Species Recovery

Species Recovery: The Mountain beavers recovery plan came out in December 1998 from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The recovery strategy for the Mountain beaver focused on protecting known populations and protecting potential habitat. Developing management guidelines; gathering scientific data; determining whether relocation is feasible or desirable; and increasing public awareness of the animal and its conservation needs. The Mountain beaver almost became extinct due to the loss of habitat from farmers, land development, etc. In the 20th century everybody wants to develop lend to make factories, businesses and whatever else. People seem to more and more ignore the fact that these animals are losing their homes causing them to die. That is one way the Mountain beaver lost many numbers and the other way the Mountain beaver almost became extinct was due to farmers killing them for either their precious fur and use for medicine or else they killed them because they were killing their crops of trees, etc. When the Mountain beaver almost became extinct though the species became endangered making them illegal to kill. The recovery plan for this species included to make sure that this species would not lose any type of their habitat and their habitat must be reserved and not to be used. This idea of leaving their land alone help them to survive and thrive obviously much more. Also this recovery plan made sure that no plantations or farms got in the way of this amazing species. Thanks to this recovery plan the Mountain beaver is now doing much better.

This is a picture of a Mountain beaver that had been saved.

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