Welcome Correia Middle school life science students

Point Arena Mountain Beaver (Aplodontia rufa)

This is a picture of the Point Arena Mountain Beaver (Aplodontia rufa) found in its natural environment.

This website is all about the Point Arena Mountain Beaver. I will talk about the species habitat, feeding habitat, life cycle, survival adaptation, how it became endangered and how the species recovered from being endangered.

My name is Tait and I'm a 7th grade student in San Diego, California.  In my life science class, I had to do an endangered species project.  I decided to do my research on the Point Arena mountain Beaver.  I chose this species because I was very interested in how it almost became extinct and the difference between an actual beaver and this species. This website will detail the Point Arena Mountain Beaver as a species and discuss why it became endangered and what we are doing to save it.

Information and Media Sources:

Point Arena Mountain Beaver photo from http://www.fws.gov/arcata/es/mammals/mtnBeaver/gallery/pamb_gallery.html 

Information from: http://www.fws.gov/arcata/es/mammals/mtnBeaver/gallery/pamb_gallery.html