What is this page all about?

This is a sort of test. 


On this web page, I am testing to see how long I can hold people's interest. Well, I'm actually just bored. I did something totally random, because I wanted to. I AM allowed to, so don't tell me I can't. You hear me?! It's a free country!!! You can't stop me!!!!! I'll, I'll, I'll make this web site as much as I want!!!! Mwuhahaha!!! Wait, that didn't make any sense... Let me go check 7th Sanctum, your soucre for all your writes block needs... NUCLEOBITE!!! Ha! Can't beat that can you?! Oh wait, that's a Villain name generator... Oh whatever. I will do any interviews with CNN, ABC, NPR, JST, LDE, PTR, YQX, and any other news corpoations.