Species Description


Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Rodentia Family: Aplodontiiae Genus: Aplodontia Species: rufa

The first part of the Mountain Beaver's scientific name Aplodontia means "simple tooth" and is in reference to the simple large basin comprising the bulk of each cheek tooth. The Mountain Beaver is related to many types of other animals. There are many different types of beavers like its relative the Eurasion Beaver. The Mountain Beaver is also confused with the North American Beaver as well. 


Species Description:

The Mountain Beaver is brown in color, but can range from reddish to more blackish. Adults weigh about 18-32 oz. The total length is about 12-20 inches with a tail length of 1-4 cm. The skull is protrogomorphous meaning that it has no specialized attachments for the masseter muscles as seen in other rodents. Each of its forepaws has an opposable thumb and all digits have a long curved claws for digging. 

This is a picture of the Point Arena Mountain Beaver found in one of its tunnels.

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