92nd Annual Poets' Dinner Contest

Saturday, March 24, 2018

11:30 AM - 4:00 PM

611 Gregory Ln., Pleasant Hill, CA

Theme: FIRE

Guest SpeakerSusan Terris


91st Annual Poets' Dinner Contest 

Program by David Alpaugh

611 Gregory Ln., Pleasant Hill, CA

THANKS to Guest Speaker: MAX GUTMANN

Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner CAROLE DWINELL and all the winners!

For the list of the Award Winning Poems & Poets, click here. 

More thanks to this year's co-chairs JAN & SAM HERSH, the contest judges, 
the arrangements committee and all who attended the event.

Check out the 4/1/17 event photos on facebook.

Follow-up Event:
The Ina Coolbirth Circle invited all Prize and Honorable Mention winners of the 91st Poets' Dinner Contest 
to be further honored by reading their winning poems at the Circle meeting, Saturday, April 22, 2017.
Winners had the pleasure of reading in the company of distinguished poet, DEAN RADER. 
The meeting was held at the Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church, 49 Knox Dr., Lafayette, CA.


To view or download the WINNERS LIST, click here.

Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner STAN MORNER and all the winners!

Stan Morner, Grand Prize Winner  
with Judith Chibante Neal, Event Chair 
April 2, 2016

Check out the 4/2/16 event photos on facebook.


Roy Mash, Grand Prize Winner  


Ellen Bass, Speaker

(Photo courtesy of Judy Cheung)

Check out the 4/11/15 event photos on facebook.


At the 87th Annual Poets' Dinner (2013)

86th Poets' Dinner (photo courtesy of Deborah Grossman)

At the 86th Annual Poets' Dinner (2012) 

(Photo courtesy of Deborah Grossman)

Annual Migration for the Love of Poetry

Year after year, beginning on March 15, 1927,
they have arrived at the Poets' Dinner. They've
come from all over: Eureka to Santa Barbara, from
Downieville to the east, and even at times from out
of state. "They" are folks with an addiction to poetry
who look for others with a like affliction.

They come to the awards program to hear a guest
speaker tell of a particular take on poetry. They have
entered their poems, sent them anonymously to the
Contest Chair, and they come to find out whether
any of their poems are read aloud in that designated
area following the banquet and the speaker. Authors
identified, applause is instantaneous and spirited,
and the prizes are meted out.

The contest is no-fee, but the contestant must
be present at the awards to show authorship. That
opportunity to meet other contestants is an admitted
bounty, because it brings possible help where all
arrangements are done gratis. Prizes, both cash and
books, are funded by donations. And, yes, there
is expected impartiality from judges in far places,
where the contestants are less likely to be known.
What keeps the Poets' Dinner on the burner?
According to Minnie Faegre Knox, one of the
triumvirate that launched it, the Poets' Dinner is
fueled by "tradition, friendship, and the love of poetry."

Dorothy V. Benson, Berkeley CA

Connie Post, frequent winner over the years, receives a prize from Natica Angilly at the 81st Annual Poets' Dinner in 2007 (left photo) 
and she took home three prizes at the 87th in 2013 (right photo)! (Photos courtesy of Connie Post & Deborah Grossman)

“I have been coming to the Poets' Dinner for twenty years (never missed a one) and each time there is such a wonderful array of poets who have become friends. I always particularly like the surprise of the announcements.  It adds a sense of suspense I enjoy. I love the sense of community that is ever present. Also, there is a sense of history. It’s a day for poets to get together and talk, eat, have fun and cheer for each other. When you are notified that you won a poetry award at home via e-mail or mail, you are alone when you read the news and that news is later shared with friends, etc., in one way. But, there is a special element to earning a prize at the Poets' Dinner, where you get to rise in a room of your peers and be acknowledged for your poetry. It does add a unique sense of accomplishment to the day. I love the little slips you get to write your entries on, the table decorations and shaking the hand of the award presenter. So many great things about it.” 

- Connie Post, first & former Poet Laureate of Livermore, CA

75th Poets' Dinner Anthology

Courtesy of a Berkeley Arts Commission grant, 
a Poets' Dinner anthology entitled Remembering is available. 
It celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Poets' Dinner and features 
Grand and First Prize winners from the preceding 25 years. 
Purchase it for $6 at the book table at the 4/1/17 event, 
or contact John Rowe at (510) 527-9905 or rowepoet@yahoo.com 
to make arrangements for mail order. 

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