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Intro - Chapter 1 -

  You'll wake up in your bed. In the bedroom of your family's house. Go down the stairs, there is not much to do there, you can look at your reflection in the mirror if you want ;)


Go down and try to leave your house. Your mom will suggest to get in your real clothes before leaving. Anyway you don't have a choice, you'll be sent back to your room. Reminds you of EB? Go back down, you can leave your house now. 


 Go southeast to the exit of this map. You can talk to the frog to save your game too! If you want to daddle a bit, the two pigs near your house are a bit funny. Yup.


 Oh look! Dinosaurs! A cute one and two mean-looking ones, still, you'll need to start running (press B then let it go) and bump into it to continue.


 OH NO THERE IS SOME KIND OF BEETLE THING! I guess it wants to fight you! It's the beatle fighter from the twenyth century!


 Beat the ham out of this thing. I'm sure you can do it! He's super weak anyway. If you really need help, refer to the ENEMY PAEG! (shameless plug)


 After the fight, your mom will come up, she has stepped on some kind of bug. I wonder which one? Anyway, you guys will need to go back to your house!


 Your mom writes some kind of letter to Flint. I wonder why? Well it's a nice cutscene with Kanji and all that, so I only understand little parts.

Chapter 1:  The first chapter of Mother 3 is now!


 Here's Thomas, the firefighter, running toward Flint's house to get his help, because some guy has left his son in his house while the forest is burning D:

You are Flint the awesome cowboy dude. Go open the door to meet Thomas who seems in a very big rush. I could understand that. Your doorknob is broken though. Tell Thomas that Yes, you're going to come with him.



 There is an item in boney's doghouse. It's the wooden plank. A weapon for Flint, I'd suggest you to take it :) Now go north and save by the frog. Don't leave this map yet, there is something to take...


There is a nut bread in this giftbox. An item that makes you recover 30. As recovery items can be important, I'd suggest you to take it too. You have the space at this time anyway.


 When in town, talk to Mapson. He's a nice guy, he wants you to go and save the kid. He gives you a map of the region! You must go where the circle is. Do not lose time, cowboy Flint!


Leave town by that exit, you might want to save too, because things will get difficult later...


 There is a edible mushroom there...

...and a nut bread there. HP recovery items would be somewhat useful for Flint since he got no special healing techniques. However, if you didn't look yet, Flint got special attacks! You might want to look at them in the Powers Translation page :)

Leave by this exit when you're done stealing gift boxes.


 Before you continue, you must go into this weird church-like place to input your name.


 Because if you don't, the weird guy won't let you pass. So, when you did, just go north to the next area!

You'll fight Mr Bats along the way, nice way to get 20 exp per fight! It would be fun if they dropped items. Maybe they do, I'll have to find that out D:


 In this gift box, you'll find the Goat's Bracelet. It raises defense by 3 so equip it, you wouldn't spit at extra defense.

Heal at the Hot Springs which are located at the west of where you are  instead of wasting valuable items while you can :)


 Go back and go to the northen edge of that part of the forest, then go up another map. Be careful of the flames, because you'll lose HP if you step on them, like in real life I guess.


 The weird pig guy let alot of things escape a box! I wonder what they are? Anyway, the ground will be full of little pod-like creatures, you can fight them if you want :D


These are Sweet Potato Monsters, they aren't really a threat, deal low damage, have low hp, give good exp and nut breads to heal you. Just beat alot of them if you want the extra exp and levels. You might need it, you can also sneak attack them, making them lose a valuable turn to turn back to fight you ;D

Talk to this poor guy, he's in a bad shape. After the little cutscene, grab Lighter's Plank, a weapon for flint. Even tho it lowers your speed by 2, it increases your offense by 6, so don't forget to equip it :D


 Try and leave the map using the north exit. You'll be attacked by three Incendiary Insects. The fight is a bit tougher than the ones you did before, so refer to the enemy translation page if you really really need help.


 You can save in the next area with the frog in a barrel. That's quite an ingenious way to not burn, hide into a barrel full of water.


 You'll see a kid in the burning house. Then some kind of monster! Oh no! Drama is occuring? You shuld think about getting insdie the house. But the door is impossible to open. Only solution: Brute force, take it down by running at it.


 Try and go up the stairs, you'll get attacked by some kind of super mouse of doom... or not ;)


 Or yes! What the ham is that supposed to be? It's a Flying Mouse! It's weird. Of course, but you need to defeat it. Refer to the enemy section if you really can't.


 This big piece of wood is in the way, so you'll have to tackle through it by running. After that, the kid will join you. Leave the house...

It will crumble and you'll end up covered with ashes. Haha, go back down and try to return to town, you'll notice that Lighter has disapeared.


 He's in bad shape, dramatic talking, then... it starts to rain... It would be better to bring him inside a building, how about Yado's?


 In the next room, you'll see a frog, in the other room, there is a Antidote. Grab it. Leave the inn, if you try to go anywhere, the guy in front of it will stop you. Go to your farm.


 There's that letter than Hinawa sent at the beginning of the game to her husband Flint, read it. Cutscene of the letter. Then the weird lumberjack will come back with Lighter's Son.


Leave your farm. Boney the dog will ask you if he can come with you, of course, you'll accept :) He's equipped with the pretty sweet White Collar and he can also smell enemies for weak points. That's how awesome that dog is. Go back to town.


You don't really have to, but if you leave town by the west exit, you'll go to a beach, where you can get a Edible Mushroom...


...and you don't really have to, but if you leave town by the east exit then cross the bridge and go up, you'll find a Peculiar Cheese, some vey weird recovery item. Oh well.


 When you're near the church, a cutscene will occur and you'll have to head north to the place where you fought bats.


 This is the lumberjack's house. His name is Isaac too. Well, you'll get a really really big number of antidoes (an infinity?) if you look inside the chest on his table. You can rest at the hot springs if you need HP. Then go a bit north.


 This lady gives you another Antidote. I wonder why? I mean, there are no enemies who poison you so far... 


 ...I mean, even the Sweet Baked Potato Monsters you'll encounter near this place don't. And they're not that bad if you compare them to their un-baked counterparts you fought at the beginning of the game. I guess a burning forest bakes a potato like no oven could!

Uh oh! These guys are! The Bite-Bite Snake! They're poisonous! But you should have like an infinite ammount of antidotes! So you shouldn't really be afraid of them. As you can see in that screenshot, you can easily get them from behind for a surprise attack! 

After crossing through a field full of Sweet Baked Potato Monsters and Bite-Bite Snakes, you'll get to the gift box with a Nut Bread in it. As you can see, everyone is searching for your family.

After you're bored of killing snakes and potatoes, leave the map by this exit. You'll wander around a bit, you can go down to see more people searching for your family...


There's an antidote there. Mother 3 takes care of making sure you'll never run out of items in your journey or what? Let's discover this together, heh. Anyway, go north after stealing this gift too. You're still in potato snake land...  There is yet another giftbox to discover in this dark forest!


 A quite good item lies here, Dried Meat to be exact, it's the best recovery item so far! 60 HP is not that bad. Go to the left. You'll find...

...another gift box! Holy cow. In this one tho, there is no healing item nor there is an antidote. It's the Mini Mini Charm! Nice name for an item. Equip it because it raises your defense.


 This is the way to your house, but the path has been blocked by a tree that felt down. There are marks of claws and scratches everywhere. I wonder what did that? Anyway Lighter and Isaac will try to move the fallen tree. Go east.


 Talk to that guy and look at all the marks and broken things and stuff in the mountain. It's scary! Try to get down after. Boney will bark and try to point that there's something up the cliff! There's a piece of... pink cloth?


Now you get to name Duster! The little text roughly says he's a nice guy and sleeps alot. I guess ;) After that you'll see an hilarious cutscene where Boney runs to Duster's house and brings him to you.

Duster might be the best character ever. He has the power to make ladders so you can climb mountains! It's SO awesome! Anyway, he'll make you a ladder to go to the top.


 Climb the ladder. Duster will join your party. He's equipped with Usual Shoes, Mini Mini Charm and Goat's Bracelet. His special abilities are under "Thief's Goods". He's a thief? That's weird, anyway he seems nice enough.


 Go near the tree and pick up the Scrap of Clothes. They're red, I really wonder what they are from. Go into the cavern, even if it's a dead end


 In this cavern, you'll find two gift boxes and Naughty Moles.The Naughty Mole is somewhat weak and easy to defeat.  In the left gift box, you'll find a Nut Bread and in the right one you'll find a Beef Jerky. Take both items and leave that cave. Save with the frog and go the other way...