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P.O.E.T.S. Newsletter

Originally founded in 1999 as the "who, what, when, where, why, and how" of the cultural arts arena in the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area, P.O.E.T.S. Newsletter began including commentary about what's happening in the world today.  P.O.E.T.S. Newsletter was the prelude to the Albert Anthony Cultural Arts Foundation and is it mascot literary magazine.  Comments are the expressed views of the editor.

P.O.E.T.S. Newsletter


A publication of the Albert Anthony Cultural Arts Foundation

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Anyplace where there is a conglomeration of one sex in particular, you’re going to find gays – in the military, in religious life, in law enforcement, in public service, in the fire department, in politics, in fraternal organizations, but especially in the arts because gays are exceptionally creative folk. And as I have stated so many times before, in whatever they do, they’re always the best, including the best at hiding their true selves.  Rock Hudson was one of the most famous of those.  He was your typical tall, dark, and handsome man.  I loved Rock Hudson.  I still love Rock Hudson.  He is like my all-time most favorite actor in the whole world.  And growing up, I never ever heard a word of scandal about him which is one of the reasons he stayed my favorite actor for so long.  His personal life stayed private.  I didn’t have to hate him like I did Elizabeth Taylor because her private life was so much bigger than her career that I could not remember what constituted her body of work, and I basically ignored her until I read excerpts from her book.  When I read about her real-life life, it forced me to see her in a different light.  Well, enough about that.  The subject is gay life, not advocates thereof. 


In my opinion, Rock Hudson was underrated as an actor but he always worked with the best leading ladies and had the best supporting cast members. Did you see him working it in those love scenes with Blair Brown when, decades ago, he played the lead in the “Wheels” television miniseries?  My God!  And now, I expect you’re going to tell me he was gay then, huh?  Well, I suppose he was just very good at what he did.  That kind of acting makes him even more of my all-time favorite actor.  It’s too bad that Hollywood was so accepting of gay life back then but only if you kept it under wraps.  Men had to be real men and women had to be real women in public.  Dates were set up for the stars and marriages were arranged.  Most people never questioned it when the divorce happened, as in the case of Rock Hudson who married a business associate, especially when children were produced as in the case of Robert Reed (“The Defenders,” “The Brady Bunch”), as long as there was a marriage.  How depressing.  But as depressing as it is, I don’t think I can personally name anyone from my associations who suffered from depression.  I met a few who were mean and hateful.  Yes, the statistics bear the poison fruit of death for gays because there is a high instance of substance abuse, suicide, and horrendous homicide.  But is it because of being gay, their inability to accept it, feeling like outcasts amongst their family and friends, or are there other underlying problems that have nothing to do with sexuality that we never get to address because it’s always too late?  It’s like we don’t know and we don’t want to know. 


Some gay men are just absolutely fine and often it makes me wonder why they would save all of that for some other dude.  In college, most of the men I associated with were gays from the Fine Arts Center where I hung out to play the piano (and secretly listen to the most fabulous classical music).  This one Fine Arts Major in particular could dance, choreograph, play musical instruments, and sing. He reminded me of my senior prom date in his physical appearance, mannerisms, and the way his head was shaped, but the body on that man!  My God!  When I found out he was gay, I was crushed.  I wanted to fight somebody or at least bite off the head of the person who told me because I was in love with Edmund Wesley!  And even if I wasn't really in love with him, I was certainly in love with his talented body.  He was one of the most positive role models I’ve ever met.


Positive role models like Carson Cressley, Ellen DeGeneres, and k.d. lang seem not a bit concerned or embarrassed about who they are.  Fortunately for Ellen, her mother is a big supporter.  Not everyone has that.  But George Michael. . . George, George, George, George, George.  If you don’t participate in seedy behavior in public bathrooms, you won’t have to go on talk shows and explain what happened, Senator Craig.  Those who don’t watch NBC’s “ER” missed the entire tastefully done awakening of Dr. Kerry Weaver who struggled with and finally accepted her sexuality during the over 10 years she was on the show. 


But tell me, why is it that gay people are always played by straight people and vice versa?  Why does T.R. Knight get all the girls on “Grey’s Anatomy” when there are so many more doctors who are so much more attractive, taller, darker, handsomer, and much more assured of themselves as docs (I think it’s the vulnerability pitch)?  But what a whiny baby!  Now I don’t profess to know what REALLY happened with the slur that Isaiah Washington allegedly uttered, but for T.R. to have slung dirt at the situation on the “Ellen” show and not made a big stink at Washington when the event actually occurred is beyond me.  He should have demanded and received an immediate apology.  Not that anyone should have swept any of it under the rug, but as a minority, my race has had to deal with all kinds of ugly words the whole time we have been in this country and we have usually had no recourse other than to grin and bear it.  I’m glad, Don Imus, that things are (slowly) changing but I am a private person, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and I just don’t really think, Jesse Jackson, that I would risk making a stink to prove a point.  (Excuse me, Liberty, but what in the hell are you writing?) © 01.10.2008



For those looking for a place to donate money during the holiday season (or anytime), check out the One Laptop Per Child Foundation at www.laptop.org.  For only $299, you can purchase an inexpensive laptop for a needy student and one for yourself to keep or possibly donate to another student. 



I’m still in the school of thought that promotes the sanctity of marriage between opposite sexes only however, as a consummate Libra who needs everything to balance, I also believe “gay unions” or however you want to refer to them will protect ones’ assets and children.  Most people don’t need a piece of paper to let the world know their relationship intention but everyone needs a piece of paper that distinguishes who gets what in the event of divorce or death.  Would you want your parents or siblings to benefit from your death if they disowned you or otherwise refused to have an interactive relationship with you because of your beliefs and/or commitment to a nontraditional association?  And what about your partner in the event you split up?  Adhering pen to paper leaves no room for doubt about who is responsible for what, who gets what, and who is not included.  © LROD 01.08.2008



Upon seeing a new doctor in a new town or state, I already have a list of ailments that concern me and pull out my legal pad to read from it, crossing them off as they are addressed.  Most new doctors don’t readily engage in refilling your prescriptions, especially if you are taking a mild narcotic for pain management.  They want to change it to something less potent or supply you with a lesser amount.  Is that because they want to make sure you are not a prescription junkie or because they’re greedy and need funding from your insurance company or need you to continue co-paying?  If my insurance company dictates that I pay a $3 or whatever co-pay for 60 tablets that will last a year, why should I pay $3 for 15 tablets and 3 refills at $3 each, after all, it is the same 60 tablets.  I don’t mean to sound cheap, but as a person whose retirement income is like substandard, paying $12 for a $3 prescription (plus gas mileage to get to the pharmacy and/or see the doc to get another prescription if there are no refills and he insists on seeing you again before refilling, becomes substantial.  No wonder people want universal health care.


If I am constantly talking to the doctor’s backside or have to remind him about so-and-so, then that first visit to him will also be my last visit to him.  Doctors don’t practice good medicine anymore like they did in the olden days when they lived down the street in the same neighborhood, made house calls, and had excellent bedside manner.  If I think a doctor is practicing bad medicine: is too insensitive or aloof, not paying me or my condition enough attention, does not listen to what I say and/or is rushing to judgment, I’ll fire him and hire someone else. I fire doctors all the time for not adhering to my professional protocol standard. He’s not my friend, he’s not my buddy, he’s not my pal.  He is my professional associate. I pay his salary.  He does not pay mine. So if I feel he is not performing up to his capabilities, he’s gone, just as any employer would terminate a substandard staff member for poor performance.


In my home town, there were 2 primary care physicians (PCP) that I kept on the payroll even after moving 60 miles away.  One doctor hardly ever listened to what I had to say as his father had when he doctored me.  There’s something to be said about physicians who leave practices to their children upon retirement and it has nothing to do with a familiar doctor leaving me with a stranger.  I relocated to Texas in 1980 and during the 15 years I was gone, most of my doctors, including specialists and my dentist, retired, so there was a lot of distance between last seeing my PCP and first seeing his son.  My second PCP had excellent bedside manner and made me feel as if I were his only patient.  I continued to see both of them like a girlfriend cheating on her beau because the backside doc had a walk-in clinic that was open Monday-Saturday whereas the bedside doc was seen by appointment only, M,T,Th,F.  Yuk!  People scream and holler about having their appointments but I hate appointments.  90 percent of the time, you still have to wait.  Not only that, but the bedside doc gave a variety of much better and more convenient referrals, and his office staff made the appointments at my convenience while I was still in the office - little things, but important to me.  I was less concerned with the closeness of the location but more concerned with the easiness of access to the location, whether I had to pay for parking, and if the furniture in the waiting room was comfortable and clean.  See, I’m not hard to please at all. 


The worst experience I’ve ever had was when I was a military wife and I had to STAND in line to see the dentist as he herded us through like cattle.  I had not eaten before leaving Jefferson City for Fort Leonard Wood, was not aware of the conditions (every military wife and child saw the dentist on Saturday), and after standing in line for 90 minutes in my baby blue bell bottom slack suit and blue polka dotted blouse, my low blood sugar took over and I fainted.  I was lucky they didn’t send me home because in those days, you could not wear slacks to the doctor or dentist – women had to wear dresses!  The only reason they let me slide is because I drove down from another town.  And then they only filled the cavities on one side of my mouth.  I had 6.  I was going to have to return the next Saturday to get the others filled and a subsequent Saturday for a cleaning because no dentist fills and cleans in the same sitting.  Guess who did not return.  Like I said – little things.  Thanks for the free medical, dental, and optical care, Uncle Sam, but I’ll take the lesser of these 2 evils - I’ll pay for my convenient services.  So when my military husband trotted off to Vietnam, I paid a private dentist a lot of money to maintain my dental care.  Was not about to travel long distance to the nearest military base just to vegetate in another long line and then pass out.  Thank you very much.  © LROD 01.08.2008



Someone recently posed the question “Under what circumstances should a child be tried in court as an adult?”  What?  It seems that I grew up with the definition that a child is under 18.  Though many of us thought we were adults and participated in adult activities, we were glad, at times, that we did not have to assume the responsibility.  So does that mean we can commit murder and instead of being given the death penalty, life without the possibility of parole, 10-20, or whatever, we spend a few years in juvenile detention and exit into the world at 18, 21, or 25?  Most murderers are one time killers, never killed anyone before and never will again.  But can we take that chance with everyone?  When it’s a minor, I think I would rather give that child the benefit of the doubt. 


Problem is, those institutions are not providing enough of or the right kind of rehabilitation for these children (in some cases, babies) to exit the system and stay gone.  Recidivism is the choice.  I do believe there is such a thing as a “bad seed,” a person who knows right from wrong but chooses wrong in every instance (or does that child just make bad choices?).  How many kids do you know of that suffer from this modus operandi?  (How many adults?)  Still, we need to give our youth a chance to successfully emerge from the cocoon of incarceration, a chance to shine.  Whatever happened to the parents of yesterday who accompanied their children to music lessons, dancing lessons, cheerleading squad, ballgames, introduced them to the finer things in life, and made them realize their dreams of socially acceptable and accessible prominence?  Parents of today seem to be overly interested in getting their hair and nails done, and providing themselves and their youngsters with the most expensive clothes and “toys” they can purchase, instead of actually spending quality time with them (and don’t you dare tell me shopping for overpriced bullshit is spending quality time).  Gimmeabreak!


Our children are reflections of us.  Their children will be reflections of them.  Do we want more of a society where material things are the only things that matter?  And children become throwaways?  And what about your precious little rapists, robbers, muggers, and murderers?  Are you going to propel them into prison or prevent them from going that route?  Will you address the question at hand and give a thoughtful honest answer or a politically correct one?  Under what circumstances do you believe your little Sonny or your dear Missy should be tried as an adult?  And if not your child, then under what circumstances do you believe my child should be prosecuted in a criminal court of law as an adult and receive an adult sentence?  © LROD 01.03.2008



Oh, by the way, did you happen to view the recent episode on CBS’s “60 Minutes” about gays in the military?  What has being gay/lesbian to do with getting a job or losing one?  Are we hired because of our sexual philosophies?  As far as being in a combat zone with someone who is gay, well, I’ll take that person any day because my experience is that gays are some of the best workers in the world.  In college, one of my journalism major cohorts (a dude, no less) typed nearly 90 words a minute while I was still hunting-and-pecking because I lacked eye-hand coordination, and the music majors were the best singers and instrumentalists you could find.  In the artistic community (think about it), if we were to rid ourselves of all the people not like us, cultural arts might crumble.  Can you think of anyone more talented, more loved, more extravagant or flamboyant than Liberacé or Elton John?  How much pleasure have they given us and who would have filled that void had they not been there?  Gee, can’t think of anyone who is anything like either one of them.


In fact, I had more respect for Elton John after he admitted being gay rather than bisexual.  But truthfully, I am not interested in who’s screwing whom as long as that person is not screwing the same person I’m screwing.  And let’s be practically, folks, it’s not just gays and lesbians who participate in oral and anal sex.  Our political arena has certainly established that.  (No, President Clinton, I am not interested in your “whatever” relationship with Monica Lewinski.  I don’t believe that has anything to do with the way you ran my country, of which, I think you did a very good job under adverse conditions.)


The fact that people partake in sexual discovery with the same sex is none of anybody’s business.  Who though up this crap?  J. Edgar Hoover?  Asking about one’s sexuality was not a question I ever posed to a prospective employee in a job interview or ever would have answered upon being interviewed.  What do my sexual practices have to do with the way I execute the duties of my assigned position?  In fact, how does anything I do in my personal life affect the way I perform my job?  How does being straight compromise my position, my colleagues, or my workplace?  How does “don’t ask, don’t tell” help/hinder anybody especially now that people are so openly whomever and whatever it is they are?  During my work life, I don’t remember anyone ever getting an award for being the best homosexual (or heterosexual for that matter) employee.  Have I been missing out on something?  All this bullshit has got to stop. © LROD 01.03.2008



With Rosie O’Donnell’s departure from “The View,” my dedicated viewing/taping of this program has ceased.  As much as I love Whoopi Goldberg (who struggles to maintain her calm), she just isn’t enough to hold my attention span.  And it appears that Sherri Shepherd has issues with one of my most favorite comedians of all time.  Does she ever agree with Whoopi on anything or is she just in a constant state of battle? 


I stopped viewing “The View” on a regular basis once before because there were just too many hens cackling at the same time, none of them listening to each other, none respecting the other, and Joy Behar on a sinister sexual stomping ground.  No one could be serious for 5 minutes without hearing some pitiful pissy partake on sexual innuendo from her.  It was boring.  And with my attention deficit brain, my God, if I wasn’t schizophrenic before, watching that show was going to make it so.  Some days I’d scream at the television to shut up, and then realized all I had to do was turn it off.  Sorry, Whoopi.  I love you but I’m going to have to pass on this one. 


In fact, this season I’ve been passing on just about everything (grew impatient waiting for the conclusion to “Prison Break” so I axed it, got tired of the attitudinal “House” so I axed him, and axed a multitude of others, giving just about every show a fair chance at the beginning of the season).  Now, the shows I tape/watch on a regular basis are “ER,” “SVU,” “L&O,” “Dateline NBC,” “60 Minutes,” “20/20,” “48 Hours Mystery,” “Sunday Morning” (one of the best kept secrets on television and one of the best newsmagazine ever), “Girlfriends” (are those new shows or reruns?), and “AMW” (got to find out where my friends are!), and none of them are newbies, in fact “Law & Order” has had my attention for almost 20 years now (and “ER” 14 years).  That’s the longest I’ve ever watched anything since “Dallas,” “Knots Landing,” and “Hawaii Five-O” exited into network TV oblivion.  Didn’t really need cablevision in the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area because there is such a variety of local stations plus all those Canadian channels one is privy to that have fantastic programming.  Now that I have cablevision once again, I spend time watching “American Justice” (sometimes synonymous with the “48 Hours Mystery” and “Dateline NBC” mystery shows) and major motion pictures (though I Blockbuster myself about once a week) while taping network shows, and I occasionally enjoy reality shows like “American Idol,” “Dancing With The Stars,” and “The Bachelor,” but I don’t even get my “Oprah” and “Young & Restless” fix the way I used to.  What’s up with that?  Am I growing up, growing old, or just growing?  It’s a parallax view.  © LROD 01.03.2008



Give it up, Barack.  Stop trying to be everything to everyone.  Stop playing into the hands of those who think you’re green.  Stop pandering to news media that make up lies to stun you with.  Stop commenting on what somebody else tells you someone else said about something else.  Take a lesson from Bill Clinton’s campaign: ignore the gossip, stick to the issues, and continue stating your policies, procedures, and plans for our future government.  In other words, stop mentioning the Clintons.  Why give them free publicity?  © LROD 01.02.2008



Who wants to make out a will?  What age do you have to be to start thinking about estate planning?  Planning a marriage later in life?  Got children from your previous union?  Acquired substantial wealth during your lifetime?  Don’t leave anything to chance.  If you have any kind of estate to protect, make a will.  In fact, make a simple will – married people should leave everything to each other and single people should leave everything to their children in equal amounts to perpetuate the family.  In other words, original spouses should honor one another with their financial accomplishments and when they die, they should remake their wills or have a succession clause that benefits their children. 


Don’t hold the family fortune over your children’s heads for you to leave them in or write them out at your discretion, and don’t leave one child 50 percent, one child 30, and the other 20.  That makes for bad vibes.  Want them to resort to murder for a bigger piece of the pie?  So what if you have a ne’er-do-well son and a wayward daughter!  What they do with their inheritance after you’re dead will not concern you.  And perhaps a little boost will lead them down a better path.  Sure you can make one of your children the executor of your will but try to recruit a disinterested third party (but not one who has as many nutcase problems as you do).


What about stepchildren?  Well that depends on their ages at the time they became your stepchildren.  Naturally if you adopt your stepchildren (or any other child), then they have become your children with all the rights and privileges as children (except I don’t think you can disinherit an adopted child the way Joan Crawford appeared to do with hers).  If they were minors and you assisted in raising them in your home, they should have some benefit from your estate, especially if their parent, your spouse, died and left you the bulk of the estate.  Otherwise, why not set up a trust fund for them, in fact, all of them, so they can resort to their individual trust accounts instead of a percentage of the estate to quibble about.  If I were to marry a millionaire, the first thing I would do is pull a Jackie Kennedy and have irrevocable trust funds set up for my children so I wouldn’t have to worry about it later.


Whatever the case, whatever your case, you’re never too young or too old to develop a last will and testament.  Just do it, get it over with, and don’t think about it again unless and until your life’s circumstances change.  © LROD 01.02.2008



Don’t wait for me to tell you what to do.  You know your circumstances better than anyone.  How will a pre-nuptial agreement benefit your life?  Is your fiancé threatening not to marry you unless you sign a pre-nup?  Are you threatening not to marry unless your fiancé signs a pre-nup?  They’re not just for the rich and famous anymore.  If you have a home that is free and clear and in your name, and are wondering if you should change that and add someone else’s name to it (especially if that person is not your original spouse, the one who helped you get it and to keep it), do you need a pre-nup?  If you have retirement savings & investment income to protect that was yours before you even met your spouse, stocks & bonds, income properties, a business, and/or other assets to keep you comfortable during your lifetime, do you need a pre-nup?  If you have children and assets from a previous union and none from your current marriage, do you need a pre-nup?  © LROD 01.02.2008



You don’t need a lawyer to get a divorce.  All you need is to not hate each other.  I paid $450 dollars for my first divorce in Michigan, and $18 for a how-to-do-your-own-divorce-in-the-state-of-Texas book, followed the template, printed out a copy, and submitted it to the divorce court with a $3 filing fee.  Sixty-two days later, I picked up my divorce decree on my way to work and was single again.  My second divorce cost less than my marriage!  I’ll bet you can get one on the internet for less than that!


In some states, especially if you have children, divorce takes from 6 months to 2 years or more, and God forbid one party should contest it or fight for custody.  That’s good money going into some attorney’s pocket instead of into yours or your children’s mouths.  Hopefully you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse can work out an amicable divorce, like Vanessa Williams and her 2 ex-husbands, so you can get on with your lives.  Don’t you know it takes more money to fight than you probably would pay in child support or other divorce expenses?  Personally, I am not going to fight over custody.  If my husband had wanted custody of the children, I would have said, “Take your children!”


Some couples live under the same roof until the divorce is final.  Not only is it cheaper but maintaining some continuity in your children’s lives is healthier for them.  If s/he no longer loves you the way she once did, or s/he is fed up with your philandering nature and refuses to put up with it anymore, or one wants the other to stop working or get a job, that’s no reason to flip out.  Let that person go.  All of you will be better served by getting on with your lives.  Okay, so that person was your soul mate, but YOU may not be that person’s soul mate.  Save your money and your time.  Let go and let God.  © LROD 01.02.2008



Are you prepared to retire from the job you have been working since teenage?  Do you have a substantial retirement pension that affords you the opportunity to maintain the lifestyle you established?  Have you managed to save, save & invest, invest?  Or is social security the only retirement income you will receive because you did not plan?  If it’s down to social security benefits, then is that amount enough to continue your lifestyle?  Before you answer, think about not having to gas up your vehicle because there is no more work to go to daily, no more wardrobe to purchase or maintain at the cleaners, no more weekly standing appointments at the beauty/barber shop, no more lunches to buy, no more wedding & baby showers for colleagues, basically no more “necessary evil” expenses for which to deal out money (including no more children to school and support).  Now are you prepared to retire?  © LROD 01.02.2008



How much is too much and how little is too little?  Depends on what you want to accomplish.  Do you want just enough to bury your sorry butt, enough to pay off your mortgage, enough to pay all your final expenses, or enough to leave your family members sitting pretty?  You may have a lot of inexpensive insurance at work but what if the job disappears, how long will that insurance remain in effect and will you be able to pay for it? 


Whatever your circumstances, don’t let anyone take out an insurance policy on your life unless you have the equivalent amount on that person.  Make sure you are the policy owner of any insurance policies you have and do not relinquish that control.  Some insurance companies have a disability clause that will pay the premium indefinitely should the policy owner become disabled.  Ensure that while you are disabled, no one can make changes to that policy.  © LROD 01.02.2008



I know plenty of people are going to hate my guts after reading this, but in the wake of the death of Donda West after cosmetic surgery, I feel I must say something.  Though I hold Dr. Jan Adams as negligent, I more so hold Ms. West responsible for her own death.  One of her physicians would not perform the same surgery on her because "other heath issues" (including a thyroid condition) needed to be addressed.  (Didn't Oprah recently address a thyroid condition?  Do you think she would have let anyone perform surgery on her without checking out every possibility?)  Instead of addressing those issues, Ms. West arrogantly ignored her own son's desire for her to not have the surgery and pranced over to another doctor to get the job done.


Is our supposed beauty so much more important that our health?  Who among us does not seek a second opinion?  And I don't mean a second opinion from someone who will just do our bidding.  I see arrogance as a disease that is eating away at our world.  It puts us in divorce court, gets us fired from jobs, makes us lose custody of our children, and sometimes kills us.  But you can believe that if my surgeon suggested that I address some health issues before performing (unnecessary) surgery on my torso, I would definitely do the homework.  I can't think of anything worse than waking up from surgery in a state of dying as Councilwoman Brenda Scott did in Detroit several years ago when she had lap band (weight loss) surgery. 


Some of my friends and I have suffered from weight (emotional eating) problems all our lives, but none of us, even when we were towering 300 pounds, decided to have cosmetic surgery to repair the damage.  We have dieted, we have exercised, we have watched our input and outgo, and we have been overjoyed and extremely disappointed.  We believe that vanity surgery is the lazy person's quick fix rather than participating in what is necessary and suffering through that monster - time.


People WAKE UP.  You do not go under the knife with someone you do not know.  You do not spend several thousand dollars and travel across the country to some celebrity packaged plastic surgeon.  You shop around - at home.  Get competitive pricing.  Address questions to people who know your doctor, been operated on by him/her.  Get a second opinion.  Ask the doctor questions about the surgery, about the recovery, what's it going to be like, feel like.  Don’t take it for granted that you are going to wake up and be a new person.  And if the surgery takes 8-10 hours instead of the 5 hours that you were originally led to believe, you do not get up from the surgical bed and go home.  You need an advocate with you who will mediate for you if you are unable to make clear decisions about your health.  So it costs a few bucks more.  Is not your life worth 30 more pieces of silver? 


You know what, I would not let anyone tinker within my body for a long period of time unless I was having open heart surgery or a kidney transplant (and I don't think that's an elective).  My looks aren't that important.  What lies beneath is.  All of us are going to age, our hair will gray, our skin will sag, our teeth will discolor, and our breaths will stink.  Some of us may age better than others.  To me, Donda West was a GOOD-LOOKING 58-year-old-woman.  Better still, Donda West was a good-looking woman regardless of her age.  None of us will ever know what really happened in that operating room and thereafter because of the 2 people who truly know, one is dead and the other one ain't talking (anymore).  And both of them are arrogant.  Need I say MORE?  © LROD December 2007



While everyone was overwhelmed with the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel, I was more concerned about little Dannielynn and whether or not her substance abusing mother brought her into the world as an addict.  I don’t believe I heard a word of scuttlebutt about that aspect of the baby’s life.  Is that why she chose to have her daughter outside the continental US, because had she given birth inside, the Department of Child & Family Services might have intervened, not enamored with her cause célèbre?  How about that pharmacy in her refrigerator?  My God!  And why has Howard K. Stern not been arrested?  Does anybody beside me think those 2 deaths are suspect?  Why would he claim a baby that he knew was not his?  And I don’t mean to be crass and nasty but what woman has he ever been seen with besides his now deceased benefactor? © LROD March 2007


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