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To the Muse

Listen, Muse,--
No more words! Enough!
Twisting my tongue like that! What’s the use?!
Don’t you see -- my whole body is charged with love,
Give me a match to light up the fuse.
Loosen the reins.
Let time -- the black stallion
Gallop unbound, ardent, zealous, hot-tempered.
Around its neck, tie the moon’s medallion
To illumine the nights of the somber December.
Place your head on my shoulder
As the razor of sunrise
Sweeps the foam of the clouds from the cheek of the sky.

And the morning, inspecting the courtyards of Brandeis,
Finds everyone sleeping,
Except you
And I.

Like madmen, we’ll dance on the brink of insanity,
Testing the puddles for the depths of the skies.
On the vines of the roads, we shall find immortality
And with laughter, we’ll write where the ink never dries.