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The suggestions from the wishing tree from the Treasure Hunt organised by Transition Point Chevalier have been collated and are at the bottom of the page.

What your neighbourhood had to say...

Treasure Hunt 'postings' about making Pt Chevalier a better place to live…..

Transition Point Chevalier organised a wonderful community event late in 2009 - the Treasure Hunt!  One station had a wishing tree that people wrote their suggestions for making Point Chev a better place to live. These are collated below.

Fruit trees on road verges x4
More cycle lanes x10 
No rubbish x5
More playgrounds x3
Improve the mall, make it more people friendly x5 A swimming pool x3
Less cars x3
No cars in Pt Chev x4
Better traffic control and speed bumps x3
Peace and happiness x3
Having a skate bowl and cycle tracks x2
A flying fox x2
More community events x3
No stoats and more kiwis x2
For people’s lives to happy, healthy and full of good things x2
An ambulance station x2
Trees on pt chev road x3
Water slide x2
To have the movie theatre in PT Chev shops again x2
Motocross track x2
Bike tracks x3
A water slide going down to the beach
More BBQs at the park
I wish for more icecream shops
Improve the mall, supermarket
Heaps of people picking up rubbish
A tramway to the city
Everyone to have plants in their garden and a tree house for fairies that live in Pt Chevalier x2
A whole lot of water parks
Improve the playground
Clean beautiful beaches
Place to recycle: garden waste, household stuff, clothes etc..
More places to play, cycle and scooter
Less pollution at Pt Chevalier and Jaggers Bush creek x2
Judder bars at the Kanuka/Premier Rd roundabout to keep it safer for our kids to play & cross the road
People stop killing sea creatures
Create more environment based community programmes
More public BBQ’s at the beach
A cooler playground at Coyle Park
Bouncy castle
More books in the library
To talk more and get to know everyone
A seafood café/restaurant down on Coyle park
A monorail
Being more respectful to the environment
Less roadworks
Wider footpaths
24 hour supermarket
Law and order in public places and control tagging x2
For dog owners to adhere to the bylaws
Increased wheelchair accessibility
No more national party voters
More grownup trees
Outdoor drinking/eating
People to reduce, reuse, recycle
Butterfly slide
More public transport
More bikes
Theme park like seaworld
Bush! Reforestation of Meola reef
Safe wide bike lanes
A safe environment for everyone where old and young can enjoy
Lots of land
Native trees
Robots to clean up your house
Local green waste and community mulching
Power lines moved underground
Non polluting cars
A spraypainting wall
Playground at Pasadena
All families support all local schools
Pedestrian town centre, more cafes, nicer shops eg. Fish, veges etc.
Less boyracers
Swipe card gated entry system
More parks
Waterfall made of melted chocolate