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2007 Photo Awards


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2007 Photo Awards April-June


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Pogo's Place  fairy tales  and myths


 Prague Through Backdoor  travel articles related to Czech Republic 

 Parasha for the Stranger 

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pogomcl @ faithwriters  articles written for parasha studies for torah readings


Suite101 Parasha for the Stranger

Suite101: Fairytales, Myths, Fables and Legends




 Images and Image Awards 

2006 Photo Awards

  Elusive yellow                                                                                                                        Finalist BetterPhoto Macro September 2006


 2007 Photo Awards

 Upscale Mobility

4 January 2007                                                                                                              Photo Showdown POTM December  Finalist:   Upscale Mobility


10 /11 February 2007                                                                                                                                                               Photo Showdown 3d Place January Finalist: Under the Charles Bridge

 Photo Showdown January POTM                                                                              Photo Showdown Jamuary Photo of the Month




Benatky the Fair


 Benatky Grapes of Drazic

 Benatky: Tycho and Kepler

Janacek and Jenufa