Real Time Animation manual (pdf) for Blender 2.6+

External Paint Autorefresh Blender-GIMP manual (pdf) for Blender 2.6+, GIMP 2.8+

External Paint Autorefresh Blender-Photoshop manual (pdf) for Blender 2.6+, Photoshop CS6+

Troubleshooting for Real Time Animation:

Addon runs slowly. Make sure to close the User Preferences window in Blender.

Troubleshooting for External Paint Autorefresh:

The addon works by using files in a sync folder called "_blenderextpaint_autorefresh" that it creates in your home directory. The scripts for Blender and external image editor use that folder to synchronize. If something isn't working, make sure the folder is created and writable/readable files are created inside of it.

GIMP or Photoshop plugins aren't working. The plugins should behave in a standard way. Try downloading other plugins and installing them, and follow the same installation steps for our plugin. If other plugins work and ours doesn't, let us know. If no plugins work, look for troubleshooting info on GIMP or Photoshop.

GIMP plugins aren't appearing. Put the GIMP plugins into some folder. In GIMP go to Edit >> Preferences >> Folders >> Plug-Ins, there create a new path pointing to the folder, click Ok. Then restart GIMP.

I'm on Linux and the GIMP plugins aren't working. Try setting the GIMP plugins as executable. (Contributed by A. Miner)

I'm on Mac OSX and the GIMP 2.8 plugins aren't appearing or working. Try using GIMP 2.9 beta. (Contributed by Ben S.)

I'm using a portable version of GIMP, and there is an error saying "no such file or directory". This could be because GIMP scripts are trying to use a different synchronization folder than Blender scripts. Figure out what path the GIMP scripts are trying to use, this should be part of the error message. In the Blender script, find the line that says appdir = ..., and replace the path there with the path from the GIMP error message. For example, change the appdir line to something like below (use forward slashes):
appdir = "C:/GIMPPortable/2.8.0/Data/.gimp/_blenderextpaint_autorefresh" 
Then reinstall the updated Blender script. Now Blender and GIMP should be using the same synchronization folder. For example, it could be something like C:/GIMPPortable/2.8/Data/.gimp/_blenderextpaint_autorefresh

Saving the image in GIMP breaks autorefreshing. In the manual it talks about this in "Saving the image as a .xcf file in GIMP during autorefreshing". In GIMP after doing a save, export the image back again to the file that was being autorefreshed. You only need to export once, it resets the autorefresh filepath and afterwards you can save the image at any time without affecting the autorefresh.

In Photoshop paint mode, the two-sided autorefresh sets the history brush source to the currently active history state. The autorefresh does this in Photoshop in order to pause itself when you are not actively editing the image. If you need to set the history brush source to a non-current history state, you can turn off the two-sided autorefresh and instead paint in Photoshop with one-sided autorefreshing in Blender.

The checkboxes in Blender are out of sync. Toggle them a few times to fix.

In Blender, autorefresh buttons are not working or status messages appear out of sync (for example this might happen if you save and reload the scene while forgetting to turn off the autorefresh). Hit the “Off” button then the “On” button to fix.

Paintbrush in Blender doesn't move smoothly. Reopen the Blender scene and restart your paint program.

"No such directory", "Permission denied", "Path not found" and similar errors. The addon keeps synchronization files in a folder called "_blenderextpaint_autorefresh" that it creates in your home directory. This error means the addon isn't allowed to write to those files for some reason. Try setting permissions to allow it to write there. If the folder isn't being automatically created, create it yourself.

In general, if something goes wrong, try reloading the scene in Blender, or restarting your paint program, or deleting the autorefresh synchronization folder in your home directory - a new one should be created automatically next time autorefresh runs.