Hello! I'm Arielle Lemoyne, and I'll be leading you through this poetry adventure! I'm not a dog, but my dog is way cuter than I am, and I needed a picture, so there she is. Anyways, I just "graduated" after 7 years as a student on HOL and am now a professor! I can't believe how fast the years have gone by! In real life, I recently finished my undergraduate degree, and one of my favorite classes during the entire time I spent there was Poetry Writing. I've had several lit classes in which poetry analysis was a component, but writing it myself was a creative outlet that I hardly ever experienced in other classes. I want to share that experience with other people (and also recreate it for myself!) so I decided to create a class :) 

Whether you're a seasoned poet or someone who just wants to give something new a try, I hope you'll find this class to be a lot of fun!

**New for Spring 2017** If you've already taken this class, you can take it again! Find instructions here