Cashless Monetary System for the United States of America

A cashless American society is fine as long as it is a smart card type of ID system that involves no implantation or marking in or on the skin. Do not let anyone convince you otherwise whether Christian, or non Christian. A president must never sign an executive order to make it law for a mandatory monetary or ID implant system. Governments must never allow a implant system for buying or selling of any type whether in the United States or anywhere else. Use of a cashless smart card / ID and or Internet commerce is OK, but the use of implants whether Verichip or others regardless of security concerns are never allowed according to scripture. If its an implant for buying and selling do not allow it. If its an implant to verify your ID so you can buy or sell do not allow it.

By rejecting implants for buying and selling transactions you will avoid a great divide and controversy within the government you serve. It's not just good politics, it will please God and keep his blessings from being removed from your country. To all, this also includes any type of marking system applied to the body that is used specifically to verify identification for buying and selling, or a marking system specifically designed for buying and selling. In other words it does not have to be an implant to be a problem with God, it only needs to be applied to the body with buying or selling attributes, so never allow this. Another note on implants, implants that are used for tracking those released from prison, or for tracking former child molesters is fine so long as there is no buying or selling aspect to the implant.

The denominational debates among some Christians

One of the reasons there are divisions of thought on this subject among Christians is because many of them do not study the original definitions for the words "mark" and "calculate" from the Koine Greek language.

The new testament manuscripts that are reliable (Received Text / Byzantine Text) were originally written in the Koine Greek. These manuscripts are where we get the new testament today. The biggest problem occurs when translators take these manuscripts and try to simplify it for the reader. When this is done new or immature Christians will begin to make errors of interpretations, which of course leads to divisions among Christians. These simplified versions are normally fine for the basic study of the Gospel message, but some of these translations are extremely dangerous when studying the prophecy of Revelation. Some Christians also debate whether or not we are even to literally calculate the number as discussed in Revelation 13:16-18. This misunderstanding also because of these over simplified translations. Here are those excerpts below, they start with two key scriptures from the book of Revelation, then some definitions based on the original Koine Greek for the word "Mark" and the word "Calculate" plus some other commentary and history on counting with pebbles as used in the Koine Greek for calculate.

Psephizo {psay-fid'-zo} 5586;

Count, (to count with pebbles, to compute, calculate, reckon 2) to give one's vote by casting a pebble into the urn) to decide by voting.

Reference history concerning counting with pebbles

The Greeks during the Bronze Age decided to use small rocks to count with, in addition to the finger method they were already utilizing. These pebbles would represent the real (or imaginary) objects they wished to count. To the ancient Greeks, it was obviously a lot simpler to count a hundred small pebbles rather than a hundred cows, for example. Sometimes, in order to make things a bit easier for themselves and to avoid the embarrassment of miscounting and having to start all over, they would arrange these pebbles in groups of 10, thus saving an incredible amount of time. As time passed on, this particular method of counting would gradually become more organized by arranging the pebbles in either horizontal or perpendicular lines. Those pebbles on the first line represented units, those on the second line the tens, and those on the third line hundreds, and so on. This is exactly how the abacus was created, and this method of counting was used quite extensively until the latter half of our century. The usage of Psephizo in Revelation 13 makes it perfectly clear we are to calculate and research this prophecy using mathematics while maintaining the scientific method during the research. When Jesus said in Matthew 10:30 that the very numbers of our head are all numbered, he meant it literally.

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