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Mole Cricket - Mr Bat - Sweet Potato Monster - Incendiary Insect - Flying Mouse - Sweet Baked Potato Monster - Bite Bite Snake - Naughty Mole

Mole Cricket

HP: 46

Attacks: Biting attack (Low damage)

Exp: 2

Strategy: This is the first enemy you encounter in the game, his biting attack deals around 3 damage because of your awesome defense and you should land 9-10 damage without using combos. Just bash away.

Mr Bat

HP: 56

Attacks:Attack (Mid Damage)

Complaining about something (Nothing) 

Stays there to think (Nothing)


Strategy: Huh-oh! This thing hits for 9-11 damage! Be careful to not die, haha. Anyway you shouldn't worry too much, since two of this guy's attacks are "Nothing", to say so. Just bash away and use some food items if you need to heal that bad.


Sweet Potato Monster

HP: 34

Attacks: Attack (Low Damage)

Exp: 26

Item: Nut Bread

Strategy:  These guys are a joke. Super easy to fight, give more exp than bats, deal less damage, respawn and drop nut breads fairly often. Just bash away. You can also try to surprise attack them for another extra hit :)


Incendiary Insect

HP: 53

Attacks: Fly around Flint (Nothing)

Fire a great burst at the enemy (Mid Damage)

 Suddently fires (Low Damage)

Exp: 17

Item: Nut Bread 

Strategy: You might have a bit of difficulty against the Incendiary Insects you encounter in Chapter 1. If they spend all their turns to throw fire animations at you, you'll be fine since it's very weak. However their "normal" attack packs quite a punch. Just have high hp and try to do combo, their own HPs aren't too high anyway. You can also use Flint's Brandish, but that's up to you.

Flying Mouse

HP: 102

Attacks: Consecutive Attack (Two timws Low Damage)

Tries to intimidate you (Nothing)

 Biting Attack (Mid Damage)

Exp: 45

Strategy: This guy doesn't really need strategies, your HP might get low if you get smashed in the consecutive attack, but bash and heal, just bash and heal. Combos would help too. The only thing this guy has high are his HP.


 Sweet Baked Potato Monster

HP: 161

Attacks: Attacks (Mid Damage)

Releases furious steam clumsily, you dodge (Nothing)

Charges at you (High Damage)

Dreadful odor (Lowers Offense)

Exp: 42

Item: Sweet Potato

Strategy: You have boney with you. Use combos! They work really well, you can down this potato monster in maybe two rounds if your level is high enough. Anyway, you'll only have to worry about one of his attacks. Getting your offense lowered can be sad too.


 Bite Bite Snake

HP: 78

Attacks: Bites you with poison fangs (Low Damage, Poison)

Biting attack (Low Damage)

Coils around you (Paralysis for one turn) 

Exp: 28

Item: Antidote

Strategy: These guys can be a pain. Since they poison and poison makes you lose HP. You should have tons of antidotes anyway and be able to defeat them in like a turn or so. If you fight against oneof these, the paralysis attack is nothing, but against two it could get annoying.


Naughty Mole

HP: 103

Attacks: Scratch with his claws (Low Damage)

 Waits (Nothing)

 Throws a stone (Low Damage)

Tickles you (Lowers Defense)

Exp: 31

Item: Nut Bread

Strategy: Well, these are normal enemies, no need for great strategy, a team of three can handle them, they deal pretty low damage anyway.