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poik007 - The man with the plan. Does nothing and everything, love kittens and various activities such as writing

flyinghippo - No plan but still a man. Makes super funny funnies that will put a smile on your face even if your whole family just had died in a car accid- well maybe not that much ;)


SVM - Helps me type in english. I guess I'll find him a real job someday ;) 



We, at World of Mother 3 take great pride in our intellectual property. Meaning the fan art submitted by people and our stolen walktroughs from various websites on the internet...

...huh? I'm just joking. If you submit fan things, it's still your property and I won't do anything with them without asking you first. If I steal your work because I'm lazy, I'll ask you first. Don't worry we aren't dumb lol.




irc://irc.dynasty.net:6667/mother3 - Just enter that into your browser, you will go to a land you might not understand ;)


Hello, this is a page to talk about poik. Because you might now know who poik is. I have no clue who you are anyway. 


This is a website about Mother 3, why? Because I CAN, because I have eternal love for the Mother series and Mother 3 is getting me pumped, and also because I think googlepages are awesome. I also made this World of Mother 3 logo with MS PAINT. Hee Haa.


Poik is a college student and makes video games, he also is an artist of great talent. Poik is friendly, affectionate, loves to help, loves to give and loves to love. He is that weird. He is a clone of himself on the internet with a slight difference, what he thinks in real life is what he says in digital life. Poik is shy. YESSIR


If you want to send anything to poik, being theories or fanart or that you want to marry me, just send your requests at poik007 at gmail dot com