Kip Attaway - Cowboy Comedian - Feb 9, 2019

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See attached poster!

Celebrating our Freedom to Ride at the 50th Annual SDSA Convention - Dec 6-7, 2019

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Watertown, SD Convention Center

Winter Games Family Fun Day 2019

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Order Your Poinsett Pounder Gear!

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Click Here to Order to Pounder Gear! 

The link will soon appear on the sidebar, too. 


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A few pictures from the Fishing Tournament last year: What a great, South Dakota winter day! 


Govenor Winter Games Are Back Under The Tent!!!

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January 15- 17th at Lake Poinsett Under the Tent!

Friday, January 15th, 2016
KWAT/ POUNDERS Fishing Tournament
Registration at Lake Poinsett before the tournament begins-- tourney starts at 10:00 am and there will be Codington County Search and Rescue Demonstrations if weather permits

Saturday, January 16th is the FAMILY DAY
10:00 am Safety Class for ages 7 and up
    **SDSA Safety Simulator will be on site all day
11:30 am- Avalanche Beacon- Winter Survival Exercises
11:30 am - 2:00 pm -- FREE CHILI AND HOT DOGS (free will donation taken)
12:30 pm -- Kid's Kitty Cat timed event for kids aged 5-10 (snowmobile provided)
VINTAGE SNOWMOBILE SHOW -- Bring your oldies! 
2pm -- Family and Vintage snowmobile ride
Fireworks Display at Dark on west side of Lake Poinsett
Siouxland Poker Run -- Noon Start- Draw until 10:00 pm at Siouxland

Sunday, January 17th is the POUNDERS' BIG BUCKS POKER RUN
WITH A GUARANTEED $3,000 First Place Pay out

10:00 am- Registration
11:00 am- Kickoff (Maps provided)

$10 per hand- Unlimited Hands for Purchase at 10:00 am

Draw your cards at any time after 3:00 pm and you MUST BE IN LINE by 4:00 pm to draw cards. Once the lines are gone, the poker run is considered complete and the winner is announced. 

********NEW UPDATE********
Sunday, January 17TH
Registration for the BIG $3000 Poker Run will now take place at PIER 81
Registration starts at 10am
They will have a bloody mary bar set up along with mimosa's and some "adult" hot chocolate
Drawing your cards will STILL be out of the tent!!!!!

Tickets For Sale

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Winners From the State Convention 2015

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        Family Of the Year                                    Youth Snowmobiler of the Year                             
          "Loomis Family"                                               "Payton Wheelborg"

Everybody Wins! Tickets

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Email #1

Our club has gotten to sell as many tickets as we sold last year. 

If anyone would like to buy some or take some to sell for the club, please let us know, as we have them.  They do have to be sold and returned back before the state convention.

They are $20 each with a chance to win $10,000.

September Meeting Minutes

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Tony w/GFP talked about the new way of signing the trail.  We can start signing as of November 1st, and need to have it in by November 23rd.  Ron has the books with the new information, so if you sign trail, please get with Ron to get your book to review.

Our annual golf membership tournament will be Saturday, September 20th(yes, tomorrow).  Registration will start at 2pm, with golfing to start at 3pm.  We are starting earlier than normal since it gets dark sooner.

Talked a little about the state convention.  We will discuss and nominate family, man, woman, etc. at the next meeting.

The next meeting will be SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5TH AT 3:00PM

Meeting was adjourned by Robb and Ron

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