Dark Poetry (2009)

Spring (2009)

I stretched out my hands
nervously and
waiting for the sun
to force its way through the clouds

My tears
were swept away when I thought
of the redemptive spring,
thoughts and feelings in symphony,
directed at a simple meaning and beauty

Yes, there were tears
and pain, there was longing,
and need
. There were memories of silver
in your curls and sun in your eyes

The sun broke through the clouds
Spring has arrived, they said
and smiled. But it never came
They didn't know that the universe had lost
its meaning. Nothing could bloom or sprout

Meaning, silver and sunshine
gone, dissolved, dispersed
in the black abyss
. The place
to which everything inevitably returns and dies
The place they called 'spring'

The Shrine (2009)

A secret shrine of images slowly took shape
Beautiful pictures, sun, laughter and intimacy
The shrine was locked in a golden place in her memory
The shrine belonged to her alone
Nobody could take it from her

Words were uttered but they had no key
The blades painfully penetrated her chest
Only the shrine was made of steel
The words and the blades destructively and perpetually shook the shrine
Still it remained impenetrable.

But the persistent shaking slowly mixed up the images
And the words that were uttered added new pictures,
pictures of earthly intimacy,
intimacy which was no longer in her possession
The shrine was her reason to live and to love
And now it had been taken from her

My Heart (2009)

Back when they made my heart
they built a secret cavity
a chamber of tenderness

Narrow and difficult to get to
But I now know it exists
You've been there

You stayed there
None of us knew that there was no exit
That it could only accommodate a single being

You will stay there forever
There are no doors or windows
You cannot get out, and no one else can enter

The chamber was empty most of my life
The emptiness caused no blood or tears
Now that the emptiness is gone, the space is so narrow that blood seeps out through the cracks

The Colors of Truth

Silver slowly drips down your curls
as your eyes paint with colors on reality
Your skin is covered with dust from angels
Others can see the dust
but they cannot feel it
It is intangible, golden and soft
I felt a little bit of it when it covered your skin and lips
I got lost in the golden dust

Your consciousness and your thoughts
are a clear blue winter sky
We take beautiful walks in the sky,
just you and me, we pass the dark caves
without looking back, without looking in
Only rarely do we see the yellow light
shine from the caves
When we do we tiptoe in, hopeful, waiting
But the light quickly loses its glow
and disappears

I feel the white drops of unearthly intimacy
as your voice gently touches my lips
one last time. You allow me
to access the colors of truth
one last time. The colors of truth
conceal the disgusting smell of the world
The colors of truth bring out what is truly significant
the spirit I once thought I had
I know now that it isn't mine
I miss the spirit, the golden dust and the blue sky

The Dusky Light of Friendship (2009)

The night's dusky light squeezed my hand and
intertwined his fingers with mine. Darkness had reported
his arrival. Reality blurred my world's contours.
Your grip wilted just a year after flowering

Now and then little flashes appeared in your eyes
In those seconds there were forms and textures
But reality was erratic in the dark tinge
a blind child dying a slow death, longing for light

There are other kinds of light, the dusky light of friendship
The candles of friendship weep quietly of longing and sorrow
leaving a dim hope that the darkness will depart
and that dawn is nature's law

Text copyright © 2010 by Berit Brogaard