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The original lighthouse was established in 1874. The current structure was constructed in 1940. A fourth order Fresnel lens was in use from 1899 until August 2013, when it was replaced by a LED light. the Fresnel lens is on display in the lighthouse on the first floor.

The U.S. Lighthouse Service constructed and maintained all federal aids to navigation until it merged with the U. S. Coast Guard in 1939.

The original structure at Point Hueneme was constructed in 1874. It was a Swiss-Elizabethan style with the first two floors serving as quarters for the the Keeper and Assistant Keeper and their families. The structure was in use until 1940 when the construction of the channel entrance to the harbor required that the structure be moved. At that time it was decided to construct a new Lighthouse hence the current structure seen today.

The current structure was completed and the light first lit in 1941. It is an example of the Art Moderne style. The Keeper, Assistant Keeper and their families did not live in this structure. Housing was constructed nearby. The cottages are still standing, however they are no longer owned by the Coast Guard.

The Fourth Order Fresnel lens which was manufactured in France by Barbier & Bernard in 1897 and arrived shortly thereafter was relocated to the current structure and is in operation to this day.