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NEWS FLASH: My theory was wrong! Dear god what did I write! 



Disclaimer: I'm pulling almost EVERYTHING here from my brain, it's just an idea, what I think the storyline will be from the information we have so far. Heh.  


The year is 199X, a dramatic event occured at a little village, one kid got lost in the woods near. Flint, who is NOT a cowboy decides to go and look for him since he is the most badass guy from the village. Also he has a dog named Boney. They go to the forest to find the guy, but discover that something destroyed part of the forest. So Flint who is badass just go into the forest. Then they find the boy and a monster and Flint engages the monster.


However, Flint loses and the boy saves him by using his new inherent PSI abilities. Flint is astounished and then some kind of prophet arrives and tells that Flint and the boy are going to save the world. Flint is very excited and wants to go with the boy to kick some evil butt, but the prophet tells them that Flint's role is to stay in the village and protect it against the monsters and that the boy should go along with the dog.


Flint let the boy leave with his dog. The boy will travel all around the world with Boney to defeat the prime evil of this one time. However, at times of need, Boney will leave to go back to Flint, because he is a special dog. 


The boy will meet Guy, who is a ghost researcher, like prof E.Gadd from the mario universe. Guy will be interested into helping the boy because he has powers related to the paranormal, much like PSI. They will travel some more, defeat monsters, then they will meet Sharp, a red-haired lady which speciality is playing the electric guitar.


They will soon, however, discover that the last boss is Lucas's brother, Claus, driven mad by something. Or because he felt like being the ultimate evil of ultimate darkness of ultimate ham. But you can use the command Music 20 times to make him realize what the jazz is all about!