Welcome to a new year of Band at Prairie Point!


Please read the information below carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

- Mr. Fountain, Mr. Schafer, and Mr. Steinbach



7th Grade - Bring the book you were using in 6th Grade

8th Grade - Bring the book you were using in 6th Grade

9th Grade - No new books are needed in 9th grade.


All students should bring their instruments and other necessary items to school at the beginning of the school year.  You may also choose to bring them to open house.


Students’ locker numbers will be on their folder label which they will find on their chairs in band class on the first or second day of school.  If students bring their instrument to Point on or before the first day, they may find their locker number on a list in the instrument storage room.  Lockers for most 8th and 9th graders are the same as last year.


If you need supplies, please consider purchasing them from a local music store.  West Music has a dedicated web page for Prairie Point and the books/supplies we recommend.  You can find that link here......https://www.westmusic.com/specials/college-community-prairie-point-middle-school/

If you need your instrument repaired or tuned up, please use West Music or Barnard Instrument Repair.  Instruments should be tuned up every year and any other repairs should be taken care of immediately.  If need be, you can coordinate your instrument to be picked up and dropped off here at Point if that makes things easier.  Both West and Barnard visit us on a regular basis.  Again, please get instruments tuned up on a yearly basis and any repairs taken care of immediately. 

Masks and Bell Covers

If you choose to wear a mask, please use the special band masks that have a slit or flap for the mouthpiece.  You can get a generic mask from a band director or purchase a nicer version from West Music.  We will also have bell covers available for students who would like to utilize them.  Students will be responsible for laundering their mask and/or bell cover as needed.  

You are encouraged to connect with the Prairie Point Bands through

this website and Facebook.  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/prairiepointbands/