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NEWS FLASH: Some of my theories were right, some were not.




 You don't actually play with Hinawa

My idea here is that even tho we know who the Mother is, we will not be able to use her as a character, actually she could possibly be what you use to save the game. I think ^^


 Flint is the father of Claus and Lucas.


 He was  in EB64, right? Why would it change? I mean, Flint can be the father of the twins, we just don't really know who the mother is yet. I wonder :o


New information from japan might make me believe some things, I'm not sure about this information since I don't understand everything 100% but it might be interesting.


According to some japanese game website, Mother 3 will be separated in "Chapters" and in different chapters you get different characters and be at different places and have different goal. 


Also, you could be able to listen to music using the GBA as a jukebox, this would be awesome and I have no clue if it's true or not, but still, I would go all :D over it.


Since the dog is in almost all the screenshots, except the one where the old dude is in the ghost house, I have to strongly believe Boney is going to be quite an important character.


But then again, Boney is seen with tons of different people, the blondie, the old guy/blondie/red hair girl and Flint, the cowboy sir. I'll call that my Secret of Evermore Reverse Theory: Instead of a lot of different versions of an important dog following the same boy, it will be a lot of different people following the same dog.


Boney will, in my opinion, be a real party member and you will be able to buy him various pieces of "dog armor" in pet shops, Boney will not be able to use any weapons at all but will have high natural attack stats, being a dog. I'm not really sure what will happen when he gets KO'd, tho. Will you need to run to the pet doctor to revive him or, for some reason, will normal doctors be able to cure pets as well.


I'd like to theorize that you will be able to take control of the dog only in some situations, to solve some mysteries or to sneak around unsuspected. A bit like with the dog in Secret of Evermore.


I don't know if Boney will be able to use PSI, hey, it could. The fact that he got a PP bar doesn't mean anything, in Mother 2, Jeff had one even if he wasn't able to use PSI.


The battle system is going to be turn-based, with menus as usual, but they will be hidden during attacks and such, as to not hinder the already small GBA screen with big text boxes.


This isn't really hard to find out, as for the only screenshot of battle we have, you can clearly see the damage on the enemy, which means there won't be a box to say it, somewhat like "SMAAAASH! Senior Bat A took 24 damage!" You'll see the SMAAAASH on the monster you attack and then the damage.


Perhaps, perhaps it's not going to be like Mother 1 and 2, perhaps there will be some tasks of coordination to perform to dish extra damage, perhaps you will need to move a cursor over the enemy you'll wish to attack. Hell, as far as we know, perhaps the battle system isn't even going to be turn-based. But I think it is.


Rolling HP/PP meters too. I'm happy to see them back in a new setting, all ready to roll down in a GBA cartdrige. I somewhat think I'd preferred the battle layout from EB64, with the weird things here and there. This is all baseless speculation, I'll know the day I play it.


If the battles are not too text heavy, it'll be easy for the non-japanese player to understand them? I don't know, why not? :D


Characters will all use their own set of weapons, like in Mother 1 and 2. There will be some special ones that everybody can use but they will be less powerful or have bad accuracy.


Flint is a "cowboy". He's roughly a men with a coat and a cowboy-esque hat. Maybe he's not a cowboy, maybe he is. I don't know yet. If he's really a cow rancher, he'll use guns. Or whips. Maybe whips! Yeah, I think whips would work, but I'd see him use knives and axes at anytime.


The little blond guy is a normal, ordinary, perhaps a bit "choosen one" of a kid, so he'll use baseball bats, frisbees, yo-yos, the usual Mother main character tool kit. Or maybe not, as far as we know, there might not be any "equipment" in this game. Hah, of course.


The weird old man is either a paranormal researcher, an archeologist, or a NORMAL WEIRD OLD MAN >=|. I give him the gun weapons, laser guns, pop guns, shotguns, firearms of all kind. Because? I don't know, pure theory.


The lady with the red hair, I see it quite clearly in my head. Musical instruments, not frying pans of mythical properties, Guitars, Citars, Banjos, Clarinets. Yes, she will fight with musical instruments, because women don't only belong to the kitchen! HAHA I AM MAKE HUMOR.


The world map Itoi has given us is not to scale, it's not only one island, but a whole continent. The fact that it "seems" small and is not on a globe makes us believe it's a small place. Also, we don't see everything, obviously.


  This is not a very detailled map, I mean, we don't see any entrances to caves or dungeons in the volcano area, but that doesn't mean there isn't. Wasn't mother 3 supposed to be nature-based? You know, all the wood on the logo? What's wrong with underwater cities? Or forest villages? Or mountain forteresses?


 Hu ho, I see a desert, is it the same desert as in the EB64 movie where flint drives a car and bumps into a pig soldier? I bet my poikypants on it.Up in the mountains, is it the MINE? Where Lucas and what's-is-name were riding a cart? And the CROSSROADS?

Why, as far as we know, this could pull off a "chrono trigger"! We have only one map but different time periods. I don't know! I'm just making speculation. Maps can be deceiving, Itoi said it, it wasn't going to say alot. Let's imagine fun things with our minds!