Real Time Animation
 Addon for animating by recording object motion

Real Time Animation is open source under the zlib license
Download: current version 2.6
                                                         This is a sped up version of the original demo video
                                        This video shows an early version of the addon, doesn't include updates.

This addon for Blender lets you move objects of any type (including cameras, lights, etc) and bones in 3D space and record their motion as keyframes. The time slider automatically advances and keyframes are inserted (at frequencies that you set) when you move the objects, the addon pauses itself when you are not moving the objects. This can be used to create an animation directly, by animating in real time or in slow motion. It can also be used to create an animation sketch.

For animation cleanup, there are buttons that let you use the time slider to select/deselect or delete keyframes for location, rotation, and scale. This allows swiping the time slider over ranges of keyframes to select/deselect or delete them while viewing the animation at the same time.

Smooth Follow makes an object follow the mouse pointer in a smooth trajectory, this motion can also be recorded.

The addon also has buttons for duplicating the previous and next keyframe for location, rotation, and scale, and a button for displaying information about keyframes under the time slider.

The manual has more info. For comments, bug reports, etc, please post them in the addon thread or send an email to